Hoover does Hauser

Yoda Hoover

Yoda Hoover: Blind we are if creation of this clone army we could not see.

Arcata Eye Editor Kevin Hoover says he’s supporting Mike Wilson for Harbor District commissioner, but his explanation includes an informed and interesting riff on both opponent Dan Hauser and the inconstancy of political memory.

Hoover writes,

The local “progressive” contingent has not let this election slip by without again acting like the worst sort of Atwater Republicans. One labeled Hauser a “minion” of his backers. Right – he got his way opposing those people when they were dominant and it was really, really hard. For his final act he’s going to kow-tow to these people? Apparently it isn’t possible that he just holds a different vision. There just has to be something corrupt about anyone who strays from the doctrine.

Someday a shiny new politician will come along who’s even eco-groovier than Mike Wilson. Look out, Mike – when that happens, the current crop of microbrew-swilling party-time enviro-buddies you think are your friends right now will turn on you with blinding speed, making you out as a “minion” and worse.

Case in point: with the usual courageous and highly principled anonymity, the Humboldt Herald’s “Heraldo” mocked the “greenwashing” of Hauser. Here’s a man without whom the freeway from Eureka to Arcata would now be lined with a run-down motel, shopping center, apartment blocks and mobile home park, while our sewage would be processed by a giant, stupid, energy-sucking treatment plant in Manila, with pipelines full of poop running all over the landscape. Stewart Park would be a common-wall subdivision, and Sunny Brae would have all kinds of costly drainage, erosion and other infrastructure problems from the cheesy subdivision the Strombergs wanted to build up in the Grotzman Creek watershed. And then there’s that little old thing called the Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dan has done more in his life for the environment than any 50 of us could ever hope to accomplish, and yet an Internet doofus who doesn’t know anything about ATOPAK or much else because she forgoes original research in favor of regurgitating received opinion, marginalizes him as an environmental non-achiever in need of “greenwashing.” Only in blogland.

Thanks to Fred Mangels (the undisputed king of Humboldt blogdom) for providing the link to Hoover’s complete report.

65 Responses

  1. Interesting that as Sims and his ragtag band of merry progressives continue to step on their collective dick Hoover’s careful, moderate approach increasingly makes his the must-read rag in Humboldt County. Wise he is, as Yoda would say.

  2. Love the microbrew-swilling enviro-buddies. All from somewhere else too, which is my favorite part.

  3. You go Anonymeow….RAAOOEEEWWW!

  4. I think it would be wise to never reference Heraldo here. Calling attention just brings to mind the jeliously factor which will just make them more smug.

  5. Do or do not, there is no try. –Yoda

  6. Just to be sure we have this straight – you Arkley-loving anti-prog types support old school prog/enviro Hauser because he’s not a new school environmentalist. Is it just the railroad thing? Why would conservatives support a tax-sucking boondoogle like the railroad/container port fantasy? I understand it from Humbug, who works for Arkley and wants to help secure Humboldt Bay as part of Rob’s kingdom, but why are the rest of you dittoheads down with such an expensive guv-heavy program?

  7. Go fuck yourself withheld

  8. It’s a valid question. What do you hate more, Arcata hippies or pissing away tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on the railroad? It seems you hate Arcata hippies more.

  9. I love a clever riposte M-Admirer – why don’t you try to come up with one?

  10. We don’t tolerate your kind around here

  11. Wasting tens of thousands of dollars? Doesn’t stop the progs. You progledites only hate “wasting” money on things that are not “your” projects.

    Bite me folks.

  12. Your pissin’ these ditto heads off with reality!

  13. The Humbugs work for Arkley? And, let’s see, I also am paid by Arkley/PL and I forget who else. LOL. How dare you have an opinion. Conversely Eric Kirk and Heraldo must be paid by….. And of course, Jennifer Savage actually IS now paid. It’s really quite comical.

    As for Hauser, I remember him as one that people basically liked, like Thompson, and unlike Wes Chesbro. I’ve never come across anyone who likes Chesbro.

    Hauser, it seems to me, is the real Democrat, maybe now we’d have to call him an old-school Democrat – which is totally NOT the new-school “Progressive” shut everything down aggressive new crowd.

    As such, he will be demonized by those “Progressives” who seek to destroy anyone who is not in their camp. Lifetime affiliations and lives of service mean nothing to them.

    I think Hauser, in his time working for the City of Arcata, came to see the stark contrast, and came to despise those destructive charlatans, and even to speak out about it ever so slightly. Ever since then he has been a target.

    The funny thing is, I believe you will find that those real Democrats, the old-school Democrats and the Republicans locally are much closer together in their values and beliefs than anyone has yet acknowledged. But it is manifesting itself in support. Harbor Commissioner is a non-partisan position. as is Supervisor, and most of the local elected positions. I would HOPE that there would be bi-partisan support.

    That’s the way it once was, back in the days when no one knew or asked whether you had an R or a D after your name, a time before we became so polarized, a time when a legislator was also a Statesman (as I believe Hauser was) and when they still made decisions based on what was best overall, not just by party line.

    Hauser still represents the can-do spirit. The “Progressives” and sadly, Wilson, do not.

  14. So H is not content to spew on his own blog he sends minions to spew on this one. If you don’t like it here. FUCK OFF withheld.

  15. We’re getting paid for this shit? That’s the best news ever!!

  16. For those who are not careful readers, might we note that we have never said a single word, ever, about revitalizing a railroad. Ever. So keep ass-whooping that straw man, friends.

  17. I don’t know, Red. Let the little moron keep flinging his poo around. He reminds me of my ex-wife who needed lots and lots of attention. Pathetic but harmless.

  18. You ever work in the newspaper industry mirror?

  19. HumRed, you are displaying classic dittohead behavior in as much as you seem to only want those who agree with your narrow world view to express opinions here. Fuck you dude. It’s a free Net (at least so far).

    Anon, sorry you couldn’t please his ex, did she end up cheating on you? (Hope you’re not paying her alimony.)
    Anyway, I think of it more as stirring the shit than flinging poo.

    And Bugs, I’m curious, what do you think of the railroad? Wouldn’t you agree that that’s why Hauser’s coming out of retirement, to try to use a Harbor Commish post to help keep the zombie “alive”?

  20. Huh Humbug? You believe a container port will happen without the railroad? You have an elephant in your room. You pretend it’s not there, but everyone in the neighborhood can smell it. and its mess.

  21. There’s an elephant in the room all right. We’ve got it by the trunk and you’re hanging on to its mammoth wang. Hugs Admirer!!!

  22. Yes withheld its free. As far as dittohead,again you have no clue. Get out and function a little then you might have a view not just that prog shit that you been eating for breakfast. The funny part is your spewing classic prog crap yet calling others dittoheads.

  23. I had coffee and toast for breakfast, how bout you?
    As far as “prog” goes, I never cared for Yes, or Emerson Lake and Palmer, but I dug Genesis (at least until Peter Gabriel left).
    I would not describe myself as a dittohead either, not using the Urban Dictionary definition: “A person, usually of low intelligence, that has been programmed or brainwashed by political activist Rush Limbaugh into believing that the fallacies created on his show are real.”
    Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I’m not saying yur of lo-intelligents – just brainwashed, and not necessarily by Rush.

  24. I read the island mountain mine will generate $20 million annually for NCRA. That is one product.

  25. Sorry, $30 million, to NWP, not NCRA.

    At present, ENR is actively
    involved in the permitting process for developing a
    prime-grade aggregate quarry that is projected to have a minimum
    production rate of six million tons per year, although that
    rate would be substantially increased in order to provide aggregate
    for the large highway and levee construction projects
    contemplated by the proposed “Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction,
    Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006.”
    Clearly, the movement of Island Mountain aggregate, which
    NWP Co. and ENR are both committed to achieve, would
    generate a substantial annual traffic volume, with revenues
    that NWP Co. has estimated would be at least $30 million per

    From the “STOP NCRA” website

    Click to access ws_ISLAND_MOUNTAIN.pdf

  26. It’s the word “mammoth,” there, that marks you as a true auteur.

  27. Humbug, enjoying your blog. The name calling and personal attackes from some are pretty lame. Don’t take the bait and make yourselve look like an uneducated asshole…..unless of course thats what you are.

  28. Liberal in disguise. Go fuck yourself steak & eggs

  29. What did we ever say about a container port? Hello??

  30. Yeah, thanks Hank. We had to google “auteur.”

  31. Ah the superior pick like attitude. Brainwashed, You have no fucking clue plus Genesis was never much of a band.

    S/E’s to touchy feely, smells like a liberal. Suddenly expressing yourself in the Kings English makes you uneducated and an asshole. Only in the progy world where appearance is more important that substance. An a government grant is equal to a hard days work.

  32. Oh damn my uneducated self spelled progy wrong=missed the r.

  33. We’re not an uneducated asshole. We’re a sprawling organization filled with uneducated assholes. Sheesh. Get it right.

  34. “As far as “prog” goes, I never cared for Yes, or Emerson Lake and Palmer, but I dug Genesis (at least until Peter Gabriel left).”

    I’m the opposite: favored ELP and Yes over Genesis UNTIL Gabriel left and then liked them lots up through Duke. After that, lost interest.

  35. Hoover forgot that Wilson has tasted the proggie-backlash when Woolley decided not to run for re-election. Wilson was told to stand down, and make room for Lovelace. Quite a squirmish as the minutes to file ticked to a close.

  36. And of course, Jennifer Savage actually IS now paid.

    Rose, I’m not sure what you mean by “actually IS now,” as I wasn’t writing for free before. In any case, with journalism being a dying industry and all, taking an advocacy job makes more sense. And dollars. Color me stoked (much as I miss radio and writing at times).

    And fwiw, as someone who attended almost every meeting of the Bay District for the past four years… to think the Hauser factor is about anything other than the railroad fantasy is to similarly ignore reality. With the upcoming shift in the Fourth District (and ftr, I think Dennis was a swell guy) and Mike’s impending reelection, I look forward to an increase in tangible accomplishments from that particular governing body. Assuming they don’t go broke, of course.

  37. Interesting take, Jennifer, but again, we haven’t advocated for railroad, for a container port or, for that matter, for Dan Hauser. That said, whatever one’s position regarding the railroad, progs have spent a lot of time insisting, as you just did, that Hauser is about nothing more than the railroad. Hoover’s article argues convincingly that you and they are wrong.

  38. I remember that, Harold. Wasn’t it in a parking lot somewhere? The elections office maybe? I think Hank wrote about it.

  39. Brain Salad Surgery was a great, great LP. Peter Gabriel had one, count em, one interesting LP after he left Genesis. Genesis became a tour-de Phil Collins and he could pound out the pop-rock no doubt about that.

    But for true, ‘old school’ sound, nothing will ever be better than “Still (you turn me on)”, and “Fanfare for the Common Man”

    Do you know how wonderful and refreshing to start an argument about something other than the continuous adventures of the Prog’s and their inane, never-ending drige of “NO GROWTH?”

    Most truly conservative individuals, such as myself, hate to be categorized with Rush, Beck and thier ilk, the same, as I am sure Mr. Hauser would detest being tarred with the Prog brush. Is there still room for those of us who really like to just make up their own mind, as opposed to blindly following somebody else’s idea?

    Enough of that, who wants to debate Led Zep IV vs. Cream?

  40. I didn’t mean to imply you, dear Humbugs, had any feelings for the railroad or port or Dan – I think we can agree you have some sort of feelings for Mike! – but, much as I appreciate Kevin’s writing, I will stand by my assertion that Hauser’s running is only about the railroad. In all my years at the Eye, I never saw Dan at a meeting, never heard him espouse an opinion about anything Bay District-related, never had any indication ever that he paid any attention to Bay District coverage.

    That doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy or that his enviro history is degraded – but if you look at the history and the endorsements, it’s a clear split between the railroad champions and everyone else.

    From my pov, I am pointing that fact out as an informed citizen and prior journalist, not as a political affiliate of any sort or another.

    Finally, I’m not a beer drinker, but c’mon, don’t you think microbrews are better? I mean, why drink Farmer Bros. when you can have Sacred’s New Moon Roast? If you’re drinking for enjoyment, that is…

  41. No debate. Saw them both live in the beginning. Some of the best ever. Music is magic.

  42. I finally got to see Slow Hand when he was touring for “Unplugged”, I can’t swear to it, but I think I may have actually levitated during Layla.

    Best live bands: ZZ Top (the snakes blow your mind)
    The Stones (seeing that, yes, indeed, Keith Richards is actually still breathing)

    Band I wished I had seen: Cream
    Iron Butterfly
    Must be middle-age regret, this election eve.

  43. Microbrews??? Are you fucking kidding us? Jennifer! And to think all this time we secretly lusted after you. But give us PBR or give us death, friend. Or, you know. Just give us the PBR.

  44. Dudes! Really? I’m typically all about the thrift, but when it comes to booze, a girl’s gotta have some standards.

    Reminds me of the greatest issue of the Arcata Eye ever – the one that came out April 1, 2008.

    (If that HTML doesn’t work, I am SO sorry for the mess!)

  45. Yes is the prog band that musicians listen to.
    Still touring. Jon Anderson got sick and they cancelled this years tour, but he is back on stage and gearing up for another tour.
    Zeppelin was my first concert. Presence tour 1977.
    Good times.

    Jennifer, I really only agree with your choice of coffee.
    Sacred Grounds has to be the best coffee ever roasted.

    Thanks for the great letter Kevin Hoover.
    I like Dan and didn’t even know that he accomplished half of that stuff.

  46. my God, savage is scary/worse than her silly positions,she seems to believe her own crapola/ YUK!

  47. Entirely unnecessary, Anonymous. You know we have a firm no-picking-on-hot-chicks policy at the Humboldt Mirror. We expect you to abide by it.

  48. Seems like a strong possibility


  49. Truth to power=OK ?………Truth to hot-chick=not ? just asking how much does one have to suffer a ?

  50. It really depends on how hot she is.

  51. I’m a lion tamer and he’s an astronaut. Both of us passed on lucrative careers in the sex trade to be here with you today. Go ahead–thank us!

  52. ditto that…

  53. But you all digress.

  54. I saw Yes and Asia at the Warfield a few months ago. No hyperbole: both bands were at a performance peak that I haven’t witnessed in them since the 1970s.

    Steve Howe in particular was extremely animated and had overwhelming charisma. Among many other things, it was great to hear him play Owner Of A Lonely Heart – a Trevor Rabin song!

    And Benoit David had an astoundingly clear, bell-like tone to his voice. He hit all the high notes effortlessly.

    Another high point was Carl Palmer’s incredible, indescribable drum solo. Standing O for that any many other things.

    Brain Salad Surgery! Leave your hammers at the box, come inside, come inside. More blog commenters should follow that advice.

    I know I’ve used a lot of adjectives here, but words are near-useless in describing The Majesty of Rock, when it really is majestic.

  55. Pssssssssh, Kevin Hoover. Tryna talk some shit about some blogs like wtf, fix your own goddamn blog Kevin Hoover. Weak ass old-school lookin like some late 90’s pets.com webvan type of shit.

    Talkin about blogs get anonymous comments like oh snap they don’t feature Jeff Knapp and Robin Hashem’s dumbass elitist bullshit all the time so I guess so that makes blogs wack and your ten page blurry ass paper the bomb, no?

    Fuck the Arcata Eye. All inviting ABC and the L.A. Times to come promote some fake shit with some fake quotes and some fake interviews. Should have just stuck to what you know but all you knew was the saga of Pete the fucking Ragman so ya had to invent some new shit to make money.

  56. Oh yea and vote Hauser/Marks.

  57. Dam we agree on something Mr.Nice. Best two.

  58. Yea I actually read the smart voter stuff, what the candidates said on the issues, and was like wait a minute…

    When people apply for a job, the most qualified/hardest working candidate is normally selected. When the least qualified candidate is selected just because people like them for some reason, that is considered unfair. For whatever reason, local politics – especially Arcata/Eureka local politics – tends to favor the person that people like instead of the person who will get the job done.

    So, I’m voting for the people who I feel will do their job.

  59. Bugs, having raised three stunning daughters who are now hot-chicks,as you say. I can tell you that when they lied, tried to pull a fast one or were just spinning they got called on it. Directly. Wasn’t the great sea fairer pulled onto the rocks by beautiful sirens singing a false song? Being nice is not the same as getting a pass.

  60. No offense intended, Jennifer – I think it is great you got a gig as the Ocean Conservancy spokesman. I do think that oughtta be disclosed when your columns in the paper overlap that job and present that agency’s viewpoint, and I’m sure you agree.

    No, I was making a joke, above, above the constant refrain that those of us who blog opinions that don’t match up with the “Prog” agenda must necessarily be paid. Not true in my case. I can’t speak for any other local bloggers.

  61. Okay. OKAY. But she’s still hot, and please try not to screw up our chances of getting some of that. Thanks, friend!

  62. And Jennifer – when the commissioners go to American Association of Port Authorities or the California Association of Port Authorities (both of which the Harbor District is a member) they do NOT refer to each other as “Bay Commissioners”. It is Harbor Commissioner. I know that you like the other title as it connotates concern for the bay, but the District was formed for harbor improvements, not bay improvements. Mother Nature takes care of that end.

  63. The funny thing about this whole trails/wedge issue is, if you took 20 guys and some shovels and pickaxes, they could knock out that damn trail in a weekend. In the old days they would have. It is all the obstacles put up by “Progressive Orgs” that prevent it from just getting done.

    Instead of men being proud of accomplishing something, now they are proud of stopping it. To hear Wilson proclaiming he has created trails is just absurd. Let’s hope that now that he is elected he’ll get down to real business.

    And if you want to do something, petition to remove the obstacles, then get out there and put the trail in, and get back to real issues that really have something to do with the HARBOR.

  64. Hmm are you inviting ppl to start ripping up the train tracks Rose? There are right of way issues btw, I dont think 20 guys with pickaxes and shovels would be very popular.

  65. Yeah Jennifer, Rose hasn’t worked in years! C’mon!

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