Mayor Bass makes it official today

For Immediate Press Release:

Please join Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass for a press conference.

Virginia will be announcing her candidacy for Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor on the County Courthouse steps (5th and I Streets) this Thursday, December 17th at 12:00 noon.

Virginia was twice elected to Eureka City Council before she was elected as Eureka Mayor.

Her father OH Bass previously served as Humboldt County 4th District County Supervisor and Virginia would like to continue her family’s legacy as a public servant to our community.

Virginia previously managed her family’s business, OH’s Townhouse, and has participated in many local charitable fundraising events such as the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” and is the past President of the Henderson Center Kiwanis Club.

For further information, please email Virginia Bass at

And it looks like that state appointment hasn’t come through yet for the Bon Bon.  Neely also said Wednesday that she would announce her candidacy at a later date. Virginia’s camp decided not to wait. An alternate version of the Bass news release stated:

Our current Fourth District Supervisor has been in office almost a quarter of a century.  It’s time for a change and a fresh perspective of Humboldt County.

Not bad for a warm-up round. If we were running Virginia’s campaign, though, we’d definitely focus on her huge hotness advantage. But pointing out that Neely was first elected Supervisor during the fucking Reagan Administration also does the trick.

Good luck Jeff and Virginia!

45 Responses

  1. I think the Mirror would make an excellent campaign manager for Leonard. What about it?

  2. I’ll be there, Mr. Mirror. Will you?

  3. Bonnie just made it by the skin of her teeth last time and I look forward to Virginia as our 4th District Supervisor.

  4. For the record, your request is not from anyone on Jeff’s committee.

    Good idea though. I will run it past the chief. I assume we would welcome the Bugs to act as hit men because no one connected with Jeff is going to do that.

  5. Good point about Reagan Bugs. Bonnie kind of resembles the Gipper in his final years too.

  6. I thought you and your ilk loved Reagan, the ultimate anti-gov corporate spokesmodel prez.
    “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we’ve been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden.”
    Me? This old radical still hasn’t forgiven him for bombing Berkeley.

  7. Anyone but Neely, right Barb?

  8. Such a c*___ that Neely. Coastal Commission be damned!

  9. Stop with the “c” shit.

  10. Hey Anonymous, the matching gravatars suggest that you may be arguing with yourself — an early sign of mental illness.

  11. “anyone but Neely, right Barb?”

    Actually, that is not what Jeff’s campaign is about.

    Jeff is not running AGAINST Bonnie Neely or anyone else in the race. He is running FOR the position of 4th District Supervisor because he and his supporters believe he is the right guy for the job.

    The campaign will be about Jeff’s ability to get the job done and his accomplishments during the past 7 1/2 years. He has quite a resume and we intend to highlight that instead of negatives about other candidates.

    See you at the skate park Saturday…….a big Christmas gift from Jeff Leonard and volunteers TO the city of Eureka.

    See what I mean about getting the job done?

  12. ..Or it could just mean the gravitars can’t distinguish between anonymous and anonymous.

  13. That would be ‘gravatars”….typo.

  14. Counting chickens? I don’t remember Jeff and Virginia getting more than the skin off their teeth in ’06.

  15. Yo moron, I think the clear inference was to compare the Bon Bon to Reagan in his later years, ie when he was old, shrivled and so senile he didn’t know his name. The comparison was visual and cerebral at that time, Trust us that is where the comparison ends.

  16. There is no better word to describe Neely

  17. Hey withheld, all the anonymouses have the same gravatar you muddlebrain.

  18. does rob arkley own the mirror?

  19. How’d you know? He bought it for $1 billion. Because everything you disagree with, Rob Arkley must own. All of you Arkley obsessives might want to consider a more nuanced world view, although that would totally fuck up your talking points.

  20. You are so fucking hysterically funny, oh mighty humbug.

    I just shot iced tea out my nose on that one.

  21. Comment from the Herald today

    “At last Tuesday’s Council meeting Jonesy got in a huff because some unkind words were spoken about staff over the sewer/water rate debacle. No mayor! I listened to a room full of Arkley plants reading from their cue cards during a testimony on the Balloon Tract EIR last month. NONE of them spoke about the merrits of the EIR. It was all preprogrammed weeping and wailing. Nothing from the mayor about keeping on track and making the testimony about the subject at hand. I also heard preprimed speakers slam Larry and sometimes Linda. Barely a word from our mayor except to say, “Keep it nice, boys”. This is not the person I want on the Bd of Supes. She’s like the new cars. Nice body but not enough horsepower. (can’t comment on her mileage rating)”

  22. You Mr. Anonymous, are a creep. How dare you talk like that about a wonderful woman like our Mayor. Do
    you even know the duties of a mayor? Virginia is a strong leader who is very smart, you disgusting pig.

  23. Wait, YOU got paid for doing this? You said we could write this off on our taxes as charity work. Do you know how much PBR and hookers we get for half of $1 billion?

    Whoa. Heavy, man.

  24. Uh, anon 1:14, if I wanted to read that shit, I’d meander on over to Heraldo. In the future, please keep the updates to yourself you puke.

  25. oh yes, because the mirror has such moral fiber.
    where’s the pic of that guy drunk and passed out in his underwear again?
    but yes, let’s see what’s going on in Heraldo land today.

  26. Hee hee, uh, yeah, well, sorry, friends. That “billion” part was a typo. We meant $1. Yeah that was it. Your check is in the mail.

  27. Yeah, irregular, because people running an anonymous blog would totally run photos of themselves passed out drunk in their underwear. Sterling!! You know what else?? That thumbnail of Heraldo—is really him!! Really!!

  28. Maybe someone should point out that the responsibilities of a mayor and council during a public comment session do not include commenting. That’s for, you know, the public.

  29. Oh, thumbnail is really Heraldo? ICKKKKKK have some more Brill Cream Heraldo..and crawl back under the rock from where you came. Please. Pretty please. With Kaitlin’s sugar on top???

  30. Everybody knows Heraldo is really ‘Pete the Rag Man’.

  31. There is a good point here. If I remember correctly, Bonnie’s admittedly slim margin of victory over the lovely Ms. Flemming was more than 100 votes. Bass and Leonard won their seats by fewer than 100 votes combined. Leonard’s margin of 30 or so votes over Ron Kuhnel leads me to predict he will finish far significantly behind Neely and Bass in the primary.

  32. Poor Pete, incarcerated again, this time in Oregon. Oh, well, the cadallic programs for Mental Health are for jail inmates so it might benefit him.

    I acutally went to the Healdo page, so completely and utterly slanted. If you visit Heraldo and the visit Fox news, the truth might be somewhere in between them.

    with so many issues on tap for the next election, the name-calling, fun-poking, sarcastic illiteration possibilities are endless! If one has the appetite for polictical skewering, a feast will be laid out for the New Year.

    Better not disappoint Bugs! Hank’s in the tank for Pat Cleary, so he can be ignored with impunity.

  33. would be nice if I could spell huh? I throw myself on the mercy of the bloggers and beg for mercy because I am a working Mom who only gets to rant after bedtime!

  34. What if I said the letter “C” stood for courageous? Not that other “C” word most of your are thinking of! Perverts! But you are right about two things. The female being discussed is a “C”,. the male, has “C”.

  35. WRT “cunt”: it’s actually a word with a rather awesome goddess-based etymology. Much better than “vagina,” which is descended from the Roman “sheath for my sword” lingo and often misused when referring to one’s vulva.

    Strange how many men use “cunt” or “pussy” as an insult when in reality, they’re rather beholden to the power of said female body part. Who doesn’t want to get some of that, right? So perhaps instead of “cunt,” which is technically a powerful affirmation of womanpower, what you’re really looking for is something like, “limp dick.” Not that I’m directing that term at anyone in particular… just seems a bit… flaccid… to toss the big “C” word around with such ignorance.

  36. You still overpaid for the Graphics Department. Their best bet is the recyleing fees they get for those PBR cans. I “stumbled” across a website called but I’m to drunk to find the link. You might be able to steal some background.
    Hugs Bugs

  37. Oh come on. Virginia is not a strong leader. She is a very nice woman, but there is no there there. Has she ever put an entire sentence together without apologizing to someone?? Has she ever put an entire sentence together that you understood.?

  38. Patrick Cleary????? Are you F’ in kidding me???? The one that hangs out with “Jacqueline Debets” – the biggest (sleazy) wall between the residents here and an vibrant economic community????
    The one with a huge bump on his head
    (Patrick: it’s called s-u-r-g-e-r-y) that is truly gross??? The one that sorta knows math, but not much else?

    PUHLEEEEEEZ — you can’t MAKE this shit up.

  39. Yes to both. What ridiculous assertions. Virginia is an articulate, gracious woman. If you don’t like her, don’t vote for her, but to lie about a person so kind is distasteful.

  40. You can pretty much figure that ANY woman running for office is going to get attacked in the most degrading and personal of ways .

    Unless they have the “progressive” seal of approval.

  41. Jeff would have to jump up to hit someone in the face anyways

  42. You anon blog dicks are such pervs. Do any of you really know her in person?

  43. Right on Rose! I agree with you 100% You gotta realize too that more than a majority of these replies are from virgin men who have yet to be laid. If Kaitlin Socio-path decides to run, she’s going to get the young boys all rowdy and foaming at the mouth

  44. Of course they do! How else would you explain the severe hatred of Larry Glass and being pro marina center? Obvious right there!!

  45. I’ve met Kaitlin, and my disgust with her has everything to do with her anti-democratic sneering at anyone who disagrees with her. Her Democracy Unlimited outfit is anything but and everything DUHC touches becomes a Cobb cult. Just look at how the Green Party, the Community Currency and HHC have all gone into steep decline once they took over.

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