NEC, Baykeeper continue battle to undam cash flow

As an agreement that would remove four dams on the Klamath River inches closer, a bunch of folks with “Undam the Klamath” stickers on the bumpers of their Subarus and light trucks are scrambling to make sense of their own talking points.

They want the dams removed now, so they’re going to oppose agreements to remove them in the future.

They want fish populations restored now, so they’re going to oppose agreements to restore them in the future.

They want water flows restored now, so they’re going to oppose agreements to restore them in the future.

Currently we’re being asked to wait 11 years to put the North Coast’s most important watershed back together as part of a delicate and complex series of agreements. But as one longtime river advocate said in today’s Times-Standard, “The dams will stay in place for another 50 years if this all falls apart.”

Maybe falling apart is exactly what some progs are aiming for.

You may recall that when Paykeeper and the Northcoast Environmental Center were forced to choose between dam removal and suing someone, both immediately decided they could live with the dams.

Yurok tribe policy analyst Troy Fletcher points out that Klamath issues can’t be resolved in a courtroom, but when you keep your nonprofit and your lifestyle afloat through legal extortion, it doesn’t actually matter if the issues are resolved.

Revitalizing salmon runs? Irrelevant. Preventing dioxin from leeching into the bay? Who cares. As long as Sneaky Pete Nichols has someone to sue, it’s peace on earth and all that happy shit.

21 Responses

  1. I wonder how long it will be before Marky Lovelace finds a way to flummox the deal on behalf of his butt-buddies Nichols, Miller and Faust.

  2. Do you have documentation of lawsuits filed by Baykeeper and/or NEC and a record of judgments they may or may have not won?

  3. The predatory litigious con man Pete Nichols is quite possibly the most dishonest and duplicitous character in Humboldt County today.

    If the Marina Center land is cleaned up, he loses a wedge issue, loses the donations he solicits under the pretense of working towards cleanup, and loses the ability to sue for his supper.

    If the Klamath Dam issue is solved, and he loses that contentious bone, he loses the ability to stir up angst and dupe well-meaning people into handing money over to him.

    Nichols is a scourge in this community, he and his buddies are parasites and con men, nothing more. And they have hijacked the high ideals of decent people, pulling the wool over their eyes for far too long.

    But people are starting to see. His blatant takeover of the NEC is not going unnoticed.

  4. I really liked the part during the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday when the NEC representative was complaining that there wasn’t enough public input and opportunities for them to influence the agreements because the negotiations were held behind closed doors.

    Jill asked him if the decision to oppose the settlement agreements was made by the NEC members or its board of directors. The guy said the board made the decision.

    Then, in what must have been a horribly awkward moment for the guy, Jill points out the irony that the NEC members didn’t get a say in the matter.

  5. Can anyone answer Proggie question?

  6. Nobody gives a fuck


  7. Irony my ass The NEC is a coalition of groups those groups consult their membership get your facts straight

  8. He could always sue the City of Arcata for vilolations of its waste water permit… Like that Sonoma County lawyer guy did a few years back. Its good for a few grand. He will be the toast of the town.

  9. Make that Dumb Ass MF. You attended the board meeting Tuesday, right? So you heard the admission that the NEC membership had not been consulted, right? Otherwise I would be tempted to think you just come on blogs you disagree with to make shit up. Bad ass loser.

  10. so the membership voted on it?

  11. The membership did NOT vote on it. This whole business about democratic processes goes only so far, 421.

  12. Ol’ Paykeeper Pete is real nice to your face, and puts on a nice public show, but he plays a nasty game of hardball behind the scenes. He’s got quite an enemies list going in his trail of wreckage. People are getting tired of it, and the rage is starting to spill out. Humboldt County is a small town. People are talking. Just what ol’ Pete-y doesn’t want.

    It’s all coming pouring out. Like someone un-dammed the stormdrain… developing.

  13. Let’s cut to the chase. Nichols comes from a family having a long history of making a good living fucking people -in court. That is what this gig is all about.

  14. sneaky pete. heard he fired jon zaglin of healthy humboldt because he wouldn’t fall in line. just like erica terrence and susan penn and greg king and multiple others.

  15. it”s a coalition Dilbert! It always has been.

  16. correct on all counts except a bit off on King. King was to much like Nichols. A money hungry, self indulgent, phony,liar. Can’t have that kind of competition in the office. Pete needs all creeds for sucking the air and cash out of NEC . No activist in their right mind would share that victory.

  17. Poverty pinps, all of them. Just waiting in the wings to swoop in and take everything from us. Easier to control po’ folk, right?

  18. Actuallly king’s problem is that he wasn’t money hundgry or phony or a liar. he was straight and did what he did for the cause. I rarely agreed with him but we talked many times and it was clear from that and his actions that what caused him trouble was his principles not his greed or being self serving. A pretty decent guy overall so I don’t think you ought to go slamming people if you don’t know him or their work.

  19. I knew Greg better than most and couldn’t disagree with you more. What principles he had were perpetual victims to his inability to run his own life, much less anything else, and his lifelong financial desperation. He needed to belong because he needed to work. In short, he was like most of us except we never found the line he wouldn’t cross to keep the puppetmasters happy.

  20. history rePetes it’s self so be careful/even if you run for safety to Mexico City/ your old comrad might send a smiling face to plant an ice ax in your head/watch out for those ism’s

  21. just because YOU don’t give a fuck does not mean everyone feels as you do – honestly – the world is just not all about YOU…

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