Sure, John. Go ahead and quote us.

First the progs split over John Ash’s Harbor District candidacy. Now, as this screen shot of his campaign website shows, it appears that even technology has turned against him. Next thing you know, Mary Vellutini’s gonna dump his whack, egomaniacal ass and vote Marks. Fortunately the election’s on a Tuesday. Five-cent cookie day makes everyone feel better.

blah blah

Evidently Ash's own campaign website isn't sure he'd be that great for either.

9 Responses

  1. If John wasn’t such an arrogant prick I’d almost feel sorry for him for how quickly and thoroughly his campaign has fallen apart. Unfortunately for him, he deserves this.

  2. At least he has begun asking for quotes and endorsements rather than his original approach of just making them up. Takes more time but you don’t look quite as stupid.

    Wonder if he is again a “lifelong” independant?

  3. If CAPTCHAs are what you’re going after, the guy must be doing pretty good. Kudos to even having a CAPTCHA on a submission form. That might be a first among candidates for office in this county.

  4. Why is the Arnots, the Hansens, Hank Pierson, etc on his endorsement list? These guys don’t vote for the fag progs? WTF?

  5. I am told that Pierson called him and demanded to be taken off his endorsement list. Apparently I am being told by other people that he is listing people as endorsements that didn’t agree to become one

  6. Must… stop… laughing….

  7. Hank Pierson only comes up Ash’s shoulders. John better protect his knee caps.

  8. Another campaign by Kerrigan and Asses

  9. Wonder if he’ll even vote for himself–seems he hasn’t voted in ‘awhile’.

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