Midterm election exit poll highlights

According to the Humboldt County Election Office’s almost final official “Unofficial Election Night Final Report” Richard Marks defeated John Ash and Susan Penn to win the Fourth Division Harbor District race. Third District incumbent Mike Wilson narrowly* defeated Dan Hauser to retain his seat.

The Humboldt Mirror Election Coverage Department was in the field to gauge public opinion.

What will you miss most about the midterm campaigns?

People on the Street Exit Poll

* With 5 precincts remaining to be counted and Wilson with a better than 1,000-vote lead. Which means yes, hyper-literal dumbfucks, we’re kidding.


16 Responses

  1. I don’t know about how “narrowly” Mike defeated Hauser, but it looks like Dennis Mayo held on to his seat in McKinleyville. Looks like Penn got her lame ass handed to her too.

  2. Congrats to Mike for his “narrow” victory. Ditto for Richard Marks. Mayo and Humred retain their seats in McKinleyville, but right now Couch, a Democrat leads the field. And it looks like Dana Silvernale will win a Northern Humboldt high school district seat.

  3. I’ll miss the photos of Marks giant head.

    What size cap fits that dome?

  4. We opted for the loose interpretation of “narrow” in this instance.

  5. Exactly.

  6. wishful thinking – Hauser was severely trounced.

  7. You anti-progs should thank Penn for helping Marks win. If all of the “prog” votes had gone to Ash, Richard would have lost.

  8. The Harbor Commision remains in balance thats the important thing. Susan Penn is a nice person, her politics were not considered popular-personal attacks are uncalled for.

  9. Registering Republican will get you out of the dumb phone bank calls. They will only call you when important stuff goes down, like reminding you to vote no on every Proposition in May.

  10. LOL

  11. It’s hard to call any elected body balanced with Pat Higgins as one of its members.

  12. Yeah, he’s a member all right. A throbbing member.

  13. Really.

  14. representative of the community/balanced

  15. Sounds like you guys muffed that one then.

  16. Not wishful thinking moron. It’s a joke. Loser.

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