Graphics Dept. Holiday Bender Continues

If found, please return to Mirror Headquarters!


9 Responses

  1. oh m’god. starting a new years binge? get a grip graphics dept. it can only get better. Hugs! the great washed majority.

  2. Good, better, Great

  3. PBR, the breakfast, lunch & dinner of real red blooded Americans

    Now go kick some proggie ass, young sailor

    ps… I heard thru the journal that the sale of the century is at Grocery Outlet

  4. Amazing to think that people could love Pabst Blue Ribbon that much

  5. On the street today I saw a PBR van and later I saw a PBR delivery truck.

    It’s a sign

  6. I hate that when that happens…

  7. you guys are lame…

  8. Could be worse….could have been Ham’s or Miller High Life!

  9. I swear that isn’t me. I don’t wear clothes like that. Don’t drink PBR, either.

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