Times-Standard’s resolution to stop sucking falls quickly by the wayside

Yeah. Uh, guys? Pretty sure that's supposed to be "underserved."


18 Responses

  1. For the New Year’s celebration, can we see the rest of Rob’s photos from Hurricane Kates?

    Pretty please?

  2. i think the other blog is where they obsess over arkley.

  3. Hahaha – that’s beautiful.

  4. There’s a reason people call it either The Slime Standard or The Times-Slandard! 421, this blog obsesses over Arkley 123% of the time. Have you been reading these posts?

  5. Best TS typo ever, years and years ago, was a tab, titled “Pubic Untilties” (Public Utilities), wish I’d saved it. The second best tab was an automobile tab, full of ads sold to car dealers, with an article on buying a car joyfully announcing that dealing with a used car salesman was like “wrestling with a crazed weasel.” Wish I’d saved that one too – the car dealers, needless to say, were livid.

    This one’s pretty good though. Dang typos,

  6. Like last week when Arcata got their recycling “recepticles”
    It’s beyond sad.

  7. I hope those were Rob’s pictures. But if Jesus H Christ took them they’d still be damning. But don’t worry. I hear there really are more photos. Lots more.

  8. Didn’t you know? People in Humboldt do think of this guy as Jesus

  9. Hey now, cut ’em some slak. It’s part of there new program to insure the illitterat have jobs.

  10. Hey, Anon, with your spelling skills, I think you have a future with The Sub Standard or even North Coast Urinal.

  11. hahaha awesome. I have never heard anyone call the NCJ that lol

  12. I was hopin somewon might recognise my talunts. Does they need a edetor or anothur righter?

  13. OT – but Is SohumBorn writing for the Arcata Eye? Great stuff, hope so.

  14. And to think this page did not feature a prominently displayed marijuana leaf……., come to think of it, the majority of Dr. Eng’s patient load all have a 215, so that is in keeping with the general theme of the Times-Standard, at least these days.

    If you just view the front page for the last, oh, lets say, 2 years. Marijuana, the zoo, Bonnie Neely, marijuana, Paul Gallegos, Marijuana, the homeless, marijuana, the homeless, marijuana, Betty Chin, marijuana.

    Fear not friends, the New York Times and the Washington Post are avaliable on line, as is this little gem of a blog spot to pontificate and poke fun, in equal measure!

  15. Josephine, your my gal.

  16. My fav wasn’t even a typo….in the sports section a few years back: “Lady Jacks Off…”

    If at fist you don’t suck seed, dry eyes and gin.

    I love Donna and pretended that was her in the pic.

  17. The Times-Standard is a newspaper.

  18. Here’s a link to a story/advertisement for “Two Step Music.” Why does Humboldt allow this?


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