Oh THAT explains it

Yeah. Guess who teaches the Coastal Commission about bias and conflicts of interest? They're definitely learning from the best!!


12 Responses

  1. What a jackass. He’s the stuff lawyer jokes are made of.

  2. Unbelievable.

  3. That’s the blind leading the stupid.

  4. Bugs, I can’t believe you missed King Girard applying for a CDBG grant. I guess the housing element compliance isn’t a factor, after all. Unless you read this: http://www.hcd.ca.gov/hpd/hrc/plan/he/loan_grant_hecompl011708.pdf

    substantial compliance. hmmmm

  5. You can download the whole power point presentation at:


    I think the financial interest sections and campaign donation limits may apply. Interesting how Faust/Roach doesn’t go into ex parte communications in the conflict of interest presentation.

  6. applying for and getting are two different things. hmmm

    Girard is as stupid and as unethical as Faust. Two dip shit peas in a pod.

  7. Hey Ralphie and Bill Pierson: go here and read you giant turds.


    As of January 1, 1993, significant new ex parte requirements affecting communications with Commissioners went into effect. (Public Resources Code, sections 30319-30324.) These stringent new provisions of law may have serious consequences. Anyone wishing to communicate with a Commissioner about any matter pending before the Commission should read and abide by the guidelines below. The following guidance covers most of the new requirements.

    No written materials should be sent to Coastal Commissioners unless the Commission staff receives copies of all of the same materials at the same time.

    All materials transmitted to Commissioners should clearly indicate (e.g., on the cover page or envelope) that they have also been forwarded to the staff. Materials that do not show that copies have been provided to staff might not be accepted, opened or read by Commissioners. In these cases, no ex parte communication has occurred.

    Messages of a non-procedural nature (e.g., substantive) should not be left for a Commissioner. These include telephone, FAX, telegraphic or other forms of message.

    All oral or written communications of a non-procedural nature by an “interested person” that are not made according to the above procedures are ex parte communications which are prohibited unless publicly reported by the Commissioner. If the Commissioner does not report the communication, the Commission’s action that was the subject of the communication may be revoked and penalties may result.

    Coastal Commission decisions must be made on the basis of information available to all commissioners and the public. Therefore, copies of communications made to Commissioners that are forwarded to staff will be included in the public record. Public records are available for inspection at Commission meetings or in the Commission’s office.

    NOTE: The purpose of these legal requirements is to protect due process and fairness in the Commission’s decision-making process. Failure to follow them could lead to fines, revocation of permits and substantial costs. If you have any questions, you can contact Commission legal staff at (415) 904-5220.

  8. Dipshit peas. Hmmm. Now there is an idea.

  9. “Failure follow them” will lead to nothing

  10. Unfortunately you are right. At most its a 7500 dollar fine which amounts to a big so what.

  11. So why can’t Arkley just make friends with these guys like Pierson did? If he think’s it’ll give him an advantage, he’d be crazy not to atleast give it a try.

    Hey, it worked well with the Eureka City Council when the master plan study was scrapped.

  12. True, but if shown in court it can lead to a potentially successful suit against CC. Also, violators could be banned from running for office (I think for one year). Pretty weak.

    You actually can get a larger fine and potential jail if you as a permit applicant do not disclose all parties that you pay to lobby on your behalf to CC. Just pols taking care of their own.

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