Guest submission awards announced

Bon Bon has never looked better.

Due to the large number of image submissions from our loyal readers, the Humboldt Mirror has decided to reward their work by displaying them for all to see. It will also give our “overworked” Graphics Dept. a break to pursue their excessive cheap beer binging.

Thanks DynamoHum for “Hot Bonnie.”

Thanks Anonymous for “Risky Marky.”

And thanks to Sleepless in Fortuna for “Clify Appleseed.”

Hugs, friends!!!


9 Responses

  1. If you have to rely on readers for images….it’s time to fire the Graphics Dept. Pronto.

  2. Damn, I thought my submission of Tyson servicing Gans under the Council Chamber dais was a clear winner

  3. You better leave the Graphics Dept alone – they can be a mean bunch of drunks.


    I want to thank the academy…oh wait,
    I mean, the drunks in the Graphis Dept.
    Hope you enjoyed your days off.

    Thanks again, Dyna

  5. Hugs, friend!!!

  6. OH MY F’ING EYES. Put some friggin pants on Mark before I puke.

  7. Who is posting the image of Heraldo whoring around with Dan Faulk?

  8. Nobody, we hope.

  9. Thanks Bugs for putting up my image. More to follow!

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