Prog groups claim ‘irreparable harm’ if Balloon Track cleanup goes forward

From left, Peter, Ralph and Larry. Jennifer, far right, is bitching the boys some vittles.

The Times-Standard reports today that papers filed in court seeking to force the city of Eureka to withdraw its Environmental Impact Report allege “irreparable harm” will come to residents, fish and wildlife if the Marina Center property is cleaned up.

The petition was filed by the Northcoast Environmental Center, Humboldt Paykeeper, the Environmental Protection Information Center and the Ecological Rights Foundation, collectively known as the Four Jackasses of the Environmental Apocalypse.

The hyperbolic filing didn’t mention what villainy might befall the world were the NEC to clean up  its own contaminated property. Fortunately for all of us, we’re in no danger of finding out any time soon.

Photo straight janked from here.

37 Responses

  1. If they clean that Balloon Track shiz up, our babies are going to be born with three eyes and four nipples. Fish will grow legs, join hands, and walk across the country to protest dioxin reductions. As for wildlife, let’s get some in there so they too have something to bitch about.

  2. Who snuck the camera into 791 8th Street?

  3. I don’t know, the jenny second to the left looks an awful lot like Virginia Bass

  4. One of them would have to turn around for us to get a good look at Ralph Faust.

  5. Please don’t disrespect a noble beast by comparing them to pond scum like Faust and company. Having always been a fan of breasts the multiple nipple angle perks my interest.

  6. Perks? Bad visual.

  7. This is “dog bites man” news. If they hadn’t filled I would begin to doubt the existence of gravity.

  8. yeah- damn all those people who would question
    wether this ‘cleanup’ actually makes it cleaner, or just makes millions for some company, right?

    Do you eat oysters from the bay? Do you care wether there are toxins in them? Or just blindly accept what the politicians tell you?

    But golly- times are hard- and it makes ya feel ever so much better to bash anything labeled ‘progressive’.

    Not saying this cleanup is a scam, but arent we the people supposed to question?

    You can go back to watching Hannity now……….

  9. Yay!! We think this reader may have hit all the progs’ talking points.

    A big, bad company? Check.

    The poor poisoned oysters (that would be less poisoned if the progs allowed the site to be cleaned up)? Check.

    Anyone who points out prog stupidity is a hater? Check.

    And finally, the tried and true everyone who disagrees with a prog must sit in their boxers watching Fox news all the live long day. Check!!

    So original, so substantive and so right-on, Sandy!

    Really good work!!

  10. Go fuck yourself Anon

  11. I hate moderation!!!

  12. You’re such a fucking C*** Sandy

    Get lost!

  13. The photo of all the donkeys were awesome lol. Perfect description of the people who are suing over this whole thing. What a county we live in full of jackasses! Good ol’ people like Paykeeper that sue along with Larry Glass who don’t give a rat’s ass about the cleanup. They may say they care about the cleanup, but they don’t. They’re only suing because they hate the whole big box thing. I know this because I saw Petey at Larry’s store hanging out like good ol buddies

  14. Stupid c***

    Leave Eureka already

  15. Preachin’ to the choir Admirer

    What a c***! We don’t tolerate your kind around here!

  16. C-*-*-*

    Fuck you Sandy

  17. C*** C*** C***

    The perfect chorus for Sandy and her ilk from the Herald

  18. WTF? Not entirely sure what the new fascination is with the word cunt, but we’re over it and are going to start screening for it in comments. This means every comment that contains the word will be held for moderation. If you don’t want your comment held, broaden your vocabulary.

  19. I prefer “hoo.”

  20. Who?

  21. I saw Sandy at the AA last night

    I told the bartender to “Buy that douchebag a drink!”

    He told me to lighten up….I said ok…just get her a drink.

    He walked over to her and asked he what she wanted.

    She said “Oh I dunno….vinegar and water I guess.”

  22. Hannity’s not on right now so I’llhav e to settle for the History Channel

  23. Next time buy her a Summer’s Eve.

  24. I’ve always had a fascination with c### and perky nipples. I like them even more after eating Humboldt Bay oysters. Yum yum.

  25. That’s a common side-effect of dioxin.

  26. I have forgotten most of what I learned about civil law, but I vaguely recall that “irreparable harm,” that’s the kind of language that you need if you want to get a preliminary injunction (i.e. a court order) to stop somebody from doing something until the suit is settled. Of course the party also has to show that the lawsuit is likely to be successful. I boldly predict that the next step is a request for a court order to bring everything to a grinding halt before it’s begun. Other predictions: the earth will continue to rotate around the sun, the sun will remain hot and yellow, and PBR will remain the malt beverage of choice for the Graphics Department.

  27. Did little Sandy hit a (foul-mouthed) nerve?
    What a comeback! Calling her a C**t!!
    Your mom must be sooo proud of you!

  28. Totally, Jim. We’re not prudish about a little vulgarity here, as you might have noticed, but the language should be somewhat more inventive than that.

  29. What ever the words – its hard to see how the Itchy and Scratchy show helps. Right vrs Left is getting boring.

  30. PBR Forever!!!

  31. You said it. Your little crew of dittoheads certainly are an inarticulate bunch.

  32. I am with the bug on this. You guys need some new words.

  33. For some reason, and this may be one too many PBRs, Sandy makes me think of a scratch and sniff. Is it just me? And I think I’ll pass on that, but I won’t pass on another PBR. Is that moderated language – I don’t know about that, but Heraldo removed my last post. And I didn’t swear – just wondered if the same 30 people posting on that blog were required to hate Arkley. Told them it was getting booooooooooorring. Touchy folks.

  34. You’re painting with a broad brush there, friend. That would be like us saying all progs like you are ungrammatical dumbfucks, based on the subject-verb disagreement in your comment above (crew… IS, not are). But that probably isn’t true on a broad scale, and it definitely isn’t helpful.

  35. Cheers, friend!!

  36. They are pretty much deleating every thing that isn’t foaming at the mouth anti-Arkley except that idiot 5th dst who does not know what planet he’s on . But that’s another PBR moment.

  37. But, Ash said the first order of business is simply cleaning the place up.

    ”Until you literally clean it up, you don’t understand what needs to be repaired,” he said. “So, the first stage of any restoration is cleanup.”


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