Game on!



32 Responses

  1. Go Drew Brees!

  2. Who dat, de say gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat????

  3. Go Pats!

  4. Saints 35
    Pats 24

  5. Gee Bug, You are not “one of those guys” that was born and rasied on the west coast of the good ‘ole U.S.A. and then is a big fan of a East coast team (are worst.. fuck’n Texas)?????

  6. Yes, tonight is the next “Game of the Century”

  7. Great. More sports crap to take over the regular time slots of my shows. Yay. Not

  8. Uh, its on ESPN dumbass….so what are you gonna miss, Sportscenter?

  9. Gee Brian, you aren’t “one of those guys” that believes you should only root for the local team, which in this case might be a crappy team and the crappiest team in the league?

  10. Yeah, I think Cheap Seats is no longer in Production.

  11. Since the herald seems to copy you bugs, maybe we’ll be seeing a proggie “sport” posting related to stoners throwing Frisbees, drum circles, or a hacky sack super “bowl.” I can’t imagine those worthless fucks watching an evil game like American football.

  12. Yo. Progressives like football too. As a matter of fact, Richard Salzman is a huge NFL fan.

    I’m surprised the Mirror is endorsing the Patriots. The Pats are the Kennedys’ favorite team. Tom Brady, even though he appeared with George W. Bush, is a Democrat and intends to enter politics when his football career is over.

    Brees on the other hand a is diehard conservative.

  13. Technically, the entire Humboldt Mirror isn’t endorsing the Pats. But the Graphics and Vital Stats Departments are with us on this one.

  14. Saints in a laugher

  15. I was talking to Randy Gans last week and he told us about the TV ads they were going to run attacking Bonnie and the rest of the CC.

    Has anyone seen these yet?

  16. So Mirror, were you a Pats fan BEFORE they drafted Brady?

  17. Lodgepole’s Mason-Dixon Line Sports Rule: Always root for The North.

  18. Yo Bugs. Brees is Brady’s daddy.

  19. howabout my fav:

    People with and without worth play this one….

  20. Is nothing sacred?

  21. Let me guess Douchebag….Cowboys fan.

  22. 3rd quarter, the Saints have displayed some brillance, lets see if the Pats can get it back.

  23. Drew is taking Tom to school tonight! And he didn’t even have to knock up single supermodel!

  24. Hey, you Pats fans, ready to roll over and cry yet? Who is that tall, angry man stalking the sidelines? Betcha the proggy-froggy types are all Pat’s fans….so nice to see the underdog getting some accolades for a while!

  25. WOW! A thorough spanking for the once invincible Patriots. I know Bugs, over kill and I will probably be ‘moderated’, but, sports just gets me going. My husband will not even sit near me at games. He says I embarress him. Go figure!

    What a great game!

  26. I’m guessing your spelling teacher would avoid you at games too.

    The Saints were huge tonight….deserve a lot of credit. Don’t count the Pats out yet.

    There’s smiles to go before we sleep
    and miles to go before you creep

    oops, make that sleep

  27. Can’t stand the Cowboys.

  28. Who dat!!! Drew dat!!!!

  29. Your not that bad then. Nothing worst than a Cowboys fan thats NEVER been to Texas.

  30. Told Ya! Purdue QBs always have a field day when a Michigan man is leading the opposition.

  31. Ok, so I was off. +3 to the Saints, -7 to the Pats. Sheesh.

  32. Pretty damn close there Prognasty.

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