Dare to dream, Eureka!!

We're fucked.

Brace yourselves, Eurekans, because word from the prog pond is that a certain former city councilman is planning to do us the great favor of running for mayor of our fair city.

Yippee kai yay and shit, yes?

Because when we look at the challenges facing Eureka, the first thought that springs to mind is, you know, what we need is the manager of a marijuana dispensary in Arcata to get in here and really turn things around for us.

Just what the pot doctor ordered!!

Uh, yeah. That pot doctor.

And all this time we thought giving us Paul Gallegos and his infamous fraud case was the stupidest thing Ken Miller would ever do.

By the way–that lawsuit. Remember it? The one that was repeatedly laughed out of court because it was all rhetoric and no substance?

Those are roughly the same terms we would use to describe Chris Kerrigan.

14 Responses

  1. If I were running for Mayor, Chris is exactly who I would like to run against.

    Next year is going to be great!

  2. You mean “what the hell were you thinking?” Chris Kerrigan?

  3. It will prove to be the most interesting “event” in years. Which I am guess is good!

  4. Awesome! Chris will make a great mayor.

  5. Think of all the servicing he will be able to get from married women if he’s da mayor!

  6. How much servicing does one man need.

    Is he old enough yet to be considered a man?

  7. The pot doctor thing – woowhee – I thought I needed another drink, but maybe, Haw haw- I need to catch my breath on that one. Eureka is fucked anyway cuz they don’t know what to do after the pulp mills have all closed. Trails, kayaks, and exactly what?

  8. So I guess that the bugs are predicting a Neely win in June.So some November it’ll be big pot vs. big pharma!!

  9. How did Rex Bohn and Connie Miller lose by such wide margins to this little boy?

  10. We’re not predicting Neely will even run. Fundraising continues to go poorly, and she’s wearing those knee pads thin begging for a state appointment. Honestly–we wish her luck. Buh-bye and all that.

  11. The “Progressives” have been SO-O-O-O successful haven’t they. Brought SO-O-O-O-O-O much “Progress” to the people of Eureka and Humboldt County… ummmmm, NO, not so much, have they.

    It would be really interesting to do a study of just what they COST us, in terms of lawsuits, lost jobs, lost industries… killing off timber was just the beginning, now they’re working on the final nail in the fisheries coffin, next is farming, then wineries, and their work will be almost complete. Except if people are still breathing, you know, that will be a dangerous source of carbon emissions.

    The “Progressives” have one reason for running, and one only, and it is revealed in their own writings, including Eric Kirk’s, over and over and over again – they are running to solidify “Progressive” power.

    NOT to serve the people in their communities.

  12. In fact I know for sure that Chris Kerrigan is running for Mayor. I saw on his Facebook where he announced his candidacy in one of his statuses. Search on Facebook for Chris Kerrigan and you will see the proof

  13. What a pile of hooey. The local timber industry killed itself off, with help from crooked Texas bankers, and more recently is suffering from a lack of demand for lumber. The jobs in the woods were taken over by big machines with one man replacing dozens and the mills were computerized eliminating more jobs, but the propaganda machine always insisted that the environmentalists were to blame. The progs and enviros might believe otherwise, but they only served as gadflies and never had much real effect. We’re lucky that we saved a few trees to maintain the tourism industry.
    Not sure how you can blame the decline in the fishing industry on anything but over fishing. Lack of regulation of huge factory ships ruined things for the small fishermen, not progressives.
    As far as farming goes, who’s supporting saving open space? Not your realtor/developer buddies, they’d fill every farm and pasture with subdivisions if they had their way.
    For better or worse, as the resource extraction industries killed themselves off, the blue collar workers have left the area and that’s meant a shift to the left. The days of the good old boys running everything are waning. Whine all you like, but that trend will continue. That’s how democracy works.

  14. Funny. We thought democracy worked because of an informed and vibrant opposition. But if it’s trends, okay. Clearly you know more about democracy than anyone and yet remain humble enough to visit our crappy blog. So we defer! Hugs!!

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