Merry Christmas, dog!!

We call this one "Mixed metaphor with blow-up doll." Yeah, that's the Bon Bon's head on a palm tree-climbing bear. The Graphics Department was, well, you know.

13 Responses

  1. That dog always has loved him some palm trees.

  2. Didn’t you make him a palm tree thing last year too?

  3. I don’t get it.

  4. It’s an inside joke.

  5. Happy Holidays to everyone at the Humboldt Mirror.

  6. inside what? Apparently your little hate-filled world. Camus it ain’t but I’m impressed that you seem to know who that is.

  7. Poor little angry friend. Have an extra-big Christmas hug from us!

  8. bite me, withheld. Go over to Heraldo if you are so consumed by “little hate-filled world[s]”

    Frankly, I would have liked the graphics dept. to have dog pissing on the bear climbing the tree.


  9. Ahhhh Bugs….you remembered

    Such grace and artistry and the cool way you exhaust the tropical half tones. I especially appreciate and applaud the subtle nuance of the dog bones artfully concealed behind the palm tree, where only you and I can find them. It’s brilliant!

    I can only guess that the blow up doll is Larry which gives a whole new meaning to the yuletide version of ‘pop goes the christmas weasel.’

    So it is that in life as in art, every candidate for public office should have a dog….because a dog doesn’t care whether you win or lose. Err, well, some candidates more than others

    Marry Christmas bugs and a big ankle hump to the Graphics Dept from one happy dog.

  10. Now there’s that Xmas spirit – happy holidays to you too friend.

  11. We so love dog!

  12. No problema sparky, and a merry ho ho to you.

    Hey, couldn’t we have had the midgets face attached to the blow up ms. pinky doll?

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