Happy turkey day, y’all

Let's carve us some bird after we fully characterize it for tryptophan.


22 Responses

  1. Word, bugs. You too.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I’m thankful for all the fun blogging we’ve had here.

  3. Word, yo. Gobble gobble.

  4. Happy Turkey Day.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  6. Screw you folks. I hate holidays.

    So there… take that!

  7. Even the progs, I suppose.

  8. You too Bugs…

    It’s been a hoot.

    Please keep up the deep sleaze recognition of otherwise misguided blogarhythms…

    Oh and

    Thanks for the palm trees
    Of candlelight and sweat, epistle on the net
    The blog that tells we know so well
    And gives Heraldo fits
    How lovely it is!

    Thanks for the palm trees
    And Rose’s consternations, Tad’s incarcerations
    Of EPIC’s roar, a lawsuit whore and four years more
    For the Bonnie
    How lovely it is!

    Thanks for the palm trees
    The sentimental verse, everything’s perverse
    Bonnie’s currency, Baykeep’s greed and Larry’s CONSTITUENCY!!!!
    How lovely it might be

    So, thanks for the memory
    And strictly me to you, Bugs you are a hoot?
    So keep it up and bring a cup of PBR to the crew

    And thank you so much.

    I’ll leave it to turtle to clean this dog-gerel up.

    Happy thanks Bugs


  9. don’t tell me what like,think,feel,do//////don’t bug me man

  10. Here’s to thanks to all the bugs (raising of PBR’s) and all the laughter and cringing you have given us this past year. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Oh, wait. This is like one of those posters that you have to guess the number of things that is wrong with this picture….

    I count 65 things wrong.

  12. Lovin’ that graphics department once again!

  13. Have a great day everyone.

  14. I can’t find anything right.

  15. so THAT’s what happened to the Parrot ?!?!? Dastardly devious!

  16. Which one is the turkey?

  17. that was begrudging, I surmise.

  18. Is that organic??

  19. Take what you get. And I’ll assume that’s what passes for holiday greetings from you.

  20. Lower right.

  21. That graphic is so awesome. Funny thing is that this is likely what Petey and Larry actually did on Thanksgiving lol

  22. Again, lower right.

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