The Tale of Chicken Little…or some stupid shit

Pay attention to me!!!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.


22 Responses

  1. Tricky Pete’s broken-record chant of “dioxin” IS getting old. The only place he aint screaming about dioxin is the one place on the bay that is contaminated most….

  2. Pete doesn’t hold the projects he “consults” on to the same standard of those that leave him out of the loop. This guy is pure ego. “They didn’t consult with us” Yeah,yeah, yeah. Cry in your beer with your buddies Larry and Michelle and make sure to send a round over to Donna Tam’s table while your at it.

    If Bill Pierson were proposing to relocate his store on the Balloon Tract land his pony-tailed eco-groovy propaganda spinning friends would call him a local hero. BP bought their loyalty, plain and simple, with money and with flattery.

    Pretty Pete can spout numbers all he wants, (like Larry talks about the lockstep thinking of his “constituents”) he can talk about his support base and paint himself as the savior of our community and the glorious truth is this community is done with his kind of carpetbagging.

  3. Maybe the spilled Wiyot blood turns to Dioxin after a century

  4. It’s a shame what happened on the island many years ago, but Pete is oddly inactive with his legal team to address that toxic mess. Come on Paykeeper, don’t you think you ought to sue someone to get that massive cleanup moving along faster?

  5. That bird will make short work of that soft wood head!

  6. Ya I guess those assholes a paykeeper were hands-off on the most dioxin polluted site on the Bay because of who the owners are. We are so lucky to have these assholes looking out for us. Actually, couldn’t CUE IV use this as a finding in their upcoming lawsuits against Paykeeper? I mean they (paykeeper) chose not to go after the tribe on the most polluted site, but chose go after the clean-up action on a lesser polluted area. Seems like that could be great data for Rob.

  7. Let’s not forget the dioxin in all of those oysters!!! bon appetit!!

  8. Snooze fest this time mirror

  9. Now wait just a gosh darn minute here! Good Ol’ Pete is far too busy inspecting septic tanks to worry about dioxin!

    Besides, my dad used to day the dioxin made the crab taste better!

  10. LOL. Linked. I’d send ya summa my bumper stickers, but… well, I’ll leave a box under the parking meter in Old Town, getting buttons made, too. “Save Pete’s Bacon! Stop The Cleanup!”

    BTW, did you notice that Pete-y has turned the NEC into his own personal PAC/wrecking crew?

  11. Cute, although you should really go with Reindeer Antlers this time of year (come on graphics dept!!.!).

    Anywho, yes, the Wiyots are also engaged in a good clean-up that respects their tribal burial grounds and is stopping the flow of pollutants to the Bay. Thanks to them for being proactive!

    btw….can I use these for my holiday cards? good stuff!



  12. It’s “Graphics Dept.”

  13. Give us the respect of upper case. We went two days without looking at porn.

  14. The sad truth is that pete just is not very smart. He is viewed as a joke by the enviro community. He is a “useful idiot” as one of them told me.
    I understand that there is a plan underway to sue all potential toxic sites to preempt anymore baykeeper suits and then get clean-up underway for the entire Bay.

  15. good cleanup…hmmm

  16. also, FWIW, reindeer antlers would be a little off the chicken little theme

  17. Hate to admit it, but Pete is as sexy as they come. He can ride my horse anyday of the week!

  18. um Pete, if you review the Wiyot file at the Water Board, it looks as if the Wiyot are capping their dioxin??? What gives Pete?

  19. Thank you, CUE. It’s so compelling and original to express boredom whenever anyone says something you can’t legitimately respond to.

  20. No he can’t, Walmart. Horses and cows are a major source of methane. Sheesh.

  21. It’s part of our progressive agenda. Blind you with our beauty as we slowly take over.

  22. Poor old , Carson Park Ranger our famous troll blogger keeps trying to post but , we are getting hip to him and his million different names & IP addresses . A lot of bloggers won’t allow him to post but , like a bad potatoe he keeps popping up
    again .

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