THIS JUST IN: Kirk Girard’s work is great, says Kirk Girard

Now let's talk about my very substantial penis.

Thank you Times-Standard for this bit of brilliance.

A junior reporter tells us the county didn’t actually botch the Housing Element–a document the reporter has neither seen nor read–because the county said having its plans rejected was business as usual.

True though that may be, for the record, the county didn’t say the rejection letter was no big deal and all that’s needed is a “minor cleanup.” Kirk Girard said that, and he was referring to his own report.

So a bunch of people on one side say Girard tanked the Housing Element, and Girard says he didn’t. On the basis of a completely ambiguous statement from the state, Donna Tam decides who’s right?

Donna Tam??

Yeah. Girlfriend, we’re not sure what beginning journalism class at HSU you slept through, but you might consider a refresher on editorializing and how a) good reporters don’t do it, and b) clueless reporters shouldn’t even think about it.

Hopefully you know which you are.

Note: WordPress went sideways and dumped the Kerrigan post. We were able to recover it, but the comments were lost. Sorry, friends.

30 Responses

  1. Sorry, friends. WordPress just did it again and dumped all the comments to this post as well. Don’t know what the problem is, but we’re trying to get it fixed.

  2. The Herald folks are hacking you!

  3. Doubtful Leatherface. They can’t even cobble together an interesting blog. What makes you think they could pull of such a sophisticated stunt as that? It would be easier for Heralda to crash a White House dinner. Besides, whatever issue is causing us problems is more likely to be an internal WordPress glitch. These things happen. Our newly recruited –and sober–IT Department is working on it. Please be patient.

  4. We’re going to drop you from D list to F list if this keeps up.

  5. So the IT dept. is sober, while the rest of you are trying to make it to your next AA meeting.

  6. Girard is a “sears poncho.”

  7. I’ll drink to that.

  8. *hiccup*

    We resemble that remark…

  9. Um, let’s see here Bugs. You pulled us away from playing Doom to fix this? You should re-read WordPress FAQs a little better next time. Good luck with your blog. If you need help sending e-mails or other complex computer stuff, please call my niece (after 3 p.m. when she gets out of the 3rd grade.)

  10. Baby snake

  11. Baykeeper, EPIC, NEC & ERF just filed a legal challenge to the Marina Center EIR. The IT dept. better get its act together and the graphics dept. better get busy. Hope nobody was planning to take the weekend off.

  12. Yeah, like that is a suprise? Same old shit, different day. Can’t wait to see it. I am sure that it is “original.”

    Hey, sure liked the commercials with Neely objecting to the clean up. She looks like an idiot.

  13. ps – you are a wee bit off topic. Lets get back to Girard’s small penis and pee brain.

    What a waste of taxpayer money. Do you think bon bon will take the boy blunder with her if she can get her fat ass out of humboldt on the state’s dole?

  14. Deservedly so.

  15. Girard will get a better retirement package than Bonnie. That is why she needs the next job. Last 3 year BS. Now I am having that drink. Here’s to the dink.

  16. Spiderman sounds like a size queen.

  17. Oh go cry me a fucking river. There is currently enough buildable lots to last thru the next century!

  18. That’s exactly what Kirk said. Unfortunately, the state wants actual evidence of that, and no one has as of yet been able to produce it.

  19. The proof is in the pudding. Or maybe at the bottom of my glass. Go build a fucking house in Shelter Cove. Good luck with the septic system. In fact, discover what it takes to put a septic system in anywhere, then cry me a fucking river. And see if the Public Health Dept. says that river is too fucking close to your septic system.

  20. Funnygirl is the hotness!! Hugs!

  21. The presence of the water from those tears you are crying in Shelter Cove also indicates the presence of sensitive wetlands and ESHA. Therefore, I find that building your house is inconsistent with Chapter 3 of the Coastal Act- the permit is denied.

  22. The fact is you can’t build in S cove. Unless you’ve got 500 large and can connect to the decrepit sewer line near town…the rest of all those lots need 100′ of outflow for a septic system and the lot sizes….in most cases won’t allow that but the point is Girard.

    He’s not the architect….just the messenger. He is not Satan….he’s Mephistopheles. Surely he shares this twisted vision but he is the minion and not the demigod of the moment.

    He’s a decent guy who made a bad deal.

    If you have a problem with him……you have a problem with three votes on the Board. That’s it. Three votes makes or breaks him and not even God’s own palm tree can’t change that. Absent Girard, nothing changes. Just a new paper target. He’s a waiter at this strange banquet…….not the chef.

    Kirk Girard is the Graphics Department of the existing power lunch bunch. With the possible exception that he is sober……but, we can forgive him for that. After all sobriety can be cured. As the bartender to the stars, I get that more than most.

    But, I do know this. If my boss ordered a bloody mary and I showed up with a PBR, I’d probably have to say something more that….’it’s just part of the process.’

    Kirk is not the geek. It’s the geeks that hire the geeks that need attention.

    But, you already know that Bugs.

    Don’t you?

  23. This is less about specific job performance issues with Girard, or even a minor indiscretion with legalese in final and approved documents, which were quickly forgotten, but rather his long-term dealings with the public, many special interest groups and many project applicants who he even has brought legal actions upon, some cases still pending before the court. There have been a lot of projects that have worked their way upstream in the county dealing with Girk Kirard that have been noticeably unpopular, controversial, highly polarized, if not outright legally contested, and almost always a frustration in embarrassing delays on the part of the county. The redevelopment plan pitched by Kirk was a costly failure. After so many
    “outreach meetings” by the county, it had the effect of conveniently unifying many communities against any redevelopment under that or likely any foreseeable redevelopment plan. In fact, it was sort of embarrassing at how quickly the county was willing to scuttle the plan after only a little pushback from residents with common sense and the few critics and experts who vehemently opposed the poorly planned and executed attempt at a state funded handout that would have absolutely benefited a few of Bonnie’s friends first, second and possibly fourth.

  24. It’s not just Shelter Cove, there are gross over counts on other parcels in the county as well. My parcels are counted at 250% of what can legally be built under the current rules, assuming there are no issues with septic etc. The same issue is rampant with many of the other parcels in the appendix as well.

  25. Nice metaphors…Staff will blow like the wind.

  26. We do, dog. But it gets tedious going on about Bonnie, Cliffy and Mark all the time, like some Pep Boys commercial playing over and over again.

  27. The sad part of all of this is the the FOL team evaluated each and every lot in detail and gave the County the information, and they still just threw out their silly numbers. There was not intention on the part of the County to get it right, but now they must.

  28. As one who once worked the site development biz for the starvation wages the local engineering oufits paid I can say the good lots are already built on. Sometimes that level lot is actualy a 20 foot deep gulch filled with stumps and slide material. You will go broke on the foundation.
    Its ironic the progressives would use the lots in Shelter Cove to fluff up thier lot numbers. Unbuildible lots in a wilderness in the middle of nowhere ..poor infustucture, no jobs.

  29. Pep Boys Bugs?


  30. Oh dog, you have obviously never taken a building plan to King Kirk for his ultimate review. Try that, then tell me that he is a decent guy. I can pretty much guarantee you that you will walk away muttering something like “what a prick”.

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