Maybe we should call it Glass v. Tyson instead

Good thing this isn't political.

Eight paragraphs into the Times-Standard’s most recent front-page tome about the lawsuit filed against the City of Eureka and its manager, David Tyson, appears at long last an actual fact of the case:

Two council members, one current and one former board member, told the Times-Standard on Tuesday that they did meet with [plaintiff Tawnie] Hansen in the summer of 2008.

Inquiring minds are inexplicably then subjected to a 10-paragraph detour through unsubstantiated allegations before the reporter finally states what most of us had by then figured out on our own:

Reached Tuesday, former Eureka City Councilman Chris Kerrigan said he and sitting Councilman Larry Glass met with Hansen at some point in or around the summer of 2008, while Kerrigan was still in office.

Uh, yeah.

Not only does Kerrigan not remember when the conversation took place, the article goes on to state that he also can’t recall what he did with information he was legally mandated to report.

One doesn’t know, and the other isn’t saying: Glass at least has enough sense to keep his mouth shut.

So does this mean Tyson is innocent of the allegations? Obviously not. No one other than he and Hansen know for sure. And if he is guilty, swift and appropriate consequences should follow.

But what we do now know is that the only people thus far vouching for the accuser are two political archenemies of the accused.

Not that politics could possibly be involved in any of this….

22 Responses

  1. Excessive rope-smoking is bad for the memory. Maybe our favorite dispensary manager should keep that in mind.

  2. Wait til you see Hank Sims’ diatribe on this. Does anyone else here remember when he used to be a good reporter?

  3. Hank must have dumped out the tea leaves on this one.

    C’mon. Kerrigan? And Glass? There’s only one name missing in this story. Well, maybe two, if you throw in the Grande Dame.

    There should be neon lights going ding! ding! ding!

  4. Does anyone else think that Larry (if he still had the long hair) looks like Garth in Waynes World?

  5. There are neon lights going ding, ding, ding!

    “The current suit alleges that when Hansen filed a grievance with the city regarding the harassment, Tyson intentionally delayed the investigation, diluting it into a broader “global” investigation, in an attempt to “cause ongoing harm to both (Hansen) and (Nielsen).”

    “The suit alleges that Tyson was motivated by anger at Hansen and jealousy of Nielsen.”

    Ding, Ding, Ding!

  6. Anyone who can’t see that the Tawnie Hansen/garr Neilsen/Above The Law/fifty other employees maybe more investigation didn’t need to be “broadened” is insane.

    I can see it – anyone who read the “Above The Law” blog could see it, anyone who reads the Herald can see it still needs to be broadened.

    And today’s Times Standard? Kerrigan and Glass? C’mon. Ding, ding ding ding ding ding…. it’s at least gotta raise your suspicions. Anyone who thinks mankind will ever be able to live in peace need only look at these armed camps to see it will never come to pass.

    I don’t think this is about jealousy over some flirty behavior.

  7. Anyone who thinks Rose has anything worthwhile to say also believes that Sarah Palin really is smart and wrote that whooole book all by herself.

  8. I think the city employees should play dodge ball – find out who the last one standing is. This could raise some needed cash for the city if it is done right. Could even make it a drinking game, both for the players and the onloookers. That would not only make it more interesting by finding out who could hold their liquor and who passes out early, but name calling could also be encouraged. Betting could be handled by one of the casinos. Hold it at the Adorni and charge for entry. Televise it! Think of the possibilities! This could be bigger than the Redwood Run or the Jazz Festival.

  9. A drinking game?? Say no more!!

  10. Agreed. This is a ploy/plot between Nielsen, Tawny ( a porn queen name) and Glass to ruin a career. Knock it off you twits – stop throwing stones when EVERYONE knows your own homes are made of “glass”. Hey – that’s funny!!!!

  11. Lou: looks like some genes “skipped” over your pool…

  12. What happened to Hanson should not happen to any employed person. Especially if they are in an association that is there to protect them, and then…If they are especially in a position employed by a public office.

  13. Real low blow by Hansen in an attempt to shift the attention away from her and the Chief. Of course she was probably pimped into it by the political fucks wanting to get “their” people into positions of power. To do so means taking out the good guys who get in their way, like Tyson. It also means protecting the people they want to keep, or move into positions of higher power; such as the Chief. Oh yeah. Interesting group: Larry, Chris, Bonnie, Garr. Makes me want to puke.

  14. Hansen got hosed by the ATL website and the rest of the stunts….no joke. It was brutal.

    Yer right No Surprises 6:35…such things happen and shouldn’t. I fear you’re right too Bugs……the worst kind of political power play. The first casualty is the truth and there is nothing funny about it.

    The investigation and the remedy runs to naming the perps and shutting down a vitriolic website along with a host of anonymous haters. I wonder how Tyson accomplishes that without expanding the investigation to multiple subjects? Protected speech being what it is.

    But I suppose you should ask Heraldo about that finer point of expression. He, she, them or it, should have an expert opinion.

    The ability to expose and hold the web-scoundrels accountable would open the door to a similar opportunity for the unfairly maligned to….I dunno….slam the H.

    Yeah…I know Bugs, it would also cause more distress for the Graphics Dept.

    But, it is ironic in a bad poetry kind of way that Tyson is victimized by the same anon webhatchets that he is accused of being unable to stop.

    The next round of piling on should be amusing, pathetic but amusing.

  15. Please leave your jeliously for Heraldo at the door before entering Dog. The last thing we need to do is boost their ever bloated egos.

  16. Heraldo? I think maybe he/she/it touched someone in an inappropriate way. Maybe me. There could be a lawsuit looming here.

  17. anyone else notice today’s sudden restraint from the H-lites once Kerrigan and Glass names entered into the picture? Keep diggin’ Thadeus, you are on to something!

  18. It true I like jello Admiree. That is what you meant right? And my jellyosity does extend to strawberry, but not much in the way of humble pie.

    But the H has the game,set and match when it comes to vilifying real or perceived opponents. Now, the haters would have had an easier time if they accused Tyson of allowing the H’s of harassing City employees and demanding that he shut the Heraldum (et al) down or be vilified himself on the same forum. Weird huh?

    Talk about a hostile working environment?

    But as you so correctly observe my dear narcissist, there are only so many images that remain true to their original purpose. Consider the Konklers, Boltages, Skips and the inscrutable H, they are jejune because they are predictable, unimaginative and oh so tiresome. That’s why bugs is such a refreshing change of style yet guilty of the same basic style point….just a lot more entertaining. Besides, Bugs understands the value of palm trees within the intrinsic context of contemporary thought and literary (Yes!!) graphic expression.

    I think there is a value in a self-depreciating, bunch of pickers, prophets, poets and walking problems when their stoned…I mean the 12 Bonnies of Christmas was inspired. I yearn for 12 more festooned with exotic palm trees. When the graphics dept lays it down…it stays there.

    Oh and all those egos….they don’t stop at the door….or the mirror pond for that matter.

    And as it pertains to my jeliousiosity, there is no stopping that at the door either. Try me Nepenthe, I will do my best and my best….is considerable.

    And at the last, let me say that there is no boosting I can do to further inflate Heraldego. It’s a self perpetuating a force of nature I suppose, where the dull, ignorant and otherwise toothless beasts, finally succumb to a literary equivalent of natural selection.

    Other than that, I guess I don’t care all that much.

  19. He, she, them or it…. no, it is he/she/it/they, and you say the she/it part real fast.

    All things considered, heraldo has a pretty good blog. Spend some time in the archives and you find a pretty good chronicling of, well, alot of stuff.

    As for this latest salvo – I could theorize here – Glass is getting his revenge. They (the antis) started losing that night at the City Council meeting, when all the people got up and spoke in favor of the Marina Center project/cleanup. I figured things were gonna get ugly. And this is exactly the kind of Salzman-scorched-earth kind of thing we should have expected. Kerrigan’s involvement is a clincher. Had to laugh out loud reading the paper this morning.

    It doesn’t matter what the facts are, the damage is now done. In oh, so many ways.

    I wonder if City Managers can sue for harassment.

  20. Heraldo’s blog is pure shit. They do nothing
    but slam good people and promote their
    left wing crap. The same ole screw balls on
    that blog on evey issue. The day will come
    for payback.

  21. Makes you go “Hmmmmm” doesn’t it?

    I started going “hmmmm” when Glass stepped in last summer with the claim he talked to the chief on his cell phone during the week-end in question and didn’t think anything was going on with Gar & Hansen. How coincidental was that?

    Well, there was that little thing about Nielson using the city expense account to “visit” Hansen.Surprisingly, the paper didn’t really report on that, but now, they find it necessary to report on “claims and allegations” against Tyson?

    Did any crack reporter check Larry’s cell phone records for that day? In fact, has any reporter looked into why Larry is seen in robe and slippers fetching the paper at his Bayside residence on week-ends? Has anyone checked on who really pays the rent for the “old town” digs where he may or may not actually reside?

    Another coincidence, Larry trots Gar out for some “atta boys” at Tuesday’s meeting right in the middle of the controversy with Tyson. Hmmmmmm, indeed.

    I think lots of folks are going “hmmmmmm” and it is possible the progs have overplayed their hand in this one just like they did with the Marina “clean up” fiasco.

    The regular folks who do not have agendas are beginning to push back against the bully tactics of the Heraldos, Baykeepers and Larry and his faithful 50.

    It’s impossible to believe Tyson has suddenly become a womanizer after so many years of a sterling career without a blemish. If his tendancy was toward inappropriate behavior, wouldn’t you think, with all the women he works with at City Hall, there would have been a hint of impropriety before now?

    Lots of lawsuits are filed of a frivolous nature. They usually have a commonality: can you say “settlement cash”? I think that motivation is more believable than Jealousy, don’t you?

  22. want to know the character of the man? announce a web-based sexual harassment support group for all the women who worked at the super groovy record store over the last 40 years and your server might just crash.

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