Fall cleaning in the Friendly City

Following on the heels of Eureka’s wildly popular electronic waste amnesty collection event at the Wharfinger Building last month, Fortuna asked its friendly residents this week to haul in their unwanted used tires and any unsightly riffraff to keep the city looking its best. Waste management officials said they intend to recycle the radials and relocate any errant homeless  back to the Arcata Plaza where they belong. Event coordinators remind residents that there is a drop-off limit of 10 tires and 2 bums per household.

Homeless Disposal

Let's get 'em back to Arcata where they belong.


36 Responses

  1. That’s silly, everyone knows that the FPD ‘exports’ them all to Eureka. Cheaper bus fare.

  2. Wow, I guess when you run an anonymous blog you don’t have to worry about being an ass because no one will hold you accountable for your words. Except now I will know what mean-spiritedness this blogger is capable of and will never assign any weight to anything he posts ever again. Truly sad how our society treats the lowest on its financial totem pole. But I guess you’d argue it’s their fault they’re there, right Mirror?

  3. … fortuna is a more “christian” city than arcata … that’s why they are more empowered to treat people like shit … read your bible sinner …

  4. Peace be with you

  5. Well, maybe the Mirror won’t report that it’s mostly the fault of the homeless themselves but I certainly will.

    The homeless vets and those of the abused or mentally ill variety get a fair amount of my money every year in the form of donations to the services they need and deserve. There is not much I wouldn’t sacrifice to see to it these people have shelter and treatment.

    Look around you on the Broadway corridor and there are mostly two kinds of homeless: Meth heads and those not inclined toward working for a living or taking responsibility for themselves. I feel no pity for them. Listen, meth kills, don’t use it.

    Making a joke at the expense of the lazy and despicable is an age old tradition…rain on another parade Jane.



  8. Maude, you are not the middle. You are the extreme, extreme right. The “right” the often claims to love and follow Jesus. But you do neither.

    I doubt Betty Chin partakes in the age old tradition you are defending.

    Time to grow up and help someone rather than tear them down.

  9. Maude in the middle

    Don’t act like it’s any better to blame people with a physiological issue like amphetamine addiction for being addicted to a substance which they cannot obtain without associating with other cranksters.

    And don’t pretend like it’s accurate to portray the Eureka homeless as being addicted to drugs. Where is this statistic from… prejudice? The fact is the majority of homeless are not mentally ill or addicted to hardcore drugs/alcohol. Most of the cranksters walking around aren’t even homeless at all, they live in trap houses on C Street and such. One can make a living enough to pay a couple hundred in rent to live in a fly-infested hole from slinging lemon drop crank, easy peasy.

    Plain and simple, fuck all that noise. Homelessness is a much deeper issue than just talking some shit about some people who you don’t like to smell. Some of us have homeless in our own family and it is hard as hell to help a person when you can’t even find them. It pains me to see how people who’ve had a support net their whole lives talking like these people should just be more like me and until then, they don’t deserve anything.

    A lot of these folks you see begging have jobs. You can see them in semi-public bathrooms tryna change their clothes. You know, out of their beggar clothes which they wear just so folks feel bad for them and drop a quarter or two in the cup. Many of them see the option of living in their car or in the bushes as better than paying a couple hundred a month to live with some cranksters in a trap house.

    People who just repeat myths about homeless people while not doing shit to help anyone are fucked in the head. To me it’s no different than talking shit about Mexicans, blacks, women, etc.

    I dunno what my point was though.

  10. FU Jane. Go away an get a sense of humor.

    Can somebody block the terminally not funny Jane? I mean if dragging you down with mindless nasty drivel is what she wants try that other blog that is obsessed with Arkley. You know the one. The one with the closeminded idiots duckstepping with Larry Glass and the proglidites.

  11. We don’t think anything’s funny about the serious mental illness and health issues associated with the truly homeless. It’s nice to know that there are programs out there to relocate them to where they are welcomed and pampered, such as Arcata.

  12. Where in the fuck do you see us assigning blame? Grow some nuts and a sense of humor. Hugs, you boring fuck!!!

  13. I think the Humbug is making fun of Arcata more than Fortuna. All towns have issues with homelessness, but the Arcata Plaza is not a place any city should be proud of. Besides, it’s a funny picture. I still want to have the Graphic Dept.’s love child.

  14. Go fuck yourself Jane

  15. Homelessness = complex and heartbreaking issue

    Bug’s humor = priceless

    These things are mutually exclusive

  16. please , Christ loved and cared for the poor and down trodden . To be christian is to be “Christ Like”. That is what the bible says.this blog is tasteless by the way.

  17. Hey Truth, is there any part of the bible that talks about lightening up and laughing once and a while? Or is it all doom and gloom stuff like Revelations? You are a downer. And what exactly is it you do for the homeless besides championing their cause on a blog devoted to satire?

  18. Yo – humbug. Tell the graphics department to get their drunk lazy asses over to watchpaul. That lady has a baykeeper bumpersticker that his hysterically funny. Not sure how she did the graphics and it is off topic, but if you don’t keep kicking those drunks around in your graphics department, nothing will ever get done.

  19. We’d kick their lazy asses Seagull, if we could find them. They’re probably passed out in their shitty cars outside the Tip Top again. Maybe we’ll have to subcontract with the Watchpaul graphic designers. They do great work.

  20. Regardless, some things are not funny, satire?

  21. Actually the Christian life is definitely not doom and gloom. it is about hope and love.

  22. Thanks for stirring the shit Humbug. I would appreciate an american flag tie on the old man in the photo and maybe a huge cross on the back window of the truck. Then we know we are in god-fearing, flag tie wearing, right wing, christian nut job, friendly Fortuna.

  23. Heh. You like it?

    I’m having stickers made and I’m gonna sneak around sticking them on parking meters in Old Town. Whaddya think?

    Save Pete-y’s Bacon. Forget the Clean Up. “Baykeeper’s” phony stripes are in full technicolor view now.

  24. Wow Truth, you are a long, long way from home here.

  25. So ‘try the truth,’ your idea of Christian life is “hope and love” and spending your time on a humor blog attacking humor. Quick, those Godless heathens at The Onion need your self-righteous crap too…..


  27. I hope someone outs Humbug soon.

  28. Bugs…they are hiding out at the Red Lion Inn, they have been banned from the Tip-Top (I moonlight there, billed as the “Old Fat Chick”)

    As a resident of the greater Arcata area, I would eagerly participate in loading up a moving truck with some of the local “travelers”, esp. the complete shit heads living in the community forest. I do believe they are all personal friends of Dave Merserve and Verbena, too bad their community-minded activism doesn’t include letting their “friends’ stay with them instead of covering the public places with their crap ( and I do mean literal carp!)
    dog and human.

  29. Bring them to John Shelter. He specializes in recycling souls who’ve lost hope into citizens who have reason to feel good about their lives again.

  30. In God We Trust,
    Dean Glaser, Fortuna

  31. HumJane: if you love the druggies who are avoiding responsibility and feeding on the public trough to stay anonymous here’s a thought: YOU FEED, BATHE, AND CLOTHE THEM AT YOUR HOUSE and give them YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY to spend on whatever they want to. Otherwize: shut up!

    Compassion is running thin around here – the “homeless and the druggies, and the lazy slobs” are making more money and eating on our money, when those that WANT to work and be productive can’t find jobs. Please surprize us and put up or SHUT UP. Dare ya.

  32. Waste of breath indeed: You made our point! Why do we have to continue to “champion for the homeless cause” in order to be thought well of by you? Why can’t they take care of themselves? Because of years of dependancy on enablers like you. WAKE UP. Kiss my ass if you don’t like downers cuz ya know what – YOU and those like you are perpetuating poverty and the “downer” attitude!

  33. Yeah, many homeless can be a pain in the ass. But to advocate exterminating humans, which “Homeless Disposal Solution” blatantly implies is not humor but rather an honest peek into the psychopathic mind of the person who created the pictutre.

  34. By which you mean you don’t think it’s funny. Thanks for weighing in. I happen to disagree, and your misuse of words like “psychopathic” to denote lack of a sense of humor on your part doesn’t change anything.

  35. psy·cho·path (sī’kə-pāth’)
    n. A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

    Quite the correct definition for someone endorsing disposal of fellow human beings I think. Get the “without empathy or remorse” part? You wouldn’t write Jews or Blacks or perhaps something more appropriate to our region ,” Overfed, Illiterate, Fortuna White Trash” on the side of a truck now would you?

    Doesn’t feel so good does it?

  36. In this illustration it’s important to note that the “Homeless Disposal” truck is picking up in Fortuna and dropping off in Arcata. No homeless people were harmed in the creation of this image.

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