Merry Christmas, friends!

"As soon as the wise men show up we can get started."

28 Responses

  1. I thought you were going to say “Everyone waited patiently for Jesus to return from the Garberville planning commission meeting.”

  2. Is Faust hiding out in Nazareth now?

  3. Which one’s Bob Doran’s wife?

  4. You should have a caption contest. What’s the prize? A PBR kegger?

  5. “What’s the matter? Did somebody put the little guy in a pink bunny suit?”

  6. Merry Christmas Bugs!

  7. No. Christmas sucks.

  8. Happy Holidays to everyone at the Mirror.

  9. Fred – bah humbug. What, did you get a lump of coal when you were 10 or what?

  10. Funny stuff! Its unusual how Arkley isn’t in the manger there. Because we all know that all of these people secretly worship Rob in private and want to have a go at Rob’s “Yule log”

  11. What kind of baby will the virgin bon bon have?

  12. Hey, there is, within the City limits of Eureka, one lawn decoration that resembles the rabbit. Anything you want to say, bugs?

  13. Jerry Droz was on KGO Radio today regarding the legalization of Marijuana . He sounded pretty stoned but held his ground and still managed to do a good job . He was stumbling and forgetting things . Sounded like he had a bowl of good weed before he showed up at the Studio .

  14. Heraldo outdid you man….

  15. 5:49 wrote, Heraldo outdid you man….

    How? I haven’t seen it happen yet.

  16. Keep this up, Fred friend, and we’re going to start blowing off Christmas as a present to you.

  17. “and he shouted to all, as he drove out of sight
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.”

    Happy holdiays, Bugs.
    Hope this silly season brings peace and magic to you, and if not, do as my son did, eat a tube of cookie frosting and party on!

  18. Happy Holidays Bugs!

    When all else fails, take a page from my son’s book:
    eat a tube of cookie frosting and party one!

  19. Merry Christmas!

  20. Oh, man! Still in moderation.

  21. And the snowsuit doughboy and the leg lamp. Gotta go check it out. Watched that movie last night and when that bunny scene came on I about spewed champagne out of my nose! Toooooo funny Bugsy.

  22. One that smites anyone with a little bit of money that gives jobs to people. Or brutally slaughters anyone with an opposing opinion just like these elected officials in this picture and you guys

  23. ” bridge the gap of silence between Sun Valley and the public.”
    Private company, get over it.

    “I was there for almost a year.”
    You must really know what’s going on then…way to hold down a job.

    “I do read the paper…” and “…to provide greater insight to the goings on at this place prior to my dismissal.”
    Fired? Before even a year o’ service?
    You are an expert, surely qualified to blog about SV.

  24. Oh man, that was a humorous post that just made my day. Way to go anonymous dick, you really stuck it to me! haha. You anon bloggers are brainless 5th graders. You really think I care what you think or what you think of me? Go back to your room in your mom’s basement and go take your angst out on other bloggers. That’s a surefire way to be productive for sure! What a bastard I must be for expressing my right to free speech. I’ll say whatever I want thank you

  25. Lemme guess, he still wants broadway to be lined with eucalyptus trees or sequoia trees. Either that or be lined with pot plants. With Droz, who the hell knows what wacky stuff he wants next

  26. “You anon bloggers are brainless 5th graders. ”

    Some people would say the same thing about parents who name their child Sun Valley Floral Farms Mole……….as for me,I like it and think it’s at least original,if nothing else.

  27. ?

  28. Ok guys. I have left my blog open to comments so go ahead and be idiots.

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