George Clark: Still kind of a dumbfuck

In yesterday’s Times-Standard, failed city council candidate George Clark articulates some of the genius that sent his campaign straight down the ol’ crapper last fall.

A few highlights:

If 75 percent of residents cannot afford home ownership, give them no jobs. That will help.

If the Balloon Track is “essential for growth that actually begins contributing to the local economy,” let it lay vacant and polluted for several decades while you all sit around listening to yourselves talk. Also very helpful.

If “rural cities are limiting infrastructure costs and improving tax bases by expanding the compact lifestyles of their Old Towns to meet the explosion of single households, an aging population, and skyrocketing poverty and foreclosure rates”–well, that’s a nice use of buzz words, friend, but it doesn’t actually mean anything. At all. Really.

And finally, if you run for office and rack up only a couple hundred votes despite the desperate attempts of your handlers and the wads of cash Bill Pierson throws at you, have someone write a thousand words of laughably stupid shit to run in a newspaper under your name.

We keep coming back to one central issue: Lot of people can and do run around talking about their hopes and dreams for the city of Eureka. But all these years later, George, Bonnie, Larry, Pete, Bill, Ken and all their friends whose lives and livelihoods revolve around obstructing productive use of that land have done not one thing to clean it up, have articulated not one plausible plan for the site, and have raised not one dollar to put their plans into action.

All their money, time and attention has gone into making sure no one else does either.

13 Responses

  1. Amen, bro. As one comment on the Times-Standard story said, “Uhhh, you don’t OWN the land, my dear Sir. In fact, you haven’t paid taxes, you aren’t going to pay to clean it up, you haven’t risked ANYTHING. So, just what gives you the preposterous gall to lament the loss of ‘public use’land?”

  2. “Dumbfuck” doesn’t go far enough. You have no idea what an idiot this guy is. And ask him how many of his employees were homeowners. That’s a laugh.

  3. So a guy who owned a service-based retails establishment is complaining about service-based retail establishments? That’s rich.

  4. I disagree with the laughably stupid shit characterization. Stupid and shit maybe, but it just wasn’t funny. The letters to the editor that he authors are truly laughable. Get him started about HSU sometime.

  5. Yup! Still crazy after all these years.

    Good thing the voters were too smart to “leave it to George”.

  6. This is nothing new. He posts stupid shit on Heraldo all the time. He posts under the name Deja Vu and Reinventing the Wheel.

  7. The progressive machine has been able to frost a lot of dumb shits on the people. Says alot that they could not get old George boy elected. Read his shit on the A-bomb during WW2.
    This boy is wack. He owned a food establishment. His wife ran it though he was the guy that sat you down.

    Right to the point on the folks. My father used to say there are two types of people. Builders and destroyers, and that you where either one or the other. These assholes have done nothing to improve Humboldt, and lined their pockets doing it.

  8. I have to agree that the bugs completely left out George’s undeniable and widely known batshitness. He’s crazy, plain and simple. And he wrote that letter kind of like Paul Gallegos writes My Word columns.

  9. Builders and destroyers, well said.

    These people would really love to change Eureka into an economy where the butcher buys from the baker who buys from the candlestick maker. Sorry, folks, that ain’t the reality of America yet, the proggie’s dream of it constantly. Perhaps they should practice what they preach as depicted by the woman wearing a North Coast Co-op sweatshirt shopping at Costco and only purchasing a couple of cases of Lost Coast Brewery Great White beer. WTF? You can’t purchase it from any of the local stores or from the Co-op for that matter? I am so sick of the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality of the progs. And why do the progs love shopping at Staples so much? For the same Goddamn reason as everyone else!

  10. Nah, they shop at Trader Joes. Seems some chains are more equal than others.

  11. Where are the closers?

  12. George is even dumber than Larry.

  13. Give it up George. Stupid ain’t pretty.

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