Pierson hearts Ash. A lot.

Harbor District candidate John Ash’s campaign finance filings are late again, but when they finally do appear, it’s unlikely his moderate and conservative supporters are going to be thrilled about that $3,000 contribution from Bill Pierson.

It might not be the largest amount ever raised by a candidate for one of the unpaid commission seats, but we’d be fascinated to learn if there’s ever been a single contribution larger than this.

And Big Bill doesn’t have a history of tossing money around blindly. He tends to get repaid.

So what will Ash do for him?

12 Responses

  1. Blow jobs. Definitely blow jobs.

  2. Pierson doesn’t do shit without carefully calculating return on investment. Is this why so many moderates have jumped ship from Ash’s dwindling list of endorsements?

  3. That will pay for one of those ginormous yard signs and about three of those huge mailers.

  4. Connie Miller?
    Phil & Sally Arnot?
    Hank Pierson?

    How come so many notible conservatives endorsing Ash?


  5. I think Ash did the facade remodel at Pierson’s.

    Happy client = campaign contribution

  6. Clif likes to hang with muppets too, of course he is jealous cause they are smarter than he is.

  7. Is Bonnie Ms. Piggie? Oh lord that is funny.

  8. $3000 !!

    Business must be good? I guess there isn’t that much competition.

  9. Who runs Cliffie’s district anyway? Bon-Bon or Lovelace? Or both?

  10. EVERYONE is smarter than Clif!!!!

  11. BONNIE NEELY until someone gets her OUT

  12. Now Birdie. You know she will never leave. She’s a career politician.

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