Evidently the customer isn’t always right

New to the menu is a fresh seasonal ass- whooping in a savory balsamic reduction sauce.

Gabriel’s restaurant in Old Town, long known for its extensive wine list, Tuscan ambience and superb cuisine added a new claim to fame to the list Tuesday when one of the owners allegedly beat the crap out of a difficult customer in the middle of a networking luncheon.

A fellow diner didn’t know what started the second-floor melee, but said one minute all was calm, all was bright, and the next “it’s Big Time Wrestling” with the two pummeling each other on the floor.

Cops arrived en masse, and the customer, reportedly the owner of a local sporting goods business, was hospitalized with a badly broken ankle. At least one lawyer–District Attorney Paul Gallegos–is said to already be involved. Charges are anticipated, although against whom remains to be seen.

As the fellow diner put it, “Bet the waiter didn’t get much of a tip.”


47 Responses

  1. Awesome is right. I never see the fun stuff.

  2. Great restaurant, but next time I’ll be sure to order the butternut squash risotto without the side of broken bones.

  3. Makes the “shove’ seem rather tame.

  4. How can two people fight about anything but the Marina Center? Maybe they’re not from here.

  5. I’ve made reservations for Glass and Arkely for this Saturday night.

    It should be a pay per view extravaganza!

  6. Old Town eateries are where it’s at. First Avalon, then Hurrican Kate’s, and now Gabriel’s. It’s like they’re all vying to be the Shanty, without having to listen to Chris Kerrigan relive his glory days.

  7. A brawl breaks out during a “networking” luncheon …hmmmm

    It begs the question(s) “Who quit nicely networking and decided to go WWF …and who was his victim?

    “Will Gallegos champion one of the contestants, or will he say he experienced temporary blindness and didn’t see a thing?”

    and “Do expensive wines make some customers crazy?”

    Great stuff…I can’t wait to hear when the other shoe drops…

  8. There’s got to be a way to blame this on Rob Arkley.

  9. Answer to one question: Jerry Cardoza

  10. More details?

  11. The guy looks like he’s ready to rumble in the linked web site you provided.

  12. who was the winner/restaurant owner?

  13. I am taking Jerry Cardoza’s side on this one…Too many stories I have listened to say that the owners are “interesting” to say the least. But, that being said, WOW, it will be a long time before I got there for a meal. Wait a minute, that must be why it has been years since I HAVE been there. Good luck Jerry. Want to own a restaurant? Slightly used….

  14. oh no……………………wtf?

  15. Who knew? Italian dining and a fight card that is always full!

  16. Oh I am sure they will figure something out! Larry Glass will probably figure out some way to involve himself into this by saying that either Paul Gallegos or Rob Arkley beat these people senseless into supporting the Marina Center or shoved Larry some more. I sense a broken record here. You blogger idiots will find a way to distort this as usual I’m sure

  17. The “Ultimate Fighting Championships” of Eureka! Woohoo! Maybe Larry can finally get some money out of Arkley for his already failing record store this time! lol

  18. I’m sure you idiots and anti-progress lefty idiots will come up with a way

  19. How exactly would Paul have been involved? I know you anonymous jackasses are going to say he started the brawl and as usual you’ll have no information to back it up with. Perhaps he was trying to break it up? I’ll have to ask him the next time he says hi to me. Local sporting goods store owner? Perhaps that Mielke guy that owns Picky Picky Picky? That is the owner right?

  20. Cardoza does not own a sports store he is a mail order go between, and he has had enough guys want to clock him for his antics. Night league b-ball for one. i think he is a little old to be wrestling with an established business owner.

  21. Wow, stupid customer!

  22. This just in from the T/S:
    “A ordered custmer wine the wrong fight and alledgedly ordered custmer wine the wrong time”.
    Dona Pham

    Just kidding. She is actually quite hot!!!

  23. I have the most interesting photos…and no one to send them to….

  24. ??

  25. what happened at Hurricane Kates? Guess I missed it.

  26. Where’s the beef?

  27. I love that Cheese Dick’s gravatar has a Cindy Crawford mole. So awesome.

  28. this isn’t first time one of the owners got in a fight, police have been called to this spot before for a homeless person being beat up for asking for food. these owners are interesting, they have bought and sold some interesting local eateries. The bad italian food business must be good. just like indoor tomato growing is so successful.

  29. I hope it was Aron from that store in Arcata. I hate those fucking commercials

  30. yep…..umm….a mole, definately not herpes.

  31. Bloithio…..did your wife smile when our commercial was running. Only to be followed by a slight nipple hardness and general wetness that you have failed to produce as of late?

    Let it go bro, you are out of your league. Come on in and let me hook you up with some sporty apparel to get you back between her legs.

  32. hahaha nice – I think Im going to need more than sporty apparel for that though. I of course wish no violence upon anyone… cheers!

  33. I dunno bugs

    Maybe you know what league Aaron is talking about. Sounds like the minors to me.

    I love that you welcome all the wretched and the poor to your blog but this dude is not funny. Just acute prickotiousness, with chips.

    I mean the Outdoor store commercials haven’t amusing or titillating since Rick Brazeau at MTC produced them and that was a long time ago.

    Oh shit…maybe that was the Pro Sport Center after all

    So even if Aaron is right…he does not seem to be able to articulate the finer points of persuasion beyond a landscape devoide of palm trees or…class.

    Well hell, maybe he thought it was Heralda’s blog. They like that kind of inane yet mentally picturesque, high beam, protuberances that embrace from afar someone else’s essential bodily fluids and of course, the damp glisten of the sideways smile of the universe.

    I think I know you Aaron. Sorry to find you so inarticulate.

  34. Yeah, that was Pro Sport and they were awesome ads.

  35. You are right, I did sound pretty much like a prick.

  36. does rob arkley own the mirror?

  37. Rick who?

  38. Of course they do! Its so obvious. Have you seen anything from this web site?

  39. You people are all idiots! That short guy @ Gabriel’s has a BAD temper. When I was 10 years old i got a front row seat of something spectacular. It was back behind the restaraunt and there was this drunk guy who looked like he had had a bad night. So anyways, it was like four of the brothers and their dad, and two of them were holding the guy, one of them was making sure no one was looking, and the other one was kicking the guy in the face! Hard too. so you retarded moron’s, this is NOT the first time something like this has happened. Idiots!

  40. that family is nuts…I’ve seen one of them beat the crap out of a bum that was in the alley way. They are some sort of wannabe Humboldt Mafia. I’m thinkin witness protection? Showed up outta nowhere one day …either way I’m surprised noone has ever got shot! Oh, and I’m sure the scumbag lawyer who was present or who is “handling the case” is likely in cahoots…get a life Eureka!

  41. I find it very interesting that none of this has made the
    local news that everyone in eureka either reads or may
    watch. It instills the deeper belief that Eureka is filled
    with alot more corrupt politics that seem to have a huge influence on eureka’s news publicatioons their news media, other business owners etc etc becareful what you do and what you say in town.

  42. This is the 3rd story I have heard like this! The restaurant is CRAP. The food sucks, the service is horrible and the staff has anger issues. They pushed a family member of mine…an 85 yr old! Then last year they assaulted a friend of mine. They suck!!! No one should go to that crappy restaurant and I hope they finally get their asses handed to them in court!

  43. It seems the only way to respond to this poor behavior and that it won’t be tolerated is by not supporting the resteraunt with on coming business. then we’ll see where their real money comes and who they control in Eureka. The people I see the mosst in the resteraunt are political officals, bigger business mogols and older money in eureka that carry any clout their all their supporting one another.
    So any one else who may go their in my opinion is supporting and saying its ok for this to go on in Beautiful Eureka.

  44. A friend and I were told recently this interesting bit of local news. It is not the first time we and our circle of friends have heard it or have first hand wittnessed it. The question, the real question that comes to my mind and maybe others with working brains is why did the local news not breathe a word about it. Is it as I have always believed that media news is controled? We all went through high school history and know that what the Goverment wants us to believe and stand behind comes through the media. HaHaHAHAHAHAHA is that why the Times Standard is so Biased When it comes to Arkley? Come on someone responed!

  45. The DA eats there alot, maybe that’s why you don’t see anything making the news about charges being filed or an investigation.

  46. I’m really surprised I didn’t see this blog until now…I was actually there when the whole fight broke out. It all started from too much parmesan on a salad…believe it or not! Gallegos did not get involved and the police were too chicken shit to arrest the owner who threw the first punch!

  47. Wait just a minute. How can there be too much parmesan on a salad?

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