A comprehensive list of intelligent questions Linda Atkins and Larry Glass asked about the Marina Center EIR


If the hat fits...

















47 Responses

  1. That sums them up perfectly.

  2. Their stupidity is breathtaking, as is their deference to the business interests of the man who bankrolled their campaigns.

  3. People, lets all consider employing a little “common sense” in the voting booth.

  4. But Atkins just has a feeling something’s not right. Isn’t that good enough to grind the cleanup to a halt before it gets started?

  5. Maude is right!

  6. Larry owes Linda a tremendous debt. She miraculously saved him from being the stupidest person in the room last night.

  7. And that was no small feat.

  8. Sorry…early in the morning, pre coffee. What I meant to say is:
    God willing there are qualified people, critical thinkers within L.A.’s & L.G.’s districts that have watched these shenanigans and will feel compelled to offer us a viable alternative in the voting booth when these clowns are up for re-election.

  9. the hat fits brilliantly, though i recognize that is not a term typically associated with larry glass.

  10. Saw this on “another” blog:

    “Arkley and Kramer are in court to break up the marriage. However Arkley took it to an Alaskan court to make life harder for Kramer.”

    Is this really true?

  11. Nope the award for “Absolute Fool” goes to Glass. Linda gets the ” Deedle Dumb” award.
    What a travesty of human flesh they both are.
    Talk about your room temperature I.Q. ‘s.

  12. I’m all aboard the fuck over Pierson campaign, but now is the time to really stick it to these guys and bring Walmart to the Marina Center!

  13. Common sense tells her the staff doesn’t look out for the citizens like she does……oooops, wasn’t that a little disrespectful?

    Common sense tells me she is full of crap AND grasping at a life line. I think the life line she has hold of is about to sink her.

  14. Hey, I know where I’m shopping for lumber, and I buy plenty of it. Myrtletown Do It Best Lumber! Manager, perhaps owner, I didn’t catch his name, comes down to City Council to say his piece & he explains that he is for the project, “maybe I shouldn’t be” he says but “competition is good for business”

    Can you imagine what Hippy Bill could have done for his employees or cutting his prices if he had the good sense to invest his profits in making his business bulletproof in the customer service, employee loyalty department instead of funneling it to the campaigns for any idiot who is willing to be his pawn in local government???

    Like the Jitter Bean owner shows up at the meeting to approve Starbucks years ago and says more coffee businesses are good for his business…let them come, we welcome them. I now spend a fortune at Jitter Bean, love his business, love his good sense.

  15. Greed is good. Resistance is futile.

  16. Oh no not good sense. How did that creep into Eureka City Council meeting. I get it , members of the public. Wonder how many door Larry slammed last nite. Funny as shit those two.

  17. I love Democracy! Life is good.

  18. Linda needs to not use braille and “feel” – what she was feeling was pressure by the fact that even more residents stood up on their own last night than at the first meeting last week… and, typically, she went deer caught in headlights and got all “feely” during the council discussion after public input. Jeez, Linda – is there a brain in your body???? Or are you just as stupid as you look?

  19. Hey Maude – don’t worry about it – your pre-coffee points are right on! Post coffee you get genteel. Both are good.

  20. right…. usually folks just refer to the hair dye and the heavy meaningless belt buckle…

  21. whatever we want to throw at each other this was a process and its great to see so much community involvement! no one wants to see rampant unrestrained development here or anywhere… there is a component in the budget for Marina Center Id bet on it-they were counting on a few things and they prepared for it. this project is a result of that feedback and support and as much as parts have been irritating when we see this as an us or them, its a better outcome (i think). we can all pat ourselves on the back for our parts.

  22. Maude in the Middle – I agree. I have ultimate respect for The Myrtletown Lumber guy, and the Jitter Bean owner. That’s the spirit. Two great businesses, too.

  23. Ah, lil Humbug. Who truly knows the beauty of the phrase, “less is more.” You nailed it again. But, this time didn’t have to write anything to drive home the point.

    Three point shot pal, a three point shot!

  24. How exactly is shelling out money to purchase a huge property, then shelling out more money for all the hoops, bells and whistles, and then shelling out even more money to actually try to develop something on the property, greed?

    I have never figured that one out. Obviously a good majority of citizens don’t view it that way either.
    Many of us get it! The Arkleys are the ones SPENDING the money and we will probably be the beneficiaries of their spending.

    That doesn’t spell g-r-e-e-d but it does spell another “g” word: g-i-f-t.

  25. OLd news. I don’t know the details but Arkley and Kramer have been Kaput for about 3 years.

    It’s sad, but I doubt either will curl up and die over it. As for the speculation Rob filed a suit in Alaska: who knows?

    If he did it’s probably because that’s where his lawyers are. Alaska was the beginning of the great adventure after Rob left Eureka.

    It all comes under the heading of none of our business. Maybe they both agreed to keep the laundry from airing here.

  26. Well Anon the millionth, you are spot on!

  27. Big ups and big pats for ALL who stepped up last night …pro and con. At least it wasn’t rubber stamped. That’s what I’m talkin about.

  28. Moma always says.”Stupid is as stupid does”

  29. Baykeeper lawsuit filed in …3 …2 …1

  30. If Larry was up for re-election today, he would win by a landslide. And that just drives you guys insane!

    It’s so F’ing fantastic!

  31. Larry would win by a landslide, hmmm. Did you get that information from a consultant ’cause remember, they usually tend to tell you what you want to hear.

  32. A “landslide” is what Frank Jaeger did to George Clark.

    Larry had name recognition going for him (as did Frank) and now go along with that, he’s got a well earned reputation as a bully towards city staff as well.

    He could very well win again, 735, but it depends on what kind of candidate runs against him – another sweet inneffectual Mary Beth Wohlford, a crackpot type like George Clark coming from the right, or someone with as much name recognition as himself.

    Hard to say what happens in two years, so most of us aren’t really worried about it and are enjoying the sanity which prevailed last night, and to use your words “just drives you guys insane”…

  33. If hired to consult on an EIR, then yes, they tend to tell ya what you want to hear

  34. Aren’t these two(Larry and Linda) Bon Bon”s puppets?
    Go figure!

  35. if they are maybe its a sign shes going down for the count. One can hope.

  36. Um, at 8 pm: George Clark hails from a different direction than you think..

  37. Gee, I wonder where the coverage of Jeffy’s press conference! Afraid Rob might be upset if you show what a bonehead he is? The Humboldt “One-Way” Mirror! Laughable.

  38. That’s exactly it, anonymous friend. Well, that and we’ve spent an awful lot of time lately crying about how all our lives we wanted to be miserable fuckheaded progs like you but instead ended up being more or less normal. So sad!!

  39. Oh to be a prog, one of the chosen ones.

    Blog all day at my government job, hike, kayak, and walk the trails.

    Oh to be a prog, one of the chosen ones.

  40. Oh to be a prog, one of the chosen ones.

    Blog all day at my government job, hike, kayak, and walk the trails.

    Oh to be a prog, one of the chosen ones.

  41. Baykeeper lawsuit filed in …3 …2 …1

    Except it won’t really be “Baykeeper” will it – it will be “Baykeeper’s” Predatory Litigious parent, ERF (The “Ecological Rights Foundation”)….

    Keywords – Humboldt Baykeeper

    What comes up?
    Garberville, CA 95542


    “…Humboldt Baykeepers also comes under the umbrella of the Ecological Rights Foundation, which last year settled a federal lawsuit against Sierra Pacific Industries over chemical pollution to the Mad River Slough and Humboldt Bay. The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office filed a twin suit, and Sierra Pacific agreed to pay the foundation and the people a total of $1.5 million to settle the suits.

    Fred Evanson, a board member of the foundation, is also volunteering his time with the Baykeepers, which he helped forge.

    …The Garberville-based foundation also bought the Baykeepers’ new 25-foot Boston Whaler, which it intends to use as a patrol boat in the bay and along the coast from the Eel River to Trinidad.

    …”We’re not acting like we’re here to save the day,” Nichols said. “We’re acting like another piece in the puzzle.”

    quote –
    http://www.eurekareporter.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?ArticleID=19559 (link defunct)

  42. and BayKeeper wasnt fined for polluting a test well after dark at the Balloon Track how come they get off without even a slap?

  43. Hey! Not all kayaker/hikers are Progs so shuddup!!

  44. and you too 😛

  45. I want this to be my new name. Don’t actually have anything to say or any real ideas but want all development to stop…

  46. Development, rational thought, and democratic processes.

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