A prog with a sense of humor?? Maybe monkeys really will fly out of our butts.

Hello HM,

If it is ok with your graphics and legal departments I would [like] to request a higher resolution image from your blog for the “scrapbook”. Very funny. I have to admit, Sasha Cohen has a better (but hairier) body than I do. Might even have to use this for thank you cards. I would of course credit Humboldt Mirror for the “art”.

Thanks for the laughs,

Mike Wilson

21 Responses

  1. A rare and precious quality in a prog, bugs. You’re right. Maybe it’s a campaign stunt, but regardless it’s certainly better than the constant whining and screaming from the rest of them. Thanks, Mike.

  2. Well, are you going to give it to him?

  3. That photo ruined my breakfast the day it came out. Give him the negs…oh, and the photo:).

  4. Beautiful. I’m grossed out now in high resolution.

  5. Good sense of humor or just high he still is bad for the bay.

  6. WHILE HIGH, if Mike took a shit in the woods (or the bay) would it be as dumb as Larry Glass ?

  7. How’s it going with the monkeys?

  8. We’re still hopeful.

  9. but did anyone see Kevin Hoover’s ass kicking of Heralda in the current Arcata Eye?

    Priceless, and it makes me believe he’s got a pretty good idea of who SHE is…

  10. Do tell, off topic. Link?

  11. Yeah. I saw that. You may be right.

  12. Don’t know if this long link will convert. If not, go to the Arcata Eye and click on the Opinion link:


  13. Yes, it worked. Heraldo mentioned in tenth paragraph.

  14. Heraldo is just a EPIC mattress stain

  15. It’s pretty widely known who Heralda is. It’s not all that surprising or interesting really. She has been expecting to be outed for quite some time.

  16. Yeah, Heraldo is Cynthia Elkins from KMUD. I thought everyone knew that?

  17. WTF? Really?

  18. Cynthia Elkins is Heraldo? Who the fuck is that?

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