Confidential to John Ash: Size really isn’t everything. Really.

Ash is so desperate

Two staffers from John Ash's Harbor District campaign help transport one of his supersized self-promotional postcards to the post office for mailing.

19 Responses

  1. That photo is only a slight exaggeration. I have a business-sized box and John’s mailer had to be curled up to fit into it. I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy, but his campaign has a strange and acrid smell to it.

  2. Does that say GAY FUTURE AHEAD? Because that guy on the left seems openly something.

  3. Ash must have received his donation from Pierson.

  4. I want to have the Graphics Department’s love baby.

  5. Ash is so full of shit. He put Pierson’s name on his endorsements list only to anger Pierson by Pierson calling Ash up and demanding that his name be taken off. Here’s a video of ash saying he’s a No Party guy

  6. No_No_No!! He’s a “Lifelong Democrat” he told HDCC the day after he switched.

  7. It’s Humboldt County politics. Integrity is optional.

  8. Again, the bigots and bashers rear their heads – what’s with you Republican types?

  9. What a LIAR. The tape clearly show him saying he is a lifelong independant “not a member of either party, Dem or GOP”. Then two weeks later he LIES to the Dem Central Cmtee saying he is a lifelong Democrat to get their endorsement. Apparently he registered Dem at three that afternoon! No ethics, no integrity, NO TO ASH.

    Where is there an honest journalist who will check out and prove the story. This is real news!

  10. He’s a big man who works on big projects.
    What do you do, Mirror man?

  11. We’re on the welfare. The money’s not great, but the hours are good and it leaves us plenty of time for blogging. Getting back to Ash–he thinks he’s a big man. He thinks he is the man. Which is why making fun of him is so devastating to his self image and so fucking much fun for us.

  12. SPDS comes to mind about Ash… know “small penis derangement syndrome.

  13. I’m a gay Democrat, you stereotyping dumbfuck. You progs have been a humorless bunch since your early ’90s-era drift into identity politics, but we real Dems aren’t afraid to laugh at ourselves. How sad for you that everything you can’t laugh at is bigotry.

  14. The eco hotel was supposed to be started how long ago? I hope he doesn’t take so long on the Eureka Inn.

  15. That’s right what ever happened to the “eco hostel”, Bayfront 2 (wait Bayfront One is a total bust) and Ash is doing the Eureka Inn? No wonder we haven’t heard anything about that recently. Any idea how long it takes to get a permit in Eureka? Good luck!

  16. Sorry dude or dudette, but I think you’re lying about being gay. Are you sure about your Democrat bonfides? Oh year, that’s right, Hauser is a Dem too, of the worst sort, the un-prog kind that loves to waste taxpayer monies on fantasies like the railroad.

  17. Yeah argue with an anonymous stranger over his or her sexual orientatioin and party affiliation. That’s a productive move. You need to get your dick sucked to be sure? Idiot.

  18. He can take forever on the Eureka Inn for all I care-have you seen his fucked up plan on file geesh! How he ever gets his name connected to these things is a mystery but what has he ever actually finished does anyone know??

  19. I also remember seeing the “Eureka Pier”, another mixed use commercial waterfront project (John Ash?), being bid by Pacific Builders years ago and then later by Piersons. Though currently, economically unfeasible I guess it would look a lot better if Marina goes through. If you missed the Humboldt Living article about Rob Arkley before it was taken down, there are financial powers (including Dan Johnson in Samoa) that can take a longer and more positive view of the entire bay area than my little brain can or the current state of the economy, for that matter.

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