Some people know when to quit

Don't go away mad, Bon Bon. Just go away.

Oprah Winfrey decided that 24 years was enough and announced last week that she’s ending her popular talk show.

Meanwhile, another 24-year incumbent may have to be shoved out the door kicking and screaming by an electorate that has already put up with way more than enough of her shit.

Word around town is that the Bon Bon has few illusions about her chances in next year’s election and is trying desperately to line up an exit strategy.

Will there be peace with honor? Will she land one of the meaningless political appointments at the state she’s currently groveling for? Or will she find, as so many before her have, that friends and allies are two very different things?

One way or the other, we think it’s time to say goodbye.


13 Responses

  1. Ain’t that the truth.

  2. didn’t she spend around a quarter mil last time and win by less than 200 votes?

  3. You would think if she cared about the job she would go to it more than once a week. Given her attendance though for the past couple of years a cynical person might think she just wants to hold the job and doesn’t give one small turd about doing it. So it’s good that I’m not cynical.

  4. I don’t get it. What’s Dr. Oz doing up there toasting Bon Bon?

  5. Love Neely in blackface

    Now we just need to get her a job picking cotton

  6. Perhaps she can get a job with her first love, Danny Walsh, pimping in Sacto.

  7. That’s just the photo the Graphics Department ripped off, Fred. Do you have to ask why? Does it have to make sense? We thought about the Tom Cruise shot and decided that at least Dr. Oz probably isn’t in a cult.

  8. Yeah that’s not at all where we went with this.

  9. The problem is that she is making now over 100 grand and is not old enough for her retirement, money money money, aint it funny, it’s a rich man’s world…..
    There are times when the public trough dries up!

  10. Yeah, we weren’t trying to go all racial and shit. Jeez.

  11. Send her to the back of the bus

  12. Don’t insult the hard working skanks on the street,Bon Bon could never be a street whore. She doesn’t have enough class.

  13. Actually, the Bon Bon IS old enough to retire. All PERS requires is a minimum of age 50 and 10 years of service for early retirement (at a reduced income) or to be 55 years old with 10 years of service for full retirement. Of course, her retirement will be calculated at 2.7% per year of service — an enhanced retirement benefit formula that she pushed through.

    Methinks she’s over 55, which means she’d get roughly 65% of her final pay in retirement.

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