The plot thickens

Subject: Please join Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass for a press conference this Thursday, December 17th, at 12:00 noon.

Please join Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass for a press conference.

Virginia will be announcing her candidacy for Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor on the County Courthouse steps (5th and I Streets) this Thursday, Dec. 17th, at 12:00 noon.

No surprise to anyone, really, so we have just a few thoughts on this.

One, Virginia, this time please hire a campaign manager who doesn’t make people want to puncture their own eardrums with an ice pick just so they don’t have to listen to him talk anymore. Please.

Two, keep in mind you could run as an incumbent for mayor, a position we would hate to see go to a marijuana dispensary manager from Arcata.

Three, if you and Jeff Leonard split the moderate vote and we end up with the fucking Bon Bon again or the prog queen Socio-Belcrap, we will not be happy. At all. Although “we” in this context admittedly means everyone but the Graphics Department, which inexplicably thinks Kaitlin is hot, in no small part because her clothes, like the Grinch’s heart, are two sizes too small, but still not as hot as Virginia.

Finally, when you have announcements to make, consider sending them directly to us so we don’t have to get the news secondhand, like those awkward STD notifications from the Health Department. A’ight?

Otherwise, hugs!!

42 Responses

  1. Don’t forget — the Supes get a runoff election. No such thing as splitting the vote.

  2. Oh also, everyone knows what time noon is. You don’t have to explain it. Twice.

  3. Sure there is, Hank. It’s not a partisan race, so they can split the vote in the first pass, and another candidate could get 50 percent plus one, or two lefty candidates could get more votes than Jeff and Virginia and end up in a run-off against each other. Right?

  4. I think Hanks wrong on this one. Hypothetically, if Richard Marks had gotten more votes than Nancy in the last race, but neither hit 50%, wouldn’t Richard and Bonnie have run off against each other?

  5. The thinking in my circle: The reason Rob is allowing Virginia and Jeff to both run is that it’s more likely to force a runoff. Does this make sense?

  6. It does make sense, Proggie. But the part about Rob “allowing” people to run for office–sorry, friend, but that’s just funny. The only entity around here that tells people who can and cannot run for office is the HCDCC.

  7. That is funny. Try being any kind of viable candidate other than Pat Cleary in the fifth district and tell the folks over at the HCDCC you’d like to throw your hat in the ring. Several people who have unknowingly tried that have met with a menacing response.

  8. Yeah, I threw that part in because I felt like being a smart ass. The notion that Rob can dictate to Virginia and Jeff what office they can or cannot run for is fallacy (though many in my circle believe it). But so is the notion that the HCDCC dictates who runs for office on the proggie side. What’s funny is that anyone thinks that the HCDCC has its shit together enough to run that kind of a machine, or that the membership is united. Have you ever watched an HCDCC meeting?

  9. The HCDCC doesn’t tell people who can and can’t run? Someone better let John Woolley know. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get the memo on that.

    They’re disorganized but dictatorial.

  10. The moderate vote? Oh come on Mirror, we are basically conservatives in disguise. In no way do we want to be affiliated with the democratic party.

  11. Mark, the thinking in your circle is circular. Where do you get this stuff? Jeff decided to run for the fourth district seat over a year ago. Virginia was well aware of it when she also decided to run last Spring.

    We say the more the merrier. It is the USA, right? I doubt anyone will get 50%+1 and we will see who the run off is between.

    In the meantime, your circle should not assign motives to Jeff. Just because you are joined at the hip with the back room boys who do plot this stuff, doesn’t mean the rest of the world follows suit.

    I get the biggest kick out of the speculation and assumptions. Apparently, none of you have ever looked up Jeff;s 460’s from past elections.

    He has always been outspent and he has never had Arkley support. I suspect the Arkley support will go to Virginia. They are great personal friends, so why wouldn’t they support their friend?

    As for Jeff, we will do what we always do: take orders from our leader (Jeff) and run a clean campaign on issues and substance, not money.

    We will just have to see where it all falls out.

  12. ……Bon Bon again or the prog queen Socio-Belcrap…….

    PAleeez……….if suppossie Bell-Hop gets in……her boyfriend cobb, will be our defacto supe

  13. And while were at it quit calling Virginia hot. Polly Endert was the only local politician who is allowed anywhere near that boat.

  14. Well, Proggie, we do loves us a smart ass. Hugs!!

  15. …although, Virginia did switch her long time Republican standing to Democrat last summer, so maybe one conservative wants to be affliated with the dems.

  16. ……perhaps cobb is better than owen?

  17. Right you are. The more the merrier is our thought. I understand you want to get together. I will contact you after the insanity of the holidays.

    In the meantime have a politically incorrect Merry little Christmas.

  18. Scenario 1: Neely 51%, Leonard 25%, Bass 24%.

    The vote was split, but it was a losing vote anyway. Neely reelected.

    Scenario 2: Neely 49%, Bass 26%, Leonard 25%.

    The vote was split, but Neely and Bass have a runoff election in November.


    The only case you can make for Bass and Leonard bumping each other out of contention is a race-for-second-place kind of scenario. To wit:

    Scenario 3: Neely 49%, Sopoci-Belknap 20%, Leonard 16%, Bass 15%

    The combined Leonard-Bass vote would have been good enough to get one or the other of them into a November runoff. If this is the scenario, though, your side has bigger problems then the vote-split.


    Of course, it’s cleaner for the candidates to go mano a mano from the start. That way they only have to work through one election cycle — win or lose, it’s all over in June.

    But you still get the cage match in November, and it’s hard to see the scenario where the Leonard-Bass split vote makes a difference. Unless someone wins outright in the primary, one or the other of them goes on to the finals.

  19. Nope. Virginia’s a hottie. How can anyone say otherwise?

  20. Seems to me it’s just a rumor that Kaitlin S-B is going to run, at this point.

  21. Kinda off-topic, but I was driving through Arcata yesterday, looking for a place to spend my Cobb-currency (NOT) – but as I drove past The WORKS, I wondered if Larry Glass really does care all that much about TOXIC sites.

    I don’t think he really does. If he did, would he locate his business here?
    The Works, Arcata CA – street view – what is it they call it? Legacy toxins?

  22. My gawd, I can only imagine what your standards are Mr. Fred

  23. The thing is Hank, people can run if they want to. Telling people they can’t run because it will “split the vote” is a Salzman tactic. There’s been example after example. They tried to get Estelle Fennel not to run, this after Salzman used her for years for his propaganda. For them it is about “accruing Power” establishing a “Progressive Majority.” Not everybody thinks that way.

  24. Wow Mirror. I must say, I am rather shocked that you didn’t come at this with your guns blazing spewing insults about all the candidates everywhere. Quite a refreshing change in pace for you

  25. Mirror-bug is referring to Jim Ferguson, who ran a very paranoid campaign for Bass for Mayor in 2006 full of dirty tricks like having his girlfriend, the violent Barbara Shults, go around telling people that old Mayor LaVallee was an alcoholic who showed up drunk to City Council meetings.

    Yeah I think Bass will be going with hubby Matt Owen this time, who just ran Richard Marks’ winning campaign.

  26. Virginia is definitely hot.

  27. According to the Beach Boys, Virginia wins being a California girl.

    Last time I checked Polly had a little too much swell in the hips.

  28. Mirror Admirer, sorry to disappoint, but most of us are moderate Democrats. Step two feet outside of Humboldt County and you discover quickly that what passes for a mainstream Democrat here is absolutely nothing of the sort. Politics here skew so far to the left that moderate Dems are considered conservative, which is a laugh. The Mirror’s Editorial Department voted overwhelmingly Obama in the last national election, although the Graphics Department tilted toward McCain. The jury’s still out on who got it right.

  29. And by the way, Virginia is smoking hot in a MILFy sort of way. Also, her clothes fit, which we appreciate.

  30. I guess that Pat Higgins did not ask them, because he is out and running.

  31. Are you trying to say that she has a giant ass?

    Darn shame

  32. A moderate democrat would generally agree with every bullshit move the Obama adminstration has made this far. I doubt the majority of us on this board would follow that flock.

    The Republican party will be making a serious comeback in ’10

  33. They can’t stop him, but they’ll try, and they’ll offer him no support and punish him next chance they get. Or in this case they’ll conclude he’s such a dumbshit blow hard running or not running is irrelevant.

  34. I would love to see Virginia in Katlin’s outfits. Now that would be hot. Bye the Bye Harmony Grooves had the hot award for politico’s. A real corn feed beauty.

  35. His mouth is twice the size of his brain.

  36. Not at all true, Admirer. A moderate Dem thinks you shouldn’t do shit you can’t pay for. Obama sees that differently. Really differently.

  37. Well, better add the Mirror to the list Rose

  38. Do you not read very well, friend? We have never ever told anyone not to run for anything. People should seek office if they want to. They should also be cognizant of possible unintended consequences. Saying that is not remotely akin to threatening people like some on the far left have been known to do.

  39. Dude, you warn these candidates about spliting the moderate vote in your post Mirror. Don’t blame the Admirer hater!

  40. We mentioned the possibility of splitting the vote. That makes us haters? Admirer’s a friend. Pay attention or shut up, dork.

  41. Kaitlin has vacuous eyes.

  42. Yeah, it’s something that Ryan Hurley speculated about after posting a video interview with David Cobb. Cobb merely says, “Kaitlin would make a fine supervisor,” or something to that effect. Then Hurley went bat shit and declared it was some sort of a hint that Kaitlin was going to run for Supervisor. I don’t think it’s very likely.

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