Still no conflict?

He may be dishonest, but he sure is ugly.

So if it’s not a conflict if Eureka City Councilman Larry Glass has a years-long personal vendetta against a developer whose project he’s reviewing,

and not a conflict if Larry founded and fronted a group that exists solely to oppose the project,

and not a conflict if Larry distributed T-shirts and bumper stickers ridiculing the developer and his family,

and not a conflict if Larry personally funded a campaign aimed at undermining support for the development,

and not a conflict if Larry tried (and failed) to pursue criminal charges against the developer,

and not a conflict if Larry’s city council campaign was funded by the man who stands to lose the most if the development is approved,

then probably it’s also not a conflict if Larry serves as a director of an organization that is engaged in litigation against the city he represents, even if that litigation is aimed at reversing a decision of the city council on which Larry sits.

Sounds kind of slutty to us, but it must be legit.

After all, everyone knows how ethical politicians are.

California Native Plant Society
Jen Kalt (Secretary)

Redwood Region Audubon Society
C.J. Ralph

Sierra Club North Group, Redwood Chapter
Felice Pace

Humboldt Baykeeper
Pete Nichols (President)

Friends of Del Norte
Eileen Cooper

Safe Alternatives For Our Forest Environment
Larry Glass

Environmental Protection Information Center
Scott Greacen

Jim Clark (Vice President)
Martin Swett (Treasurer)
Bob Morris (Trinity County Representive)

44 Responses

  1. Hey, he is our slut so it’s OK.

  2. True. But they’re not kidding about the ugly. They need to zoom out on that shit or something.

  3. Larry said the city would face lawsuits over this because the title to the land was not clear.
    Now the lawsuits have been filed.
    It’s o.k. though because Arkley will step in to defend them.
    What did George Bush say? ” Money trumps peace sometimes” I am sure money will prevail. It usually does.

  4. In this case, let’s hope something trumps all the stupid the progs are dishing up.

  5. Nothing to see here. Look away. Just business as usual for our Arcata friend. Lie, lie, lie. Cheat, steal, lie some more. Play both ends against the middle. Harm that which you were entrusted to protect.

    I’ve known Larry his entire life, and this is nothing new. He’s always been an asshole. It’s all about the power trip for him.

  6. Word yo, bro.

  7. Are you unclear on the concept of democracy? Larry ran a campaign based in part on his opposition to the damned Marina Project. He won. Why would he step aside on the issue at this point? That’s how democracy works. You take a position, the voters decide who to vote for based on whether or not they agree with your position. I know it’s hard for you to accept, but he won the election. And like it or not, he will win next time he runs too. Democracy’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  8. Yay!! Our democracy expert is back!!! We learned so much from you last time.

  9. He’s engaging in litigation contrary to the interests of the city he was elected to represent, and you want to know if we’re unclear?

  10. Politicians with a shady and skeletons in the closet? No fucking way! There’s no way this is possible for your God and the worshippers that worship the ground he works. Well at least we know that we can expect good ol Paykeeper Petey and Glass to stay in bed with each other as they usually do. I’m curious if the Paykeepers will fund Larry’s re-election campaign entirely. I know for sure that Larry will run for re-election. He told me so himself in person

  11. Larry ran a campaign based in part on his opposition to the damned Marina Project.

    Did he? REALLY? I thought he ran because he wanted to serve the people – the PEOPLE – of Eureka. Not his prog masters.

    But you’re right – read ANTHING the “progressives” have written – it is about getting a “progressive” majority, it is to “accrue power” – “groom candidates to accrue power” – not to serve the people.

    Serving the people, putting aside your personal vendettas, that’s what PUBLIC SERVICE is SUPPOSED to be about.

    Larry is no better than the worst fat cat Southern stereotypical corrupt politician if what withheld, above, says is true, and you know it is.

  12. The NEC is quite the hotbed isn’t it? I see they’ve added the insane maniac Felice Pace. That’s right up there with the ousted Greg King… An incestuous bunch, too – but a very small little group… and getting smaller.

    California Native Plant Society
    Jen Kalt (Secretary) – let’s see, she is also “Baykeeper” – might even have a few other aliases… yep…Jennifer Kalt represents Healthy Humboldt, a coalition of public interest groups working for a County General Plan that provides healthy housing and transportation choices while protecting resource lands and watersheds by focusing future growth in existing communities. She is also a director of the Northcoast Environmental Center. and…. She’s also Water quality coordinator Jen Kalt…Humboldt Baykeeper representative Jennifer Kalt…Jennifer Kalt, EPIC/Resource Protection Associate,/California Indian Basketweavers Association/Native Plant Society/self-professed TPZ “expert”

    Redwood Region Audubon Society
    C.J. Ralph

    Sierra Club North Group, Redwood Chapter
    Felice Pace

    Humboldt Paykeeper
    Pete Nichols (President)… remember, “Baykeeper” is also ERF (also suing, and also the predatory litigious parent org to “Baykeeper.”

    Friends of Del Norte
    Eileen Cooper

    Safe Alternatives For Our Forest Environment
    Larry Glass – (this is a new “group” name, check him out, there are others)

    Environmental Protection Information Center
    Scott Greacen – Wild California – ummm, that would be EPIC, I think, also suing…

    Does the judge realize, I wonder, just who all these people are, and how interrelated they all are?

  13. He is not just suing Arkley. He is suing the City of Eureka and serving as Eureka City Councilman.
    I suspect that he has crossed the line.

  14. What about Salzman & Gallegos Rose?

    Salzman & Gallegos?

    Salzman & Gallegos?

    Salzman & Gallegos?

    C’mon Rose, say it loud!

  15. Do they still have those Arkleyville stickers around town? I’d be happy to sport one on my bumper.

    Keep up the good work Larry!

  16. No, Native, haven’t seen any of those for a while, but I do see those Will-work-for-food signs everywhere. Maybe you could stick one of them on your bumper, kind of in the same place where I have my Marina Center sticker. Your call.

  17. Are you obsessed with us or something, Anonymous? Weirdo.

  18. Look again, Larry will not win if a suitable candidate runs against him.

    I know a lot of people who bought into his “for the folks act” and are now regretting it big time. Be prepared for a surprise candidate and say ‘buh by’ to Mr. Larry (gl)ass.

    Democracy, when you have a majority pushing back is going to be a real bitch for y’all.

    The jig is up and you are going down!!

  19. Larry’s one of those people who the more you know him the more you wish you didn’t. He looks good in passing, but does not hold up well to closer scrutiny. I voted for him in Eureka. I thought I was electing an advocate, and instead I elected a conniving, ill-tempered, dishonest, win-at-all-costs, whiny little boy who thinks he’s a great big man. So yes, I’d be open to new candidates, to put it mildly.

  20. “I repeat no big box!!”

    Why is everyone so worried about Home Depot becoming the centerpiece of the project?Cherie Arkley herself said it ain’t happenin’.

  21. I’m not worried. I’m hopeful. We need the jobs, and I don’t particularly enjoy getting screwed by Bill Pierson year after year. He’s clearly made a bunch of money on us, since he has so much to spend on maintaining his monopoly. Hundreds of thousands of dollars at last count, and he’s still going strong.

  22. Bonnie Neely has the conflict. She used to be the spokesman for CREG! (Citizens for Real Economic Growth.) A PAC created to stop the Marina Center. Will she remove herself from the Coastal Commission board chair on this item? I would say no.

  23. Salzman? Oh yeah – sneaking around in the middle of the night putting his little “grassroots” bumper stickers on parking meters. Yeah. That was memorable.

    Don’t think about how small and incestuous these “Progressives” are, no, nothing to see there. Why they have created all these groups in order to look like sumo wrestlers. You’ve seen the costumes, though, pop the blow-up doll skin and – ain’t nuthin’ there.

    ERF is Paykeeper, is now NEC – how many can you connect? We should have a contest. Connect Four. Or More…

  24. Some of this you could say is the result of living in a small gene pool. But some of the conflicts (Neely’s, Glass’, Faust’s) are too numerous and too flagrant to explain. These are dishonest, disingenuous, power-hungry people who manipulate the process from as many directions as they can.

  25. It was classic Larry Glass the other day when he referred to the efforts to bring jobs to our community by three council members and the mayor as some kind of campaign gimmickry. He would see it that way because he doesn’t do anything that doesn’t have political content to it. Nothing. Ever. Watch. It’s about power, not service, and it certainly isn’t about helping the city. If you ever needed evidence of that, look no further than this bullshit.

  26. I wouldn’t worry too much about Larry. Soon enough, iTunes will solve that problem for us.

  27. Always love when you douchebags root for local businesses to fail

    Like that will help our economy

  28. I think they are just following your lead 4:07

  29. Yes because progs care so much about the economy. That’s why they’ve worked so hard to bring all those new jobs to the county. Too many to count, really. Yup. Lots of living wage jobs trimming bud. Thanks.

  30. Like, that’s what Larry does everyday…..root for local businesses to fail. Ergo the fight against cell towers and trying to cut the head off the Arkleydragon before it launches any new businesses, not to mention voting against that electrical company expansion of its warehouse because it doesn’t have the required 100 foot buffer required. Nevermind that not having the space will result in continued run off into the bay .

    Hell, he would rather let the run off continue rather than compromise the 100 foot buffer idiocy. Another 4-1 vote and it also turns up as an appeal with the CC. Quel suprise!!

    Ya think, Larry is the one to turn that over to the them? You bet your sweet bippy, bud.

    Care to give me a list of anything Larry has done to help the economy up here? Talk about your Douchebags, he is the poster child!!

  31. Any port in a storm, eh? Money does not always prevail but neither do those that have no reason for being except to be “against” whatever the majority is “for”.

  32. Gee 4:48, you think? Geez you think he’s crossed the line much? Of course he has! Believe me, I know how paranoid he is about what is being said on these blogs. I talked to him a few weeks ago and he is freaking out about what people are saying of him. He went on a nearly 10 minute rant about what people have said about him. Keep it up people, you seem to be freaking him out

  33. Fuck you Larry. Nuff said.

  34. No shortage of rants these days….

  35. So Larry, if you are really reading this blog, then why are you suing the city when you sit on the city council? How is that representing anything but a confused or resentful mind? You lost the vote. Get over it and move on. Politics is the art of compromise. Or do you think you are so right and everyone else is so wrong?

  36. The Marina Center Project is a boondoggle. All wrong, nothing right.

  37. And your funded alternative plan to bring jobs to the area is what, I heart?

  38. The Marina Center Project is located in a fucking old contaminated rail yard that hasn’t had shit done to it for 40 years. So “I heart Larry”, what is your plan for it? No no nnooooononononoooooooononono and nothing else. Dumbfuck.

  39. Eureka is a city. It is not Redwood National Park. where else should a bunch of office/retail buildings go?

    Are the “Progressives” on some sort of psychedelic mushrooms?

  40. Of course they are. How else can you compare their dire need to be just like their Republican counterparts? You gotta admit there are some serious similarities.

  41. Sorry, off topic question here. Perhaps you can help me figure this out Humbug. I have noticed that my icon right next to my post is some baffled or upset looking little emoticon figure. Have you assigned me an icon? Cuz if you have, wouldn’t a flower make more sense? Just sayin’ 😉

  42. yo mo fo, I don’t think itunes will put Larry out of his business !!

  43. Word to yomo.

  44. not unless they start pot.

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