Mike Wilson: Trailblazer

I want port development not.

No, the Graphics Department is not going to pay for your therapy.

He may not be much for making money, but he sure knows how to spend it.

Third Division Harbor Commissioner Mike Wilson tells us that if he’s re-elected he wants to create  a vast array of water- and land-based trails for hikers, water skiers, kayakers, canoers,  paragliders,  biodiesel-powered jetskis, synchronized swimmers, etc.

He hasn’t said how he plans to pay for any of this out of the Harbor District’s upside-down budget, but not to worry. Wilson told the Times-Standard that trails have an economic component too: Businesses use amenities like these to attract a high-quality workforce.

It’s genius!! So instead of creating new jobs to replace the ones he and his far-left buddies have chased away, he’s going to help the few businesses still here recruit employees from places outside of Humboldt County.

Thanks, Mike! That’s just what we need.

14 Responses

  1. Bugs–Lord almighty. Oughtta be some kind of content warning on that.

  2. Word.

  3. Nor has he said how he would warm up the water enough for those that want to partake… and if warmed up he has not said how he would mitigate for the loss of all of those endangered mollusks, or leopard sharks…which by the way were last seen dragging his thonged ass to the muck south of Gills by the Bay… THAT IMAGE ALONE needs an EIR -therapy schmerapy…

  4. Shit, the first thing that happened when I saw that picture is that I said to myself, “omg, I am gonna need therapy for viewing this shot of Wilson (aka Wilson, the magnificently stupid.) Next thing I know is that you have a goddamn disclaimer saying that you won’t pay for therapy.

    I smell a lawsuit for intentional infliction of emotional distress oh mighty Humbug.

  5. Is that John Ash in the Kayak?

  6. Bring it, friend. We’ll introduce you to our new Legal Department. That’s right. We will.

  7. Would that be = Dewey, Cheetem & Howe?

  8. Eh, we don’t need jobs or trails. Humboldt Bay needs some more ghetto shit.

    Like all these self-serve car washes. Wtf? Where are the full-service chrome rim goggles and two pairs of vinyl glove wearing scrub down with deadly acid car washes? Need somma that, some more check cashing spots, and hella more liquor stores in residential neighborhoods. Oh and some more of those Mexican moneygram spots, there are only like 3 of those, needs to be at least 20. And there ain’t no place to buy bidis around this bitch, we need mfing bidis.

    No job should have any qualifications. We need to have the functionally illiterate employed for slave dollars and all the smart people can just bounce.

    Not to forget we need way, way more police. Especially need more police substations all over the place so we got police rolling around everywhere all the time. Make sure they are untrained so they get all hot headed and beat down teenagers. Task force needs to be beefed up. Put Bobby Lucas in charge of all that shit, he knows how to ghettofy things by barging all up into people’s houses unannounced. Then Humboldt Bay can be hardcore as fuck. Won’t need jobs anymore, we can just get blunted, sink 40s, and sit on street corners.

    Who is with me?

  9. Don’t fuck with Trainor-Robertson

  10. Right on. But you see prog’s don’t intend to live there, just force others to live in infill. Mark and Richard are out close to but not in Baywood. Larry is way the fuck out in idiot valley. Cliff is on the ranch in Fortuna, etc.

  11. Ok, the “picture” of Mike Wilson…..not enough phenothiazines in the world to quell the nausea induced by that! Is that Bon-Bon parasailing? I always knew she was the adventurous type.

    Does the Legal Department get plowed in the same place as the Graphics Department? Would certaintly cut down on cabs.

  12. How come all the letters to the editor supporting Wilson don’t talk about what he has accomplished during his last four years at the Harbor District?


  13. Word and shit. Got your back.

  14. Like the water trail that was initiated before he was elected, but he is claiming credit for? The trail around the bay where the Harbor District has no authority? Or stuff he did before he was elected but should count cuz he is now the commish. Those don’t count?

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