Meanwhile, back at the North Coast Journal…

Informed readers are pointing out some logic gaps in Hanky-Panky Sims’ latest prog reach-around. His basic premise: A few senselessly oppositional folk on the left may have fought to block any development project Rob Arkley put forward, but this whole Marina Center shitstorm is still Arkley’s fault because he didn’t consult with them first.

Brilliant!! Because that would have changed everything!

The Town Dandy did get one thing right, though. If the Coastal Commission does block cleanup of the site, the Balloon Track could, as Hank stated, “sit there as is for another 100 years, leaching its ugly self into the Bay, and the Coastal Commission would never say boo.”

That in a nutshell is what an environmentalist victory would look like here.

So yay!! Nobody wins.

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  1. Hank’s article might as well have been written by Bob Doran’s wife.

  2. Logic gaps? A gap is that small distance between David Letterman’s front teeth. These are logic crevasses, which hasn’t stopped Hank from trying to defend them.

  3. Remember when Hank used to be a reporter? That was back before his fear of being considered an Arkley sympathizer kicked in. Now he’s a prog tool instead.

  4. That would describe where you have been on this issue alright……asleep at the switch.

  5. Hank, you deserve all of this. You screwed the pooch buddy. Now get off your ass and do some reporting.

  6. Zzzzzzzzz is right. Major tool. Has been for years. Move along.

  7. Cry me a fucking river

  8. What’s the general rule of thumb for bias? If you piss off both sides you must be doing something right?

    Funny, it looks like only one side is pissed off here. I wonder what that means?

  9. You might want to hold off on the chest bumping and thumping , Anonymous. The last laugh has not yet been had. Not even close.

  10. I think it was, actually.

  11. Prog reach-around. That’s both awesome and accurate.

  12. I’d say you missed the point. Rob’s problem is that his whole project was conceived as an angry attack on his perceived enemies. His hatred for the “left-leaning hardware king” got in the way of his good judgment. He’s not fixing up the blighted waterfront because it’s the right thing to do, he wants to build a Home Depot there to hurt Bill’s business, and he’s ignoring the fact that building it in the Coastal Zone means you have to jump through the Coastal Commission’s hoops. Bullying might have worked on little Jeffy, but it doesn’t work on entrenched bureaucrats.
    Face it Bugs, your employer is fighting a losing battle this time. He, and you, could use some lessons on how to win friends and influence people. Dale Carnegie has some suggestions:

    Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking
    1. Avoid arguments.
    2. Show respect for the other person’s opinions. Never tell someone they are wrong.
    3. If you’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.
    4. Begin in a friendly way.
    5. Start with questions the other person will answer yes to.
    6. Let the other person do the talking.
    7. Let the other person feel the idea is his/hers.
    8. Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view.
    9. Sympathize with the other person.
    10. Appeal to noble motives.
    11. Dramatize your ideas.
    12. Throw down a challenge.

    As you can see, Rob opted for skipping 1-11.

  13. Oh! Cool. You linked to my archival site.

    I thought Hank wrote one of the best pieces on this whole fiasco, actually. And the comments were informative, so I snagged it. (Sorry, Hank – it’s just that over time, I have lost many links, as sites get shut down, or articles get pulled offline)

    My favorite part? For honesty’s sake, let’s admit a couple of things at the outset. For one, California law pertaining to this and many other matters is Byzantine beyond belief, to the extent that it can sometimes actively stifle the very thing it was written to accomplish. The Balloon Track could sit there as is for another 100 years, leaching its ugly self into the Bay, and the Coastal Commission would never say boo. For another, much of the opposition to the project has little to do with environmental remediation per se. For various historical, cultural and economic reasons, some people — some powerful people — don’t like the fact that the proposed Marina Center is anchored by a Home Depot. And there are a few powerful opponents whose passions are chiefly aroused by the opportunity to give financier/developer Rob Arkley and his supporters in Eureka City Hall a poke in the eye. If Arkley were to put forth plans to turn the site into a sustainable organic cooperative farm, there are people who would sue him for not devoting enough space to the hemp crop.

    🙂 that explains the sudden rush of traffic.

    I was also interested in how the Marina Center was equated to Gallegos’ Palco suit.


  15. I doubt Baykeeper will let Security National off the hook even if the Marina Center projected is scrapped. The site will eventually be cleaned up per the requirements of the Coastal Commission.

    It’s just a matter of how long Rob is willing to fight back.

  16. I think you missed the point, withheld. Rob could have bought land across the street from Pierson’s and slapped up a Home Depot there if he was trying to put Bill out of business. But he didn’t. Hopefully now he’s rethinking that.

  17. Mirror-tards? MIRROR-TARDS? That’s all you got? Mirror-tards? That’s kinda weak, really. We had higher hopes for you.


  18. I thought of “BUGTARDS” one-tenth of a second after hitting submit.

  19. Crap. That post really wasn’t ready for prime time. Didn’t expect any traffic there. Cleaning it up now. No pun intended.

  20. I was just thinking about that, Anonymous. The logic of the Marina Center was always that future profits would finance a cleanup that could not be afforded by anyone any other way. But it’s entirely possible that someone would try to force him to clean it up even without any possibility of making the money back with a development project.

  21. Baykeeper will let off as soon as they are paid off. Pure and simple.

    This is all about Arkley not donating to the “Progressve” candidates.

  22. Much better. Good second effort. Thanks!!

  23. So does this mean Bob Doran’s wife did not write the column?

  24. 100% wrong Rose

    The site will be cleaned up

  25. Cleaned upby who? Why? Just wondering…

  26. Arkley assumed responsibility when he bought it from Union Pacific

    A good move on the part of UP

  27. Both of our readers followed the link?


  28. Holy crap, bugs! You did an entire post without a single swear word. Are you guys feeling okay?

  29. Just an oversight, Sam. But hey, we did give you “prog reach-around,” which we rather enjoyed. Not exactly swearing, but we hope our mothers don’t know what it means.

  30. Rob could have bought land across the street from Pierson’s and slapped up a Home Depot there if he was trying to put Bill out of business.

    Now THAT would be fun to see happen.

  31. Yup. They’re employed by the Arkleys. What a fascinating and original way to try to discredit someone you wouldn’t know if they were banging your wife.

  32. There were two?

  33. Just visiting, and wondering what this is really about.

    Leaving aside this insane “Wah!! Its YOUR fault”!,”No! Its all Your fault!” BS between ‘progs’ and….what ‘ANTI-environment Cons?’ (What DO you call yourselves?)

    So…you Eurekans are either;

    gonna clean this tract up quickly and without removing all the toxins, then build a BUTT-Ugly bunch of strip malls no one will go to?
    You will do a long and costly clean up, but at least the land wont be toxic, and THEN build a BUTT-Ugly bunch of strip malls no one will go to?

    Is that about right?

    just wondering, since ya’ll sound like you would kill your neighbors children over this…………….

  34. Last weeks polling indicates that 83% of registered Eureka voters support the project with a Home Depot. The Marina Center is not just supported, but rather beloved, by the vast majority. The interim clean-up is even higher.

  35. Baykeepers will never collect one dime from either UP or CUE. Arkley is way ahead of them on that one.
    Thie site will get cleaned according to the way that Arkley wants it to be. Get used to it.

  36. Thanks Barb. Are you already counting Arkley’s money for Lil’ Jeffey’s Supervisor run next November?

  37. No, no — wrong gravatar.

  38. New friend, a small correction–we would eat our neighbors’ children over this, not kill them. For fuck’s sake we’re not murderers. Sheesh.

  39. Are you already counting Arkley’s money for Lil’ Jeffey’s Supervisor run next November?

    Number one contributor to local politics, hands down, far and away, not even close: Bill Pierson. So you might want to curb some of that moral outrage over money that hasn’t been given when there’s so much shit splatter on the money the prog machine has already taken.

  40. Just in case anyone thinks all of Eureka is riveted by this issue, consider the following list of most-read stories on the Times-Standard.

    1. One arrested after pair of marijuana raids in Arcata
    2. Missing man found dead after wreck
    3. Alleged bank robber arrested
    4. Coastal Commission to hear appeal on Marina Center
    5. Black ice to blame for bridge accident
    6. Coastal permit issued for King Salmon power plant removal
    7. Looking for More: Loggers face Montgomery for NCS title

    Zoning issues clearly take a backseat to the ever-popular guns and drugs and shit. But seriously, our fellow citizens think the biggest news in town is a pot bust in Arcata? That’s just depressing.

  41. You guys should know by now that you can’t bully Jeff. Isn’t that why you progs hate him? Can’t make him walk in lock step with your agenda therefore he MUST have been bullied into doing something by someone else….and, OBTW, horror of horrors he’s short therefore, guilty as charged! Isn’t that the mantra you all chant?

    Too funny! Don’t assign your own tactics to others. Some people have core beliefs and an open mind which they are perfectly capable of using without direction from others. That would pretty much describe Jeff.

  42. Kind of like the requirements of the Coastal Commission that forced Kuhnel to take down his brand new unpermitted construction on Woodley Island?

    That worked well.

  43. Another voice in the wilderness who thinks “interim” means “final” without removing all the toxins.

    Every document written declares the intent (please try to follow the bouncing ball). The interim clean up must take place in order to determine the extent of the requirements for a final clean up.

    No one knows, not even the Phantom what is truly there in the way of toxins and what it will take to clean it up, so don’t you think getting started makes sense?

    The argument isn’t about the merits of the project, the argument is about getting some clean up work done before next winter. No one has ever said it was the FINAL CLEAN UP, except those of you cutting off your nose to spite your faces.

  44. Once again guys, losing any businesses at this point will hurt our local economy, not help it

    Too difficult to comprehend?

  45. No, we are busy counting the small donations we are receiving in support of our candidate.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, Jeff has never received Arkley money and I believe Virginia will be getting it this time around.

    Check the 460’s for ’02 and ’06. It’s a matter of public record. Get back to me with the “Arkley’s pocket ” crap when you have something besides the figment of your imagined speculations to go on.

    Thanks for caring so much about Jeff.

  46. The gravatar, Barb!

    The gravatar!

  47. Ditto. You nailed it. To most people this is not a very big story.

    We are not like normal people. We are political junkies. While the war between the native sons & daughters and proggies come-lately over the Balloon Track and local land use issues fascinates us, most people are interested in normal news like pot busts, bank robbers, fatal accidents and tits & ass. The Balloon Track is hardly a blip on their radar, especially during the holidays.

  48. Well, that’s to say nothing against tits and ass.

  49. The progs keep saying there’s a finite amount of business to be had in the county and if you open one store you take away from another. Well, we’d like Rob Arkley to take away from Bill Pierson.

    Too difficult to comprehend?

  50. Arkley didn’t buy it, CUE VI or one of his other corporations did. getting it yet?

  51. hank, there’s spittle on the edge of your mouth.

  52. Quite the fart smeller you are my friend

  53. Wow! I will have to tell my family calling me “mommy dearest” is no longer required.

    The gravitar!! Works for me!
    Love and kisses…..

  54. Oh, you’re going to keep making the same mistake until you figure out what I’m trying to tell you. Google “gravatar.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  55. What about Tiger?

  56. Hey thanks for being honest friend!

  57. please add an s on thank bugs

    Hugs in advance

  58. Well isn’t part of that do to the first thing you see when you go to their website? A well read paper can make what ever they want the “top story”… Sensationalism is always what drives the media.

  59. You know what disturbed me (and I’m all for this project), I heard them say that part of the storm water “redirection” involved filling up to 2′ on parts of the existing site. Some might find that a bit disengenuios(?).
    I’ve read soils reports and Phase one environmental documents and have some experience in this type of thing. I believe they should be able to determine the extent of contaminents now rather than saying we need to do this initial stage of cleanup to know what’s there. Call SHN or Winzler & Kelley.

  60. Dear Mirror,

    You used to have only three readers;
    two of them wearing wife beaters.
    Now everybody’s here
    and its getting kind of queer
    with too many lefties and tufu eaters.

  61. “Last weeks polling indicates that 83% of registered Eureka voters support the project with a Home Depot. ”

    Carefully selected registered Eureka voters aren’t the only folks to be impacted by the project…..and elected officials and commissioners are supposed to also consider unregistered voters as well.

  62. It takes all kinds.

  63. mresquan, can you prove at all that these people are carefully selected registered Eureka voters? Oh wait, you can’t? Oh caught you in your own clause. What a bitch.

    What a childish way to act in adulthood in this wretched county. You have a vendetta and you hate anything big box so you have to go and sue anything and anybody that gets in your way. Grow up and grow some balls weeny!

  64. It was a poll done by a highly regarded pollng firm that has a history of correctly predicing matters. 83%!!!! Bonnie will enjoy running against that one.

  65. Got it!! Gee, Mr. Esquan aka Mark whatshisface sure writes under a lot of handles, doesn’t he?

    The only reason I would try to be anonymous is to keep folks from thinking my comments reflect Jeff’s opinion, which they don’t.

    As for my comment to you: I do think you have been asleep at the switch on what’s happening in our town.

    The winds they are a changin’… need to get out more….apparently, I do too if I want to keep blogging.

    P.S. I still want my family to call me ‘Gravitar”…..sort of like a female gravitas.

  66. Bonnies people have had their own poll going re who likely voters would choose. Wonder how that one came out for her.

  67. As Humbug noted, the Balloon Track is not a major issue to most people. It’s not a county supervisor issue. If Jeff and Virginia want to make an issue of Bonnie not standing up for the Eureka City Council at the Coastal Commission, she can come back with the fact that Jeff and Virginia cast votes in 2004 that derailed a public process that resulted in the legal quagmire we have now. In doing so, Bonnie can make the case that Jeff and Virginia lack the experience, political sophistication to do the job. As an issue, the Balloon Track is a wash.

  68. One paranoid thought train goes like this: Block all of Robs development proposals but use the regulatory agencies to make him clean it up. When he gets fed up, use a third party to scoop the site for cheap. Build what the progs want.

  69. Gee, Big Markie Kunkler, you sure have added your 2 cents of misinformation under a variety of aliases on this subject.

    Here’s a clue, the Balloon Track is in Bonnie’s district. She weighed in on it big time when Wahlmart made a bid to purchase it. It is way more than a” blip on the screen” to those who will be voting for a fourth district Supervisor.

  70. “mresquan, can you prove at all that these people are carefully selected registered Eureka voters? Oh wait, you can’t? Oh caught you in your own clause. What a bitch.”

    I know plenty of Eureka voters who never were polled.And if those out there want to continue to make this a county/city issue,the 4th district extends far outside of anything within Eureka’s jurisdiction.
    And incidentally,as you may have read since you do peruse the local blogs,I have stated more then once that I don’t support the lawsuit presented here,which is now awash regardless.

  71. Getting a job might also be helpful in aiding his understanding, but considering the metal plate in his head, maybe not.

  72. What’s your position on this, Mr. E? We’re just curious why you oppose the lawsuit.

  73. Ease up a little, friends. Mr. E’s stating a substantive opinion, not picking a fight. No need to call him names for that.

  74. I hate them,and I agree with Hank’s assessment about the property in his diatribe in The Journal.

  75. “.And if those out there want to continue to make this a county/city issue,the 4th district extends far outside of anything within Eureka’s jurisdiction”

    So you consider Myrtletowne extending FAR outside of Eureka’s jurisdiction???. Bet those folks consider themselves Eurekans, same with Samoa, Manila and fairhaven.

    Funny how county policies have an affect on Eureka and its burbs. I guess you think we live in a bubble? Many things in Eureka affect everyone in the county.

    OBTW, the majority of voters for District 4 are in Myrtletowne and Eureka..

  76. If you do a reach-around while defending in basketball it is a penalty.

  77. Liar. If anything, the optional “public process” you are referring to had the potential to create an even greater legal quagmire than the one we’re facing now. The only way for the City to be assured of remaining in the clear in the legal sense would have been to purchase the property if they took actions that prejudiced its market value or otherwise interfered with a pending purchase. We all know that wasn’t about to happen. The City Council took the wisest course of action.

    The only reason we are facing a legal quagmire is because certain people want to create one in order to stop the project, and they alone are responsible.

  78. It’s a board of supervisors issue for us. What we said is that a lot of people aren’t paying attention. Those who are, however, will vote accordingly. We’re firmly in that last category.

  79. “As Humbug noted, the Balloon Track is not a major issue to most people. It’s not a county supervisor issue.”

    Corrcet proggie.Flemming tried to make it into a BOS issue as much as she could,and she lost partly because of that.One would think people would learn from past mistakes.Regardless of the outcome of next year’s race,Bonnie keeps her seat on the commission.So again,how is it a BOS issue at that point?And how does it become one?
    The Coastal Commission is an appointed seat with no bearing on who sits in that seat at the county courthouse representing the 4th district.

  80. More back and forth discussion here than on the herald – as in “if you don’t agree with us, then we will remove your post”. So that means there are what, maybe 30 people who post on the herald? And why would they be significant? Oh, thats right, they are alway right. Or is it left? Left behind.

  81. The public process would have brought everybody to the table, which would have united the community instead of dividing it.

    Take Bob Simpson, for example. It remains to be seen whether he can secure the funding to reopen the pulp mill. But if he does, he will have the community united behind him. He was smart – he invited all the stakeholders into his tent. He actually has Baykeeper advocating for him.

    There other examples. The community is united over plans to develop the former Georgia Pacific Mill in Fort Bragg because it was a public process. Same thing with the Truckee Balloon Track.

    As Hank put it, Arkley instead “delivered the middle finger to his opposition.” That has resulted in quagmire we have now. And it will remain a quagmire until Arkley relents or gives up, because, as Hank also noted, the Coastal Commission won’t.

    The Coastal Commission is never going to allow the filling of wetlands to build a commercial development on top of them. You may not agree they are wetlands. But the Coastal Commission considers them wetlands and they hold the power.

  82. Right. It doesn’t matter that the Balloon Track is in the 4th Supervisorial District. The Board of Supervisors has no vote on the Balloon Track because it is in the city. And as you point out, Bonnie’s seat on the Coastal Commission is not dependent on whether she is re-elected to her 4th District seat. The Balloon Track is not a Board of Supes issue.

  83. We were getting along so well that I hate to throw in an inconvenient fact, but it was from the District 4 seat that Ms. Neely launched the successful campaign to block Wal-Mart from building on that same piece of land. At the time, she said Eurekans had a better vision for that spectacular site. Here we are now ten years on, and there’s still no vision and no spectacular. But we digress. The point is that Neely herself has proven that the supervisor in whose district the Balloon Track sits can be either an advocate or an opponent for developing the site. We know she’s in the latter category. We intend to vote for someone in the former.

  84. The only reason we are facing a legal quagmire is because certain people want to create one in order to stop the project, and they alone are responsible.

    THE ONLY REASON Rob Arkley is having trouble with this project is because he STOPPED providing donations to Richard Salzman’s candidates.

    Up until the point that he stopped he had Richard’s full support.

    After that, the hate orgs and sites opened up, the phony “grassroots” parking meter stickers appeared.

    There is a price to be paid for not going along with the Salzman/”Progressive” demands, and you are seeing it in full swing now. And now you will find out just how many of your governmental bodies ARE going along with the demands. Some out of fear of having the guns turned on them, and others because they have carefully placed operatives.

    And again – look closely – this is a very small and incestuous group of people. Tree-sitters are no longer their tools, they have a powerful new weapon in setting up predatory litigious groups who masquerade as “grassroots citizens groups.” They are anything but.

    And in this case, and maybe in the Palco case, I am beginning to think their end game is to take the land. Who knows, down the road, maybe the “Progressive” ringleaders (like Miller and and his henchman Lovelace) have a couple dozen Forster-Gills in the making.

    They like to turn your attention by bringing up “The Good Old Boys’ – whoever the “Good Old Boys” were, they have nothing on this new kind of dirty dealing crop of – what should we call them? The “Little Boy Network”?

  85. ” have a couple dozen Forster-Gills in the making.”

    So now you have some sort of shit-fit with Bill Barnum?

  86. “The public process would have brought everybody to the table, which would have united the community instead of dividing it.”

    Nope. There is no guarantee that adoption of a plan per the proposed study would have satisfied everybody. The whole purpose of the study would have been to provide a framework for soliciting development proposals. There is no guarantee that a proposal would have been submitted consistent with whatever framework was arrived at. You forgot one key stakeholder: Union Pacific. There is no way the study would have arrived at a consensus without UP on board. There are some serious legal issues with downzoning land in a way that affects its value without compensation. The idea that everybody would have had their warm fuzzies is a delusion.

    The Coastal Commission has authority to protect coastal wetlands and demand offsetting mitigations if filling will occur. They do not have the authority to change the definition of wetlands per the dilettantes at Baykeeper. To do so would be an abuse of power and open up a host of legal issues.

    Did you know that the HAZMAT mitigation for the Truckee Balloon track is essentially the same as that proposed for the Marina Center development?

    It has never been explained how a “full clean-up” is supposed to occur without disturbing the precious puddles on polluted fill that Baykeeper chooses to call “wetlands.” It seems Baykeeper is making mutually exclusive arguments about clean-up and preservation of precious puddles.

  87. “And in this case, and maybe in the Palco case, I am beginning to think their end game is to take the land.”

    Of course it is. But there is the nasty little issue of takings, which could get very expensive.

  88. Rose, Rose, Rose. That is assuredly not the only reason. There are 14 million other reasons ERF, Paykeeper, EPIC and NEC pull this kind of shit. It’s about money all right, but it’s not solely about campaign contributions. Stay tuned.


    The Times-Standard landed a solid left hook to the Eureka City Council this morning.

    That’ll leave a bruise. Anyone got any icepacks?

  90. The quagmire is because the Coastal Commission, Baykeepers, Epic are a Cabal with no accountability.

    What you are saying is the guy who is spending all the money and taking all the chances, not to mention the years of jumping through all the hoops, should have played the game and sucked up and to make the battle easier.

    it’s no wonder project after project goes down in flames when you have the self-anointed and politically appointed running the show. BTW, how exactly would that have changed anything?

    Oh, I get it………Rob would be able to move forward on the SAME EXACT plan if he had only played ball with the people who have never had a plan, never ponied up any money and have never given a damn about what’s good for Eureka and Humboldt County.

    Super! Oh, and have you seen Bonnie do anything pro-active for Bobby Simpson lately? Just askin’ since it is in her district and would greatly benefit the economy here…..and what exactly are the Baykeepers doing to help move that project forward??

    The balloon track is zoned public, not because it belongs to the public, but because some politicians didn’t want anything built there. Public zoning does not mean public process. It means you can build a public building on the site, i.e. jail/prison, school, park , etc.

    Public process is just a buzz term for including the few to look like the many when they weigh in on something they really have no financial stake in .

    The facts are, zoning it public was not the most forward thinking move. Any public building would have the same clean-up requirements and cost us, the taxpayers, instead of a private owner to foot the bill.

    Do you see that being affordable anytime soon?

  91. Does someone care what the TS says? I thought the TS editorial clearly showed us their bias. You might find the public is even more incensed with larry et al after reading it.

    Between the lines we could certainly see Larry’s 2 cents. Very transparent when you start quoting details of the fire department budget. Larry and his cronies probably wrote the piece themselves and handed it in.

    Maybe Bill Pierson could reimburse the city’s coffers. At least he would be doing something constructive.

  92. No, I agree after further reflection.

    Though the Balloon Track is technically not a County issue because the Board of Supes doesn’t have a vote on it, it will be an issue in the 4th District race.

  93. Always so angry…

    Can I offer you a hug?

  94. Yeah. This is our favorite response:

    What a stupid pile of crap this is. Y’all need to pull your heads out of Neely’s huge butt. So there was a possibility that three commissioners might have decided to hear input, but the city should have stayed home anyway? Or maybe you think they could have teleported themselves to the meeting had they been called on to speak. The opponents of the project were there. The propononents of the project were there. Everyone showed up just in case, as any agency or NGO with an interest in the matter should have. To suggest otherwise is further evidence of your inanity.

  95. This is just the latest Larry Glass-contrived non-issue floating around. Do you think the Quigleys should have stayed home from the numerous court hearings of Whitmill and Flores because they weren’t allowed to speak? Keep banging that drum, Larry. It’s just making you look stupider and stupider with each passing day. I’m glad city officials went. I’m happy my tax dollars were used. A few bucks to support a stronger economy for the city is money very well spent.

  96. I liked that one too. Blew a little coffee onto the computer screen and everything. Classic.

  97. The love-fest continues! Hugs, Proggie!!

  98. Does it strike anyone else as ironic that the people lamenting this public expense of public funds are the same people who oppose expanding the tax base so that we would actually have some public funds? If the city prevails and Home Depot comes to Eureka, we’ll rake in 100s of 1000s of dollars in tax revenu every year and be able to pay for things like water and sewer system repairs so we’re not sticking it to old people on a fixed income. You have Larry and the rest of the anti-development crowd to thank for that. Remember that each time you write that check, and then remember it again at the ballot box.

  99. Digging the trenches of division was the title of the editorial, and this forum provides even more evidence of those looking to dig that ravine ever deeper.

    I assume you guys drove all the way to Crescent City to pick up those shovels?

  100. My favorite memory of BONBON is her standing on the podium of A “Democracy Now” meeting, raising her fist and declaring allegiance to the “halt Arkley in his tracks” folks.

    You did get photos, right?

  101. One of mine too. Interestingly they blocked my comments. Guess the mother of the guy they took to task can’t voice an opinion. How sad.

    Just for the record, Jeff was not making a political grandstand. He sincerely believes the property should get started with a clean up before next winter.

    …and BTW he missed two days of work and being with the family just to be treated with total disdain by the person who supposedly represents the district he serves. I suspect Jeff’s loss at work cost him more than the city providing him a bed….not to mention the pay back for the wife by not being there for the moral support needed when you are a working mom.

    This comment was not paid for or solicited by Jeff Leonard and if he reads it I might get docked a day of taking care of my beautiful grandchildren. Oh, well, I can’t help myself sometimes.

  102. That’s rich, the “progressives” blaming the increased water rates on council people – when they know full well what has caused the increase – the loss of the pulp mill which subsidized the people of Eureka, gone. The reporters know it, too.

    Just as the shipping of timber necessitated the dredging to keep our harbor open, that will soon fall by the wayside, and the bay will become a lagoon, perfect for the kayakers. Not so perfect for the economic ecosystem which is being systematically dismantled by the activist “progressives.”

    Electing “progressives” to the Harbor Commission is akin to letting the fox into the henhouse and shutting the door. The carnage will be devastating.

    And giving ‘orgs’ power – particularly over water issues has been, in net effect, giving the fox the key.

    The orgs have to be reined in, they are no longer grassroots citizen efforts, they are in effect big business, in all the sense of the word that is bad. And just as big business needing to be reined in is what spawned the orgs, now things are out of balance the other way, and needs to be corrected. The orgs must be brought into compliance with our system of checks and balances.

    Watch how desperately the “progs” are trying to seize this issue to discredit people – they don’t give a shit about travel expenses, really. They’re trying to turn a non-issue into a niche issue for themselves.

  103. Oh, yeah and the numbers of those people are growing.

    Even more ironically, the progs have no idea of the perfect storm brewing out there…..and they view themselves as the sharpest little pencils in the drawer.

  104. It’s going to be a great New Year Barb! Jeff will win the Supervisors seat from Bonnie, the Marina Center will get the green light, and our brand new Home Depot will put Piersons out of business! The perfect storm alright!

  105. I am against putting anyone out of business, Mark, especially Piersons.

    Are you saying Piersons is so marginal it can’t hold its own against a competing business? Don’t look now, but they have been doing it for years. I doubt their brilliant marketing plan is going down the toilet just because new competition moves to town.

    BTW, I was there yesterday with my granddaughter to pick out her special ornament. I managed to fill my basket with several items before I checked out. That isn’t something I can or want to do at a Home Depot.

    Heck, by the time this project gets through the morass of lawsuits, counter-lawsuits, appeals for evocation,etc. Home Depot will be out of business and some other franchise will have taken over where they left off.

    The perfect storm I speak of is the one created by those who have arrogantly overstepped what the public can swallow. We simply don’t get stopping an interim clean up of a blighted area because PAC’s want to derail a future project we really know nothing about. I hope those being put out of business will be Larry, Bonnie and the agenda to stop progress here.

    Trying to legislate people’s shopping habits and private property rights will not be tolerated. Micro management, limiting personal choice has never worked well and it’s not necessary. The market place will take care of businesses that don’t meet the needs of their customers.

    In the meantime, while we wait around for the CC to put us on the agenda, the balloon track will sit there like a giant cockroach in your kitchen reminding voters of those people who are responsible for the stalemate. IMO, that doesn’t bode well for the regressive movement.

    The only thing I am for is putting reasonable people like Jeff into positions of authority. Jeff may not be following in lock step on the path you want to create at the Balloon Track, but I bet he didn’t tick you off when he found a reasonable solution to the Hammond Inn vs. Eco Center debate.

    I bet it doesn’t bother you that he partnered up with John Shelter to have the homeless work to clean up encampments.

    I bet you won’t be bothered when he, Linda and the council figure out a way to have an amnesty parking lot.

    Got skate parks?…not without Jeff you don’t. Were you incensed when he found a 50K grant to clean up E street park? Somehow, Jeff and 400+ volunteers managed to build a park in a day. No EIRs and studies needed, just the community working together.

    How about when Jeff assisted in getting a 230K grant for the Trails trust. Want him to stop trying to help the dog park people? Maybe you don’t believe in alternate energy……beginning to get my drift: Jeff “don’t need no stinkin’ political grandstand”, he has a legacy of what his core is all about…….”GET ‘ER DONE!!”

    The bottom line is: it’s not about kicking any business to the curb. It’s about building a healthy economy in our community so we can live a reasonable life. Jeff is all about that and has proved it time and again.

  106. Jeff is a stand-up guy. The TS listens to the wrong drum. How do I sign up for the campaign?

  107. Yeah because we started it, right Enough? It’s our fault. The progs who came to our town and started telling us how to live our lives, well that’s just the shit we should put up with because you don’t like division.

    For the record, the only digging we want to do is of contaminated dirt on the Balloon Track. I’d buy the shovel for that at Pierson’s if that’s what it takes to clean up an environmental mess the environmentalists won’t do shit about.

  108. “It’s going to be a great New Year Barb! Jeff will win the Supervisors seat from Bonnie, the Marina Center will get the green light, and our brand new Home Depot will put Piersons out of business!”

    Again,how does the supervisor seat determine anything that will eventually happen with the property.And why can’t people get it through their heads that the seat has not a thing to do with one’s seat on the Coastal Commission.
    Funny thing I just noticed after reading through some past things that I have written on this thread,that I forgot to mention that I kind of hope that Jeff wins the race,as I agree with him on a lot of issues within jurisdiction of county governance.Things could be alright with him serving as a supe and Bonnie still sitting on the Coastal Commission.

  109. Proggie is right here. Even if I have the paperwork in my hands proving that it doesn’t have anything to do with the campaign, everyone will all bring it up. The competition WILL bring it up to throw mud against the other side. Someone should write a letter to the editor so that the entire county knows this

  110. EXACTLY humbug. You couldn’t have spoken truer words. Nowadays if you don’t agree with anyone, SUE! These fake environmentalists are shining examples of this. They’re doing only because they hate Arkley and anything big box. Its so fucking obvious! How come most of you can’t understand this!

  111. I was at Pierson’s the other day too – and if you want to see why he will survive – or could survive, go see their holiday display – the people that work there did a phenomenal job.

    Then again, it might be just as sad as the trucker’s parade, you’re seeing the end, a dying place and time. All the money he is spending fighting an as yet imaginary competitor should be spent figuring out how to adapt.

    Home Depot isn’t the be all and end all, they have safe middle of the road selection. They appeal to a certain type of homeowner. not so much to contractors, for example…. BUT they are nice change of pace, competition is good, and having choices is good.

  112. Its surprising for me to imagine that people are freaking out about Home Depot putting other hardware stores out of business. It surprises me to hear you say this mresquan knowing your stance on small businesses from what i have read from your other posts. Go on Google Maps and search for Home Depot in Crescent City, CA then after that search for True Value Hardware in Crescent City, CA. One huge chain store next to a local one that still is in operation! Explain that you yokels! They’re right next to each other! I went to Crescent City a couple of weeks ago as a vacation and they are still there! Utilize street view for the two and you can see exactly what I mean. Explain that!

  113. Forster Gill project is imploding as of now!

  114. I’m surprised you are so behind Home Depot when you consider their issues regarding hiring illegals.They make Sun Valley look good.But perhaps you’d give S.V. more credit if they set up a hiring center in their parking lot especially for undocumented day workers.

  115. “.And why can’t people get it through their heads that the seat has not a thing to do with one’s seat on the Coastal Commission”

    A suggestion: google California Coastal Commission.
    Being a Supervisor, i.e. elected official, is how Bonnie received a governor’s appointment to the Coastal Commission, so it might have “a thing” or two to do with allowing her to stay on the CC if she isn’t re-elected. Do you think she wants to risk losing her chairmanship of the most powerful commission in the state of CA?

    Personally, I think the whole lot of them should be thrown out on their ears and the commission shut down. It went from being a pretty good idea in the dream stage to being our worst nightmare here on the North Coast.

  116. Mark Konkler, a boy living with his mother and not working, will now explain the complex operations of the local economy to us.

  117. Well that is sure interesting to find out about myself!!

  118. There is absolutely no earthly reason to bring BaykeeperNECERFEPIC or any of its ilk to the table. They are going to sue no matter what.

    Just look at the NEC, invited to the table as stakeholders on the Klamath deal, participating, by all accounts (especially their own) in all decisions and compromises made along way in the arduous process, and what did they do in the end?

    They stab all the others at the table in the back, they renege on any deals, and they threaten to sue or sue anyway.

    So, why do they get a seat at the table? And do you HONESTLY think “consulting with them” and “sympathizing” with them is going to make one iota of difference? Not in a million years.

  119. Because the represent hundreds, if not thousands, of local citizens. That’s what these organizations are and it’s why folks support them.

  120. Maybe Rose thinks that HumCPR shouldn’t have a seat at the table when it comes to the General Plan?

  121. Sorry 7:29, the difference is quite profound.

    Baykeeper, NEC, and EPIC have tiny memberships. about as you suggested, somplace in the hundreds. They also make their money by suing anyone and everyone who will pay them to go away. HumCPR on the other hand has a membership of 4,000 and works to educate and inform the public to affect political change. They haven’t sued anyone.

    Big difference, HumCPR is what the others profess to be.

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