Jill Duffy loves her some Mayo

Mayo on Horseback


Fifth District Supervisor Jill Duffy and MCSD Director Dennis Mayo have not exactly been BFFs through the years. In fact, despite certain ideological affinities, their relations at times have been quite a bit less than cordial. Yet today when it came time for Duffy to fill a vacancy on the Planning Commission, who does she appoint?

Well. While the announcement comes as a surprise, it’s a not unpleasant one. Mayo is a local boy, which is an improvement over being, say, a carpetbagging lawyer from the Coastal Commission brought in to toe the prog line. We’re confident the McKinleyville High alum will act in the best interests of the county. Congrats, Dennis!!

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35 Responses

  1. Great choice. I’m impressed with Jill for picking the strongest candidate instead of the one she liked the most. Dennis is a great guy and will do a terrific job for the county.

  2. I liked the bitch slap at a certain prog appointment when she said she wanted to appoint someone without a prejudged bias one way or the other.

    How did that feel Marky Mark? I mean it is pretty clear it was about your carpetbagger wannabe lawyer who also is a parttime bonnie bagger and pierson lunch buddy.

  3. That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. It is also a major surprise coming from Jilly.

  4. Way to go Jill. Congrats Dennis. You’ve done a great job on the MCSD and you’ll do a great job on the Planning Commission. Thank god something went right in local politics for a change.

  5. Why do we like Mayo?

    Because he’s not a prog?

  6. Because he’s an astute and passionate member of this community.

  7. because he walks the talk. dennis is the one out there working for the people. he helped the fisherman, beach users, and he is getting out those banners against the MLPA, you know, that little unscientifically designated “off limits” area sponsored by…who is that organization? you know, the one who paid marky mark’s salary before he took office. anyone?

  8. Because he is Dennis and does not care if you like him. He always tries to do the right thing.

  9. Way to go Dennis. Way to go Jill. Wish we could sit down for a PBR together and shoot the shit.

  10. Did anyone else notice that somebody outed Heraldo on an earlier post? Cynthia Elkins…of KMUD? Sounds about right.


  11. Great job Jill, thank you very much!!!!
    Dennis will do a great job and add a dose of realism to the Commission. I bet Hoffwebber just about died when he heard this since at one meeting he told Dennis to shut up!

  12. Dennis has done more and advocated harder for local working families than anyone. The Fifth District has a good representative in the seat. Thanks Jill!

  13. Olphart is right on. I have found Dennis to be fair where all is concerned and I don’t believe he can be bought. Rock on Dennis. Props to Jill.

  14. Nice choice Jill.

  15. Wow! Jill, this is a surprise and almost Machiavellian. Should keep the Planning Commission in an uproar for years to come. Just imagine the consternation of Marky-poo, the Bon-Bon and oh yes, Mr. Hofweber. Considering the ‘ancient’ history between those two, one wonders if this is not just a very palpable ‘up yours’ and a right-on send off at the same time.

    Dennis has always been a passionate community-minded individual. I was impressed that he was ‘banned’ from the Fish and Game Building on Gunitoli, that took some work.

  16. You mean this bullshit comment.

    Y’all’s theories are so weak. This is like the fifth time someone has been like damn Cynthia Elkins is on EPIC, Heraldo be talking about EPIC, damn they are the same person. I think this was first on blogs in spring 08 that y’all thought this. But, this is easily debunked as Heraldo drops comments at the same time that she is on the air so either she is hiring someone to comment on her behalf or… y’all’s theories continue to be weak.

    I already alluded like a dozen times to how you can come find Heraldo but y’all as lazy as hell.

  17. Just naming a name, such as Cynthia Elkins does not make it an outing of Heralda.

    Gotta have a bit of proof, some substantiation, something irrefutable.

    I do believe that Kevin Hoover has a pretty good idea of who he/she/they is/are, and I also think Hank Sims does as well, and as there is more than likely a helluva story therein, it surprises me that Hank is less of a dandy and more of an enabler in this instance.

  18. I don’t see Dennis serving beyond 2010. He will be removed by the winner of Jill’s seat next year. Anybody dispute this?

    Let’s see if Mayo can actually win an election tonight.

  19. Another thing that is somewhat slimey is the glee that certain journalists in outing Buhne, who was nowhere near the hateful rabid blogger that the flying heraldos are.

  20. Dennis Mayo, someone I have agreed with on more than one occasion. He is actually interested in our good ideas and has some of his own.
    We’re kind of opposites on the same mission.
    Way to go Dennis, keep up the fight for reason in the MLPA and other things that just make sense.

  21. He will.

  22. Jill Ratner is Heraldo. Just so you know. It’s the real deal. Want proof? Ask “Heralda.”

  23. Jill showing her ‘right’-eous ways. Hack for Simpson Timber and Rose Welsh…great accomplishments. This is her cherry on top? bon voyage Jill, can’t wait.

  24. He did.

  25. Great choice Jill. Mayo has an open mind and is quite knowledgeable about land use. Good sense of what is right and wrong. He is a hack for no one and works for people. Plus he pisses of not a eurekan can’t stand having a none kool aid drinker. A win-win. Oh looks like he got elected whiners. One less piece of shit to throw.

  26. Kevin Hoover is a playground tattle-tale, a rat, and a snitch. If he had any idea, he would come right out with it. Hank Sims as well would write some Town Dandy crap about that mess right away.

    Keep thinking big and you’ll get nowhere. Y’all keep thinking some other famous person or some conglomerate. Some wealthy person who you could easily track by their associations. Ha. This is the internets. The blog drummed up comments by the classic Dr. Post-a-lot strategy, not because some big wig progs told other people to waste their time arguing in the comment section. Y’all did that comment mess yourselves.

    Certain folks in NorHum know the exact fact but they ain’t telling. If it got out, it would get to some certain big mouth communist and then it’d be all over.

    Y’all wanna know? Get down with the people. Y’all keep driving around in your truck hiding that open PBR while the mystery continues indefinitely. You can’t observe what you don’t experience. By the time you figure it out, you’d have to be cool. That ain’t about to happen, so give up now.

    And stop snitchin. Damn.

  27. Can someone stuff a sock in the progs here. Looks like they are imploding right before our eyes.

  28. Shit. Please don’t implode on our carpet.

  29. classy blog

  30. Oldphate writes: “Because he is Dennis and does not care if you like him.”
    I disagree. Dennis is the kind of guy who goes out of his way to be likeable. He always has a smile and a joke for you, even if you are on the opposite side in some issue he believes in. He doesn’t care if you disagree with him — he doesn’t take it personally and doesn’t let politics get in the way of friendship.

  31. Classy cowboy too. Don’t forget to make some time to take a girl swing dancing. xoxoxo

  32. Hugs!!!

  33. I’ll hug you both

  34. bug hugs with hats on

  35. Yes, and if the posts aren’t nauseating enough, the comments will give you the squirts.

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