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So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that all of the power drunk California Coastal commissioners agreed during their meeting today that there were “substantial issues” raised in the EPIC, Paykeeper, NEC and Ralph Faust appeal of the phase one of the Marina Center project’s local coastal plan amendment approved recently by the city of Eureka.

Executive Director Peter Douglas’ long winded explanation of the California Coastal Commission’s procedures that have routinely denied the public to weigh in on such appeals “for decades” took longer than the actual discussion by the commissioners.

By discussion, we mean the three commissioners who disclosed their ex parte communications prior to today’s meeting with environmental groups that were in favor of the appeals.

So the matter will be brought back before the Coastal Commission at an as yet undetermined date for a hearing where the public may weigh in.

Perhaps we missed it, but there was no mention by Douglas of his ongoing lunch dates with the local businessman who stands to lose the most when the Marina Center project moves forward.

Maybe that issue will be raised by someone at the next meeting.

57 Responses

  1. It’s going to be interesting.

    Something tells me Neely is not planning on running here again.

  2. I thought ex parte communications were not allowed. Does this mean they must recuse their involvement and step down?

  3. Remember Bugs, every dog has his day. Once again, It turns out that this one isn’t yours.


  4. The mean lady has sung, not the fat lady, it ain’t over till it is over.

  5. I don’t know, Rose has been plenty vocal today

  6. No, it just means we get to know that the Sierra Club has the ear of at least two commissioners. Neely declined to state who she’s been talking to about the matter.

  7. Can anyone explain why the city paid to have Tyson, Leonard and Jones drive down to the city for a 2 minute lecture on how the Commission does things? Weren’t they supposed to know that already?

  8. You’re right, withheld. They should have stayed home and made insulting remarks about people who care enough about the economy of the city of Eureka to go to meetings were it’s a topic of discussion. Oh never mind. Larry had that end covered.

  9. True, friend. Thanks.

  10. If Neely had ex parte comms and did not disclose she faces a fine of…….. $7500 (pinky pointed to corner of mouth a la Dr. Evil)

  11. Go fuck your mother hippy faggot!!!

  12. Peter “dickhead” Douglas did not want to hear from anyone. Who the fuck needs public input when you can cram shit down the throat of those you don’t agree with, Shut them the fuck down. Fuck you City of Eureka, you can’t talk here, this is the California Coastal Commission, and don’t tell us how to run a meeting. We know how. And that means you can all shut the fuck up and go home. Next agenda item please. My god, for a good bitch slapping. Anyone still know a Hell’s Angel? The City should put one on a retainer.

  13. Maybe the commission didn’t want to hear Lil’ Jeffey political grandstanding efforts aimed exclusively at his run for supervisor

    The rest of the state could care less about his career aspirations

  14. Why should Douglas give a shit, he’s king of the coast as far as he can see he is Yertle the Turtle!

  15. This is not surprising. It is what it is… The project doesn’t conform to the current approved zoning. The proposed cleanup can be denied based on that fact. This project is dead and the Balloon Tract may well sit dormant another 20 years (or more). There are no “developers” willing to build a “Medical School”(?) and the bankrupt City is in no position to build a park. We all lose. Rob Arkley will eventually tire of beating his head against the wall and will bail. I don’t know if his deal with Southern Pacific (?) was contingent on approval. Millions down the drain, jobs lost…God I love this town!

  16. Yes. Bonnie and her “Progressive” “Paykeeoer” buddies will have their hollow victory.

    Funny, that the “Progressives” who are all about “having a voice” are happy that no one got to speak. Seems dictatorships are fine with them as long as it is on their side.

  17. Now that I’ve seen Pierson’s puppets do his dirty work.
    I won’t be shopping Pierson’s.
    Of. Story.

  18. Doesn’t matter,
    They can speak all they want at the next scheduled meeting, when they will be allowed (that should have been understood), but it won’t matter, it’s a done deal, this project is dead. There is no way this will be allowed.

  19. The city was hoping to convince the commission to ignore its procedures and allow it to present their arguments, and upon speaking, convince the commission to not hold a full hearing where both critics and proponents would both have an opportunity to speak.

    How thoughtful!

  20. I am sure Bonnie will run again just in hopes of maintaining her position on the CC. Her resources may have dried up here, but being chair of the CC will help her bring in money from outside the county.

    She has four more years before her full retirement benefits kick in and with the CC dough she is rolling in it at this point.

    The question is does she have a chance of winning? I think she does because the group that supports her is not above a few dirty tricks of their own.

    I have known Bonnie for 20 years. Watching her yesterday made me very sad. My thoughts were “what a bitch”. Not a word to her constituents sitting there all day hoping to say something in defense of our/her city.

    Pretty sickening really. If she can manage an appointment to something and still maintain her chairmanship of the CC, she might not run, but that’s a tall order.

    I just don’t see her giving up all that pomp without fighting tooth and nail to save it.

    BTW, anyone else watch? My God those people have power and they are accountable to no one. The whole argument on the Poseidon venture in Carlsbad which would bring water to 300,000 homes was enough to depress me for the rest of the day.

    Yes, they won the first round but Peter had to inform them of other alarming and egregious facts that would be forthcoming so I think desalination of water is going to be toast for those folks.

    They have been strung along for nine years, can you imagine how long the Marina project will get held up.
    Another lose/lose brought to you by those fabulous self-anointed Baykeepers et al.

    Got tar and feathers?

  21. Can someone explain to me why Jeff and Mike would take two days from their real jobs to represent the city…..oh, right that’s what they signed on for.

    You are pathetic and believe me there is no traction against the city paying a few hundred dollars to avoid thousands in protracted lawsuits.

    Take that complaint to Heraldo……they love that petty shit over there.

  22. It’s not surprising. We have had years of Bonnie not giving a flying fuck about her district and here we are.

    I agree the balloon tract is going to sit for years to come with no action. Maybe nothing will ever happen there until we get smart enough to take the power away from the people who use the courts to do their bidding.

  23. Where are the people of Eureka? They are poor, apathetic, and the majority of people here don’t even know that this stuff is going on. How many emails and letters to these people need to receive before they actually support something like this? I don’t know, but someone should be asking. Whining about it isn’t helping.

  24. The Coastal Commission needs to be abolished.

  25. Critics were there to speak too, moron.

  26. how about guns?

  27. And to think our local-ish Native American tribes allowed him to move to none other than SMITH RIVER in of course a riparian area. GUNS, TAR, FEATHERS, Knives, nooses… what ever works and NOW people!

  28. Wow, some serious sore losers on this site

    Take a deep breath and relax my friends. It’s Christmas time for Christ’s sake!

  29. How about a daily dose of toxic material in the front yards of both the “Peters”?

    Nah, that would be illegal. Not that what Peter Douglas is doing is legal….lunching with Bill covering Bonnie with legal mumbo jumbo. Wonder what his pay-off is?

    …and OBTW Bon Bon, letting your district speak would in no way appear you were taking a side in this issue. It would have been viewed as a common courtesy.

    Best quote about this mess comes from Leonard in today’s TSS, “It’s a backwards world we live in . You have a public body that doesn’t take public comment and you’ve got environmental groups suing to stop environmental cleanup.”

    ’nuff said.

  30. If comments had been taken, I am sure Pete Nichols, who was there, would have had an opportunity also.

    Just another leap to proggie logic trying to make the good guys in this look bad.

    Take it to another venue, Bud…..this one is full of those who can think without being fed buzzwords by their leaders.

    So what is your plan to get the balloon track cleaned up sometime in this century? We are riveted awaiting your answer. I realize you will have to ask Larry or Pete before responding, so I will try to be patient.

  31. Where have you been? The people of Eureka showed up for all the council meetings and urged the council to allow the clean up to go forward. Next to no one showed up against except the usual talking heads from Baykeepers, EPIC and NEC. They already had their ducks in a row and the appeals in their hands even though their was hardly any public support for their position.

    I am willing to bet Bon Bon has received hundreds of e-mails on the subject, which she has ignored: a pattern established by her for many many years.

    Why e-mail the CC?? They are appointed not elected.
    You need to e-mail the governor and have him unseat the entire sorry lot and start over.

    I know of no one who is apathetic, but it is frustrating when you know nothing is ever going to get done even though other clean-ups are already started using the same process as the one used for the Balloon Tract.

    It’s obvious that those with a vendetta against Arkley have aligned themselves with powerful groups who have no accountability to the public.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s good for Eureka to start a clean up on that property. The only thing that matters is keeping Rob Arkley from spending millions to improve that piece of land.

    Great thinking, however election day is less than a year away. Let’s see how the progs fare in the next cycle to gain more power.

  32. What you are reading is not about “sore losers”, it’s about frustration mounting against the people who continue to abuse their positions of power with impunity.

    Big difference. Some of these groups have no accountability so citizens can’t exorcise them at the ballot box.

    It’s obvious Baykeepers et al have had this plan of attack against Arkley’s project for years. The question is, how come they let other interim clean ups proceed without all the gloom-doom-the-sky-is-falling antics?

    In the end the real losers are we the people, including you, oh smug one….so have a Merry little Christmas yourself, knowing you would be hated by the majority of people in Eureka if they knew who you were.

  33. Hate to say it, but me too. I think the folks that work at Pierson’s are wonderful. But, alas, I just can’t bring myself to give their boss one more dollar. There comes a time to say when, and I am there.

  34. The people of the Eureka? Oh, right, those who were briefed beforehand at the Arkley Center after their wine and cheese party.

    The talking points were all laid out by Security National ahead of time.

    Where can I get one of those cool Marina Center sweatshirts?

  35. So you think people had to be briefed? You think citizens were neutral on the subject and SN bribed them into attending the council meeting with a little wine and cheese?

    Time to take off the cool sunglasses you’re wearing there in Wonderland and remove the tin from your ears, Sparky.

    The majority of people in Eureka and many in the county are mad as Hell at the progressives’ dog and pony show citing environmental concerns et al.

    I’m thinking the next election could find you guys out on your ears.

  36. Seriously — my favorite part of next year’s election is going to be the return of Barb Leonard.

    Don’t let Jeff muzzle you, Barb! You are a national treasure!

  37. You condescending little prick. As if I have to be briefed on squat. That is up you folks’ alley not mine. Yep, the proggy points…you progs don’t use what little brains god gave you.

  38. Hank, I would tread lightly on the “muzzle” remarks. You may piss off Ms. Manners and she will have to box your sweet and pudgy little sexist ears.

  39. Barb knows that I think she is the greatest thing ever. I wrote her a public love note a while back.

    Heads-up, though, Barb — if you want your anonymous posts to be anonymous, you gotta put in a different fake e-mail address ’cause the gravitar will give you away. I can’t believe you said that mean thing about me in the thread above! Boo hoo….

  40. Hey Barb,

    Can Jeff come out and play this weekend? I was thinking we could go to San Francisco to see all of the Christmas lights & decorations. Just bill it to the City of Eureka!

  41. Well i guess thats what i mean. So bonnie gets a few hundred emails – there are 20K people in this town. Thats the apathetic population im talking about.

    While everyone feels better by blaming the “progs”, it still doesn’t change the point that obviously something is missing from this equation. I have to (and hate to) agree that it seems this thing is dead in the water. Is that because its the way it has to be, or is the current strategy in dealing with our regulatory culture a bit ineffective?

  42. Sounds like Barb Leonard is also clueless when it comes to the Coastal Commission protocol


  43. Oh, right, those who were briefed beforehand at the Arkley Center after their wine and cheese party.

    I keep hearing this brought up – so, I am wondering – this differs from “Paykeeper” and the Salzman-crew wooing disciples with concerts, dances, and Arts Alive festivities exactly how?

    Well, it is different – one actually creates something and wants to let people know what it will look like – the other uses it to disguise their true litigious nature, hide the fact that they never create anything, they want to pretend to be all cool while they pull their latest con job. “Members” of “Baykeeper” are cover, nothing more.

  44. That’s better Hanky. Ms Manners likes the squeezable Sims and not a cranky Hanky

  45. Are these dances, concerts, Arts Alive festivities, and other such events conveniently scheduled an hour before the City Council meeting?

    Back to the drawing board Rose. Maybe blame Paul Gallegos next time?

  46. Ohhhhh, so you’re talking about the “great unbrainwashed”….the folks that live their lives in an everyday fashion and have no clue who the power brokers really are?

    Not to worry, they do get motivated when their ox is being gored.

    Stay tuned. It’s going to get exciting.

  47. Just for the record, I am not miss manners.

  48. Sort of – I still think there is a distinction from having no clue and not giving a shit.

  49. Barb, please thank Jeff for making the trip to SF. Taxpaying Eureka citizens appreciate their tax dollars being wasted by polticians who don’t understand the Coastal Commission protocol.

  50. Eureka beats Montgomery!

    Way to go Loggers!

  51. You go Barb, God love ya!



  53. What should piss everyone off is that Neely didn’t identify all the enviros she meet with or the pro development contacts. She let into the testimony that day evidence that big green opposed the project. That is a chicken shit’s way of chairing a meeting. A meeting that can be altered in many ways just as she does on the BOS when she shuts down a legal project without any legal basis because she wants to help Markie-poo and the enviro crowd stop any rural development. Yes Bon Bon we see what a f%#@ing coward you have become. Peter Douglas and the CCC have become a scourge on us all.

  54. God is on our side? Really?? Because, you know, we are on our side, and God and us are not always on the very best terms. Hope we’re not screwing anything up for the rest of y’all.

  55. I think they purposly left you off the list humbug.

    God must be a feminist, eh?

  56. hmm, bon bon says she gets a few hundred emails. But does she really? Just because someone SAYS, doesn’t make it so.

    What is missing from the equation is honesty and integrity. Bon bon possesses neither, and she will turn on the progs when the day suits her.

  57. Bonnie was appointed by the Governor.

    Here is the relevant law regarding his appointments: (if she is no longer a Supervisor, she is no longer a Coastal Commissioner).

    The question is: is she even running?

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    30312. The term of office of commission members shall be as
    (a) (1) A person appointed by the Governor and qualified for
    membership because he or she holds a specified office as a locally
    elected official shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.
    However, the membership shall cease 60 days after his or her term of
    office as a locally elected official ceases, or when a person has
    been appointed to fill that position by the Governor, if that occurs

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