Here you go, friend. Feel better?

Merry Christmas, lonely friend.

The three people in Humboldt County who slogged through to page 49 of the most recent North Coast Journal may have noticed a seven-o-heaven cartoon there which features Andrew Goff going on yet again about how edgy and cool Heraldo is and how we Mirror dumbfucks are on the Arkley payroll.

Such artistry and originality! It’s amazing we didn’t fly clean out of our pants dashing off a response to that.

In reality, it was so obviously engineered to get us to pay attention to him, we weren’t altogether certain whether it was a comic strip or a cry for help. That issue was significantly clarified with the e-mail Andrew subsequently sent to us trying to drum up a response, the comment he posted on the blog with a link to the cartoon, and at last count his four anonymous comments asking if Rob Arkley owned the Humboldt Mirror. Still, no one seems to have noticed.

So Andrew, friend, listen. You’re better at self-promotion than anything else you seem to be doing, and you’re not really very good at that. If you want engagement, be engaging. Because honestly, right now you’re around one imaginary friend away from acting like a lonely 6-year-old.

Oh and P.S., since your comic was so dumb, we fixed it up for you a bit. That’s okay–no need to thank us! With all those Arkley bucks we have coming out our asses, we can afford to hire actual talent.


186 Responses

  1. Hey Graphics Department, nice job with the blow up doll. I think you may have found Goff’s imaginary friend.

  2. I saw the cartoon back there in the nosebleed seats. I think he’s jealous of not being you. I’ve yet to see him do anything actually amusing.

  3. Yes, Heraldo is edgy and cool because regurgitating the most inane prog platitudes is such an accomplishment. But I have noticed he’s trying to do more graphics lately. He’s not funny at all, but you can’t blame him for trying. You guys are probably killing his readership numbers.

  4. I’ve never seen that cartoon before. I’ve never even heard of it. Attention-seeking coat-tailer is right.

  5. Love it!

  6. Ha!

  7. Mirror, what separates a mainstream, moderate democrat like yourself from a fiscally conservative, socially conservative Republican these days?

  8. who cares

    keep it up

  9. sorry, should read socially liberal

  10. Our voting record, for starters. Were you hoping for something more diabolical?

  11. To quote from 7-O, “choir preachin’ time.”

    I took the cartoon as equal opportunity bashing. It’s obvious that you took it poorly — surprising since you usually display a sense of humor.

    Was it the question he raised that got your goat: “Does Rob Arkley/Security National bankroll an anonymous online, muckracking enterprise? Feel free to speculate.”

    I know you’ve denied repeatedly that you’re the SN black ops dept. and in this area plausible deniability is paramount. Maybe you can tell us what else would make you so unrelentedly pro-Rob and anti-everyone-he-hates.

  12. I just wanted to hear your reasoning for characterizing yourself as a moderate democrat as compared to a left leaning republican. I’d expect your voting record to follow suit, obviously.

  13. Bugs,

    Goff, like Withheld, is just jealous. They have that “not funny” gene and flunked out of the special ed classes designed to make them human.

  14. Your inflatable doll insertion is your best photoshop work yet. I can tell you really tried on this one. Double thumbs.

    See you next week!

  15. …it was so obviously engineered to get us to pay attention to him…

    Self-deprecation fits you better, Bugs.

  16. Took it poorly? Yeah we wrote a comic strip about it out of rage. Pure rage. Dumb ass.

    And why do we agree with Rob and disagree with people he disagrees with? Seriously, is that a question? We agree with him and disagree with others because we agree with him and disagree with others.

    So who is paying everyone who disagrees with him?

  17. And yet sometimes a fact is simply a fact and there isn’t any way to aw-shucks our way around it.

    To wit:

    Heraldo, appropriately has only printed the left side of the latest Seven-O-Heaven and has conveniently left you out of it!!!

    How dare he!

    It’s up to you to report the other (right) side!

    Do your duty!

    Call him out!

    E-mailed by Andrew Goff

    For those who really care, there is a picture of The Humbug, hard at work, in this week’s North Coast Journal. If you are not near a news stand, here’s a link to a link for it.

    Why have you not mentioned that you’re identity has been exposed, Bugsy?

    Posted by Andrew Goff

    does rob arkley own the mirror?

    Posted by “Anonymous,” whose IP address indicates it’s Andrew Goff

    does rob arkley own the mirror?

    Posted by “Anonymous,” whose IP address indicates it’s Andrew Goff

    does rob arkley own the mirror?

    Posted by “Anonymous,” whose IP address indicates it’s Andrew Goff

    does rob arkley own the mirror?

    Posted by “Anonymous,” whose IP address indicates it’s Andrew Goff

    So yeah, Ryan. It is what it is, and we’ve described this one accurately.

  18. Poor lonely friend.

  19. He’ll see you, but almost nobody will see him. That’s what’s got his whiny little goat.

  20. He’s just one more free-market loser who knows everything about everything.

    Good job fixing the cartoon. You’ve done the impossible by creating a 7-0 heaven cartoon that is actually funny.

  21. Fuckin goff is masturbating all over his computer screen seeing his name repeated like that. Hes a big man now.

  22. I’m still just laughing at the cartoon. Good one Bugsy.

  23. That looks like busted to me. How pathetic.

  24. So lonely.

  25. Funny! I bet if the Mirror wrote the comic strip it wouldn’t be on page 49 anymore.

  26. So flattered!

  27. Hanky Spanks! So awesome!!

  28. I think Bob Doran’s wife writes it.

  29. Is everyone at the Journal reading the Mirror? On a MONDAY? With deadlines looming?

  30. Mostly we’re reading the Plazoid, but we check in here occasionally. We like to spread our laffs across the political spectrum.

  31. The only thing better than a blow up doll is being “gummed” – LOL

  32. You wouldn’t believe how many disturbing websites we scoured in order to find “the perfect” inflatable pal to adorn that douche’s stupid cartoon.

  33. I have noticed that Heraldo has been increasing the visual stuff too, but it ain’t even in the same league as the Mirror. Nice try Heraldo.

  34. Nice try Graphics losers. Stop writing comments about yourselves and get back to work.

  35. I just discovered you guys today, thanks to 7-O-Heaven. I pride myself on being a HumCo insider, but didn’t know about the mirror. You should be pleased, you just got introduced to something like a 20,000 person reader pool in this comic. Congrats!

    Also, the angle and size of that doll is really good. You must have seriously searched for a long time for just the right image… or you have one at your disposal ready to photo. Hmmm…

  36. Huh. I think if you were on Arkley’s payroll the graphics would be a LOT better. (I’m kidding)
    I love you guys.

  37. i miss humboldt county. andrew goff is my friend, he’s not lonely. his original, witty compositions are a humorous take on all things humboldt. though a. goff may be an attention seeking coat-tailer, that does not take away from the comic insight he provides through seven-o-heaven. is his strip a cry for help? doubtful. more like a voice crying out in the wilderness. i may return to humboldt county someday humbug, so get used to blogging about me when i come back. cause when i come back hell’s coming with me!!!

    “Of all writings I love only that which is written with blood. Write with blood: and you will discover that blood is spirit … He who writes in blood and aphorisms does not want to be read, he wants to be learned by heart.” -F.N.

  38. Let’s hear it Mirror- Where you at?

  39. Goff sucking up to the Arcata Eye was a sure sign of somebody with poor taste and liberal fascist tendencies.

  40. Nice, James. Can’t wait to meet you and all the hell or whatnot. You sound like fun.

  41. We’re so busted!!

  42. If you’re getting paid to promote all things Arkley, you should be fired because you’re doing a lousy job.

  43. Kissing up to Humbug, J Mar?
    James Marvel, I once again challenge you to a duel.
    I’ve had about enough of your east coast, elitist lip.
    Nietzsche at fifty paces.

  44. The issue we have isn’t with Goff’s routinely boring and not funny cartoons, or his comment that read something to the effect of “Oh, and by the way, the Humboldt Mirror is garbage,” which has subsequently been scrubbed from the lengthy explanation on his website that’s been copied below.

    I think this edition of Seven-O-Heaven wins the award for having the smallest potential audience. I mean, it’s bad enough that I do a comic that only appeals to a rural, coastal California county. Now narrow that population even more by requiring your readers to also be hip to the local blogging scene. Somebody punch me. I deserve it.

    For those who aren’t “in,” the Humboldt Herald and the Humboldt Mirror both cover local politics and are both published anonymously. Friends of mine that are more savvy have pointed out that for “free journalism” they have a pretty high output (especially the Mirror). Does Rob Arkley/Security National bankroll an anonymous online, muckracking enterprise? Feel free to speculate.

    That’s a Pierson’s hat on my head, if you couldn’t tell. My wife pointed out to me that my take on “Heraldo” looks like a younger, thinner Michael Moore. Thanks dear. I’m sure the Mirror heads will eat that up (if there actually are any).


    The issue we have is Goff’s lame attempt at deductive reasoning and implication that we are on Arkley’s payroll because we have a pretty high output at the Mirror, compared to the Humboldt Herald. If that’s the basis of his argument, then Heraldo is definitely getting paid (feel free to speculate on that too) because that bitch is blogging almost 24/7 and puts our output to shame. Seriously. We’re not trying to compete with Heraldo. We have jobs, lives and just like having fun.

  45. Dear Sir, that is, Humbug:

    The arithmetic skills you have are clearly no match for your ability to project your own inadequacy upon the creators of “Seven-O-Heaven”, namely Andrew Goff. However, even simple math escapes you.

    I for one am the sixth reader who managed to make it all the way to page 49. Phew … you can image the labors I went through to get there, right?


  46. You obviously haven’t seen much of our work. Are you aware that we were able once to give Bonnie Neely the best nose job of her life. Really. It was button worthy. If you don’t get it, don’t worry.

    P.S., we can’t afford Photoshop, so we use GIMP. It’s just fine for us.

  47. Honestly, I agree with almost everything that has been said so far. Having said that, I feel my character is being misrepresented on one accord and since I don’t have the luxury of anonymity, I need to correct just one aspect. I’m really more of a “reverse cowgirl” kind of guy.

  48. One of many wonderful things my Philosophy Class at CR taught me – avoid the ad hominem fallacy.

    Even if you think A. Goff and Co. are lonely, masturbating, attention-seekers, it doesn’t make the points they make or the questions they raise any less valid.

    Let’s see if some of you right-wingers can grow up and address the issues, not the individual/s. You might find that you LIKE the challenge of debate… because throwing insults like a second-grader on the playground isn’t much of a mental ropes course, now is it?

    University of North Carolina seems like a reliable enough source for a definition:
    Definitions: Like the appeal to authority and ad populum fallacies, the ad hominem (“against the person”) and tu quoque (“you, too!”) fallacies focus our attention on people rather than on arguments or evidence. In both of these arguments, the conclusion is usually “You shouldn’t believe So-and-So’s argument.” The reason for not believing So-and-So is that So-and-So is either a bad person (ad hominem) or a hypocrite (tu quoque). In an ad hominem argument, the arguer attacks his or her opponent instead of the opponent’s argument.

  49. We’re wowed, and as a result are going to be kind, mature, issues-based thinkers from here on out!!

    Oh and hey fuckhead, pull my fucking finger, dumbfuck.

  50. My University of Shut The Fuck Up definition of “dumbass” says see you.

  51. Expatriate, big props on getting through your freshman critical thinking class. But if we wanted to watch a debate club, we would. If we wanted Meet the Press, it’s on TV every week. We’re here for something different, and it sure the fuck isn’t to read about how educated your pompous ass thinks it is.

  52. You’ll be even more wowed to know my dick leans not to far to the left to leave you with out a job and not to far to the right so you can justify sucking it!!!

  53. Can you imagine how much time that moron spent writing that? Probably put more effort into it than into his senior paper in high school, and that was back before you could just steal that shit off the internets.

  54. If it weren’t for ad hominem attacks, we wouldn’t have anything to say at all. But we are entertained by the new, and apparently more educated caliber of people wasting their time on this blog who appear to have wandered in as a result of the Seven-O-Heaven post.

  55. Here for something different… as in, here to be able to mouth off without any real intention of dealing with the issues? Is there where you go when they don’t read your emails on Meet the Press?

  56. Douchebug, I like your style 🙂

  57. Hey Educated Expatriate….

    I assume that you left Fortuna because you kept getting the shit kicked out of you by Fortunans who don’t like being talked down to by some dumbfuck who takes a philosophy class and thinks they got shit all figured out.

  58. Yeah, I like your style too Educated Ex. Can you send along a high resolution photo of yourself for me to play with? I’ll be gentle, I swear.

  59. That’s for you Humbug … 😉

  60. Only if it can have puss streaming out of its eye, like yours does.

  61. The only thing I said or implied that I had figured out was the ad hominem fallacy… but you can put words in my mouth if it makes you feel better.

  62. Don’t explain it. They won’t get it

  63. or hers

  64. this is giving me an erection

  65. Hey – I went over to the Herald just to see wassup, and the best thing they have is snow drifting around the screen. The topics are all a bunch of shit nobody with time to waste would even look at. And here we have a blow up doll and James getting an erection. Is this xxx rated?

  66. Dear Humboldt Mirror:

    My dick leans not to far to the left to leave you with out a job and not to far to the right so you can justify sucking it!!!

    With All Disrespect,

  67. goff, i will take on all challengers from all sides, even dick cheney!

    tough titty said the kitty, but the milk’s still running

  68. Let’s see if some of you right-wingers can grow up and address the issues, not the individual/s.

    What was the issue again?

    According to “friends” The Mirror has a high output, therefore they are paid. By Arkley.

    I had that class at CR too. YOUR PREMISE IS FUCKING STUPID.

    I mean false premise. You have a false premise, stupid.

  69. Oh honey, if you think writing that little blurb took more than a minute, you need to practice your critical thinking skills and up your words per minute.

  70. See? That’s what we’re talking about. We suck too bad to go pro.

  71. Nice!! Now that’s what we call honest debate, yes?

  72. Exactly.

  73. We’re having us some fun now, friends!!

  74. This is fucking hysterical. I can’t believe this blog has been around for almost two years and I’m just now finding it. Keep it up. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard.

  75. That’s a monocle, you douche. It’s a very sophisticated look the Internets assigned our gravatar. We like it.

  76. 421:

    We should start by asking the wonderful folks of the Humboldt Mirror from whom or where they get their pay checks. Namely “The Humbug”.

    Do you have an answer?

  77. Humbug do you get paid to write this blog? The quality would leave me to believe that’s not the case, but I would rather just ask the question.

  78. Oh, that’s what that is? Should I trust that your graphics skills are better than those of the person who designed the monacle-face?

  79. If Arkley’s not paying them, I will. Watching you poor progs struggle so mightily to try to marginalize them is priceless. Unsuccessful, but priceless. Keep it going bugs, and enjoy this evidence of your success.

  80. That’s actually kind of a sensitive subject, Expatriate. Tread gently!!

  81. I guess this is one definition of success, but my goodness your standards are pretty low. Hell, a caveman could do it!

  82. Hugs, friend!!

  83. I’m mostly teasing; my graphics skills aren’t outstanding and I wouldn’t dream to criticize someone for something I was not fully competent at myself… sensitive topic duly noted 🙂

  84. And when you refer to them collectively, please do not forget to capitalize both Graphics and Department. Also very touchy.

  85. This is really no laughing matter! We need to know who is paying these fools. I love Humboldt and don’t want to see these people take my county away from me.

  86. And a couple of jokers blogging for fun threatens your way of life, right? No one cares about your theatrics. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. The rest of us could give a shit what you think.

  87. This sounds like an inside joke…

  88. LOL!

  89. This is by far the stupidest exchange I’ve ever read on any blog. The argument is that the bugs blog frequently so they must be getting paid? Has anyone done a comparison between the Mirror and the Herald? Because I did. Every week of every month for the past six months Heraldo has blogged at least 25 percent more often than the bugs. That’s a minimum. Most weeks it’s more than that. Let’s follow this moron’s logic and start screaming chicken little about Heraldo. Who’s paying him? Who cares?

  90. We’re scared. Hold us.

  91. Who pays Bob Doran’s wife?

  92. I think the problem with the “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” approach is that it advocates ignoring problems as a solution to problems. At risk of hyperbole, let’s apply the principle to another situation. “If you don’t like what Hitler has to say, don’t listen.” “If you think that third trimester abortion is wrong, ignore it.” “If you don’t like my blog about how much I love and encourage terrorism, don’t read it.” (Don’t freak out; those are illustrations for sake of making a point; I’m not saying that anyone on this blog has or ever will say anything like that whatsoever). Certainly, in our governmental structure, we’ve been given the right to ignore problems. But those of us who are interested in solving problems believe that action is necessary, and ignorance is not an option. Sticking your head in the sand does not make problems go away. If Michael is concerned that his county is in peril, he should address the issues as he sees fit, rather than ignoring them.

  93. That didn’t take long, friend!! You’ve been on this blog only an hour or so, and already you pulled a reductio ad Hitlerum! Remarkable! We knew you could do it! So proud.

  94. Wow, please look in the Mirror. Your post is the dumbest I have ever read, on any blog.

    First of all, lets get a few things straight. We are talking about a comic strip poking a little fun at the defenders of Rob Arkley. We don’t know why they need to do so, but we ask the question. Again, this is a comic strip.

    They don’t really claim to be a quality news source, like some, but rather seek to entertain the masses of Humboldt County and shedding light on the issues in our region.

    I don’t really see much of a problem with this medium but yet all your cronies seem to take issue.

  95. Hyperbolic, uninformed and dumb. You’re the total package, Educated.

  96. Just trying to see if extremism gets through… since subtlety hasn’t been working thus far.

  97. Heraldo blogs more often every week. Every week without exception. I’m just trying to follow the logic of the argument. Now that it’s not cutting your way you don’t want to do that anymore? Okay. Your call.

  98. Bob Doran’s wife writes comic strips.

  99. (we don’t joke about Bob Doran’s wife)((anymore))

  100. Although technically, from my understanding, just mentioning Hitler doesn’t constitute a reductio ad Hitlerum… as long as I’m reading your Wikipedia reference correctly?

  101. does rob arkley own the mirror?

  102. Come on, Wow. You know little of what the progs say can withstand scrutiny. They’re off on another topic as soon as you point out the facts.

  103. Why? Gotcha scared? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  104. Mike i have a shovel dont lose it this time. this is great. its just like the good old days, the all or nothin days, blood for blood and by the gallons!!

  105. james warren marvel, you were there!

  106. come on sombody get mad at meeeeeee! im not anonymous!!!n make it personal yeaaayh

  107. Does Bob Doran’s wife know this?

  108. Mario, why don’t you take this seriously?! LOL We’re trying to dig up the truth here! Well… I’m mostly in it to stir up trouble. Michael seems better focused on digging at truth. I think I’d enjoy it a little more if it felt like friendly fire on both sides… say something extreme. That oughta get a reaction.

  109. Dork, we should go out some time.

  110. A “moderate democrat” such as the humbug is simply a Republican without the whole Jesus complex

  111. Oh I’m Andrew Goff’s three friends from high school and I’m gonna try to talk his dumb ass out of this one.

  112. It’s true, Heraldo does look very much like a thin Michael Moore! Hilarious.

  113. Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha

  114. Don’t worry Mario, I have a much tighter grip these days. Lets get them!

  115. This thread is the new “Say Goodbye to the Arcata Eye (Boycott advertisers).”

    Rolling troll rave parties! Fresh for 2010!

  116. Wait… what is there to talk him out of?

  117. That’s it! I am coming back to run for city council! You better get a handle on your wards because it’s not going to be pretty for you when I get on the council.

  118. His stupid premise and faulty logic. That’s just for starters.

  119. I know, having friends is a foreign concept to you but you should realize that we own you.

    Oh, if you google me. I am not the Baron of Springburn

  120. Funny. I thought Rob Arkley owned them.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha

  121. 49:51 share

  122. Can you explain what we are trying to talk him out of? I would really like to hear this one from you.

  123. Question asked and answered. Enjoy your troll fest!

  124. Can you guys write something else so I can be the first to start the puppy pile, that is, the comment thread?

  125. Wow, this is a big troll circle jerk of epic proportions. I haven’t seen something like this since Jeffrey Lytle and Nick Bravo hung out.

  126. Let’s face facts, here: Goff and Startare are Humboldt County’s darlings. The Bugtards are glorified, subterranean lobbyists.


  127. Exhibit A: What happened when I previewed the comic in question to el bicho under discussion? Giving the misleading impression that is was all about Heraldo, and not at all about itself?

    Why, at that moment our hero thought Goff and Startare — Humboldt County’s Darlings (TM) — were the bee’s knees!

    Game, set, match.

  128. Will please help us get the balloon track development we all deeply want. In Humboldt we have to pretend like we care about how good the track is cleaned up compared to how much we actually want a Panera Bread.

    Even if it does a little damage to the harbor, on the bell curve of diminishing returns, getting that development is still at the top of the curve (even with a Home Depot).

    Will you are my Stephen Colbert, and my main source of news.

  129. Humbug, you should call my strips unfunny more often.
    This is your most successful post ever!

    Mario, kudos on the ancient shovel reference. That was a great night!
    Michael, move back to Humboldt.
    James, move back to Humboldt.
    Will, eat it.

    I’m out.

  130. And you didn’t detect a hint of sarcasm in all of that awesome with the multiple exclamation points? Because maybe we always use it sincerely? And because when you sent that frame to us out of the blue it never once, even for a second, crossed our minds that we might somehow be involved in the strip? That someone you provide print space for might, improbable as it seems, disagree with us?


    By the way, Hank–game set match? Everyone knows you don’t know shit about sports.

  131. Who are you talking about?

  132. Yeah thanks for bring your friends from band camp by. We’ve been lonely for uninformed trolls. You’ve certainly helped fill that void.

  133. wow…I…I think…wow. I have never in all my days(few as they are) found myself so unable to articulate my opinion…

    I really, truly don’t know whether to sit back and laugh at the idiocy that is before me, or to try and coerce you all into fucking yourselves…literally, actually fucking yourselves.

    So, I guess I go right to the center of it all……it…is….a blog. Culturally relevant topics laced with satire and all around good laughs(generally intended for those with a functioning comprehension of humor) is there anything more needed to be said…well…no I think that’s it. That about covers it.

  134. Correction: It’s the best comic in Humboldt County!

  135. You don’t think my cartoon is funny and you don’t like that I made a pointless, predictable and indefensible argument that productivity equals Arkley money? Well, here are a bunch of my fucktard friends who will come to my defense and drive up your comments on an otherwise boring night in Blogland. Don’t worry, none of us have jobs so we’ll be trolling your blog all night long!!!!!

    Mario, kudos for that vague reference nobody cares about.
    Michael, James; kudos on moving away from here where there are actual jobs.
    Will, sorry that you still live here and actually have a job. Come by, we are ready to bust out a big beer pong game and smoke mad bowls dude!!!

  136. Ah MM, jealousy suits you. The best blog in Humboldt County is a good place to troll for attention. Hope you get some hits out of this, poor things.

  137. What the hell is with you and your cronies obsessing over trolls?!?! Are you into Scandinavian folklore?

    I mean shit, I like some nonfiction about supernatural beings conceived as giants or dwarfs, inhabiting caves or subterranean dwellings, but what the hell man!

  138. Go to bed, children. All your dance cards are full.

  139. last word

  140. And so are you! Andrew, you really shouldn’t write about yourself in comments you write anonymously. That seems a little bit desperate. Anonymity is great–but try not to use it as a cover for your repetitious dishonesty. Thanks, D, anon, “Progressive” “Moderate” in Humboldt, and of course Andrew. Hugs!!

  141. That’s exactly the kind of “facts” you’ve become famous for, Hank. One of these days ask me what “opinion” means. It might clear some things up for you work-wise.

  142. And how many real cartoons are there in the county? Goff is at the top of how big a list? One? Two? Yeah….awesome.

  143. Our work is done here my minions of stupidity. Away, away with all of you until I summon you again in 5 minutes.

  144. He’s giving that artistic genius Joel Mielke a major run for his money. Game on now.

  145. last word.

  146. Last word.

  147. Sorry. Last word.

  148. uninformed troll? me? i think not, sir! uniformed, maybe. but a troll, absolutely not!

    alas, my threats about moving back to humboldt are probably empty. unless i decide to leave the international intelligentsia scene and grow pot for a living. but for now i enjoy traveling, reading long obscure texts, vomiting on myself in my sleep, and being awakened by my loyal canine friend licking off the remnants of my foie gras and goat cheese dinner.

    cheers to rob arkley!!!

  149. i eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!

  150. Jamesa, you eat pieces of shit for breakfast???

  151. You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

  152. Three people posting 50 comments each about nothing isn’t success. That’s the Humboldt Herald.

  153. Oh good he’s got a whole week. Maybe this time he can think of something funny.

  154. First word!

  155. Hey, go look up “false premise”.

  156. I own the Mirror.


  158. Actually, I was at a birthday party with friends. There was one computer there. This is the same commenter as “D” above. But Humboldt Mirror readers should note that if Humbug doesn’t like what you say he will attempt to out your IP address. C’mon people, you must know Bugs is the only one who is ordained by God to dwell in the shadows of anonymity. Back to commenting on your own stuff. I’ll go try and build something up for you to tear down.

    I await your “original” comic strip.


  159. i think these might be real feelings

  160. Anonymity, little friend, is fine. We like it. Look around. But when you misrepresent yourself, agree with yourself under another name, talking about how wonderful you are while pretending not to be you, well that’s another matter. Ask the person who posted this morning as Andrew Goff from an e-mail address in San Mateo. That misrepresentation was removed.

    So go ahead an get over yourselves pretty soon, ‘kay? Thanks.

  161. Another force for all that is true and good who just doesn’t have the sense God gave him. How very Arcata it all is.

  162. And writing a weekly cartoon – that’s God’s work. Really it is. Who could measure up to that?

  163. The Humbug doth protest too much, methinks.

  164. Methinks? That last part can’t be true. I’ve read your previous work.

  165. I’m holding up a mirror to every aspect of that comment.

  166. You know Bugs, for a blogger who thrives on sarcasm, you certainly seem to lack a sense of humor.

  167. The Mirror is so unfunny you come here 50 times a day.

  168. You’re right Hank, it is more entertaining than The Plazoid.

  169. Nope. not yet.

  170. Only half. Community property, Kate.

  171. This.

  172. Is Tad out of jail?

  173. complete your divorce online

  174. …just finished checking my list and some of you are getting coal for Christmas, Humbug.

  175. I’m very lonely.

  176. Seven-O-Heaven is consistently funny, which is more than I can say for my comic, but to be fair, it’s two against one, and they’ve got full color, and…
    oh shit, was this thread closed? Sorry.

  177. Joel, you can borrow Will to guest star whenever you want. But be warned he demands the star treatment. Fruit baskets required.

  178. I think Goff asks a relivant question Mirror- Had lunch at Kate’s recently and asked the staff if they saw who took the photo of Mr. Douglas. They said it was none other than Rob Arkley himself! So at the very least, you should give credit where it is deserved!

  179. Nope – I have the last word. Maybe Arkley owns me? And my Island? And the whole goddamn country? Oh, he must own my mind, my body and my soul because I happen to think cleaning up the balloon tract and building something, installing trails and paths, restoring wetlands that the community and tourists can use is a good thing.

  180. Last word again.

  181. Now that is some good stuff!

  182. does rob arkley own the mirror?

  183. NINE pages? Hank, what are you thinking.

  184. OK – Having just seen the Journal for this week – a more appropriate question is – Did Andrew Goff buy the Journal? Or does he have a sekrit dossier? How in the hell do you get 9 pages of expensive real estate for that?

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