Graphics Department return questionable after stunning fourth-quarter upset

Going for it on fourth and two?

Okay, maybe Tom Brady didn’t quite deliver the goods in THE RIVALRY OF THE DECADE or THE GAME OF THE CENTURY or whatever that shit was supposed to be. But we’re not quite ready to throw in the towel on our favorite pro quarterback just yet. He still has those three rings and the world record for the greatest number of supermodels impregnated at one time. Go for that on fourth-and-two, friends.

Oh, and Graphics Department? Sober the hell up. We’re still waiting for that graphic.


6 Responses

  1. You’re effing New England fans? Are you kidding me? And just when I thought you could do no wrong.

  2. “Now let’s see, where was that ball caught?….Hmmmmm. …Yeah it was way back here somewhere. Gosh fellas, close but no cigar. cough, cough.”

  3. Yeah what was up with that call?

  4. Get off our backs. We passed out after the game and then we overslept for our other jobs this morning. We hate Manning. Go New England!!!!

  5. What a fucking slap to the NY Jets to put bon bon in their uniform….

    Couldn’t you have made it the Denver Broncos which I haven’t been able to stand since they had whiney Elway?

  6. That’s not even the right effing team. Those bastards really were drunk.

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