Hodgson to sell Journal to Larry, Curly and Moe?

Or Manny, Moe and Jack. Or Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod. Or was it Alvin, Simon and Theodore? Janet, Jack and Chrissy?

Okay okay. We’re told respected North Coast Journal Publisher Judy Hodgson will sell  the weekly to Managing Editor Hank Sims, Arts & Culture Editor Bob Doran and Sales Manager Mark Herring. The sale has been in the works for a while, but apparently an announcement is imminent.

Indeed, last week’s issue, featuring a 9-page illustrated obsession with Rob Arkley, was said to be the trio’s debut. So yeah. That bodes well.

Just a little shout out to the Hankster, because we think he’s an entertaining fellow. We would encourage him to be a little less Copernican in his news values and a little more open to the possibility that the center of the known universe may not actually be located along the southern edge of the Arcata Plaza.

Hodgson’s broader view turned the Journal into one of the most relevant local publications ever. It would be a shame to see Sims and company turn it into the second-best weekly in Arcata.

67 Responses

  1. Almost, but not quite!

  2. What job did Bob Doran’s wife get assigned?

  3. She’ll go back to serving as the spokesperson for Bob’s biases once Judy is no longer enforcing his banishment from real news.

  4. Can we expect the Journal’s news to give way to more 44-page cartoons sponging off of Rob Arkley’s unpopularity in Arcata?

  5. Let’s hope for that because that’s news even when it’s not remotely news. Or so Hank seems to think.

  6. Rob Arkley isn’t popular in Arcata? Holy shit. Since fucking when?

  7. Oh that’s right, the Sevon-doh-Heaven guys are “Humboldt County’s darlings,” right Hank?

  8. Just because you dedicate the majority of pages of your paper to a cartoon doesn’t make it good. I get that you wanted a restful holiday vacation, but seriously…that epic comic wasn’t funny, insightful, or relevant.

  9. Hank, that dumbass 9 page cartoon was just a sears poncho. I mean it was major stupid, major.

    Christ man, do some reporting can’t you? You did it before. Last issue sucked bigger than my dyson.

  10. This is all part of a terrible and ongoing shrinking of media in the county. Selling the Journal to Sims (whose editorial discretion is seriously impaired as evidenced by the cartoon in last week’s issue) and Doran (whose news judgment included quoting his wife in a slanted news article and then hid her identity and refused to admit there was anything wrong with it) will result in a terribly compromised publication.

    Hodgson’s Journal always skewed a little, sometimes more than a little left because it has always been primarily an Arcata publication, but she made sure it kept a moderate path. Kiss that shit goodbye with Hank, who will undoubtedly skew hard left to cater to the ecogroovy microbrew drinking deadbeats.

    The T-S is no longer relevant and has plummeted in quality with a lack of competition after the ER shut down. They don’t even try anymore. The Journal is surely on a downhill slide if last week’s issue is a sign of things to come.

  11. Who’s Mark Herring?

  12. He’s a Celtic fishmonger from County Kildare.

  13. Those nine pages were a cartoon?

    Seriously Hank…you can do better than that. I wish you the absolute best and hope to see more of your stuff, and not the “cartoons.”

    As far as I’m concerned, you will take the Journal to new heights. Good luck to all of you.

  14. Cheers, Dave! Though please keep my first comment in this thread in mind until Wednesday.

  15. That is: When I said “not quite,” you should read it as “not at ALL quite.”

  16. Nah, Hank brought the Journal back from certain death after Keith Easthouse.

    I don’t think much of the decision to run the cartoon for 9 pages either, but the Journal, and Daniel Mintz are our last great hope for investigative journalism.

    It’s not an easy business, and I wish you luck. And any of you who believe in and support the Journal and the idea of investigative reporting HAVE TO SUPPORT IT WITH AD MONEY. Period. End of story. They can’t just do it for the love of it. Same for the Arcata Eye, The Independent and The McKinleyville Press and Ferndale Enterprise.

    And I wouldn’t be knocking the Times-Standard guys either, they are working with reduced numbers to try to do a difficult job, They are no longer paid to attend meetings – reportedly, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re trying. Competition at least meant they were better funded. Now it is dismal, and it isn’t fair. But it is what it is.

    Good luck guys.

  17. Why does Seven-O-Heaven remind me of the old Beevis and Butthead cartoons? Because neither is funny (or ever was). The silly assed “plot line” in the recent SOH Arkley obsession was predictable from the first frame.

    Let’s hope that if there is an ownership change at NCJ, SOH is the first casualty.

  18. You’re showing your age, Chris!

    Beavis and Butthead were and are hi-la-ree-ous!

  19. Well Hank

    I hope it works out…I do enjoy the more in-depth stuff the NCJ has done. It’s the kind of investigative, thorough, ask-all-the-hard questions that make it a really good read. Sometimes you even acknowledge your biases. Not nearly enough palm trees though. Maybe you could work on that part. Beevehead and Butkis notwithstanding.

    But, even if it was the Far Side, that much treatment in one issue would still be overkill. Hell………that much Town Dandy would require a Prop 65 type ‘psychic damage’ warning label.

    Yep, it has had its pimples but offers up something in the way of news that wouldn’t otherwise be out there. So go for it Hank….you can continue to fiddle while Ryan Burns.

    What I mean is that Ryan is hot in a journalistic sort of way.


  20. Awww!

    We’re feelin’ the Mirror love today!

    Yo Bugtards — you should run these 10 percent-true stories about us more often! The people rally ’round!

    This one’s dedicated to all the people in the place. Rose-dog, ma shawty. Dog-dog, ‘nuf respeck. My man, Dave the Stan. Chris Crawdaddy, mad hatty, fly robe and slippas chilling in the den for twenty-ten!

    Sims out!

    Sims out!

  21. I think ten percent would vastly exceed the Journal’s average.

  22. Keep up the good work Sims

    Listening to the Mirror regulars whine is music to my ears!

  23. Cazaart Hank….

    I thought it was all pretty supportive. It could be worse.

    Take a look at what they do to the TS in here and on the Hblog.

    Where’s the love?

  24. No, you misunderstand! That was an honest-to-goodness outpouring of freestyle gratitude.

  25. Please. quit having blondie write about money issues. She can write but even her pretty words can’t hide her lack of any understanding of economics. Worse than the dumb cartoon.

  26. “…last week’s issue, featuring a 9-page illustrated obsession with Rob Arkley…”

    I’m sorry, but it looks like the Mirror needs a mirror.

  27. Ok…..it’s all good then.

    All those dogs just got me confused. mixed scents and all.

    So, when do we get the NCJ, local candidates, swimsuit issue? You’ll need a palm tree for that for sure. I will understand if you keep Kuhnel out of a speedo though. Bonnie, Leonard too. Bass….Hmmmmm.

    Well hell, nevermind.

  28. “She can write but even her pretty words can’t hide her lack of any understanding of economics.”

    Why doesn’t Anonymous list some specific complaints. Surely he can show us his superior grasp of “economics,” even if he’s incapable of writing “pretty words.”

  29. Yeah, eh hehe hehe……..

  30. I read that as an announcement, Dawg!

  31. ok Hank…I’ll announce here and now.

    If I am nominated I will not run. If I am elected i will not serve.

    What the hell are you reading Hank? I just like to piss on every tree but,

    I might surprise you one day.

  32. Have you noticed that the place is all full of dirty liberal hippies? Do you really think a liberal town would like the Arrkleys? You’re not that stupid are you? If any Arkley decided to step foot in that town, they would be shot to death

  33. As long as The Journal still manages to piss of McKinleyville and Fortuna people, I’m happy. It already angers them tremendously anyways. Of course the Journal is no longer relevant! It never has! The fact that spell checker is their chief source of operation in the articles should speak volumes to you. Haven’t you ever heard of the term “Times Slandard”?

  34. You anon idiots are perverted assholes

  35. Hey, Hanky. Our impeccably unsourced blog posts typically require about one tenth the corrections the NCJ has to crank out from one week to the next. We said what we’d been told. We said we’d been told it. If it’s wrong, we’re in good company with you, friend.

  36. So I thought that Seven-O-Heaven thing was a satire on the ridiculous public image of RA fostered by people with extreme left views *cough*Heraldo*cough*. But apparently I was reading too much into it.

  37. Your first mistake was attributing any level of intelligent thought to its creators. They’re a couple of dumb kids who think they’re cool because they wear Carhartts and truckers caps and bag on Rob Arkley. Take them for what they are: the most recent sign of Sims’ inability to separate his interests from those of the county he’s supposed to be covering.

  38. Dont you people realize how much money Hank Sims has amassed at the NCJ? Buying it outright, that takes bank. After Hank admits he has a moonchild with Heraldo and now owns the NCJ, there is going to be real change in 2010.

  39. I’m hoping they change the name to North Coast Urinal and call it like it is. My guinea pigs love it all shredded up in their cage.

  40. In that case, consider us 15 new NON_READERS Hank.

  41. Well, not really…considering it IS Rob’s hometown – you dipwad

  42. Rose, you can’t be that blind to the T-S’s progressive bent, can you? We thought you had a brain! Snap out of it girl!

  43. Only to fellow buttheads, larry and his brother larry and other in-breds…. Aw Hank – c’mon….

  44. ICK.

  45. I wonder if Hank will look into the possible Brown Act violations around the Eureka city council candidates planning for and then attending the Coastal Commission?

  46. What a strange and unlikely place for him to come from. How did he get from Arcata local to Fortuna like rich guy?

  47. uh, it was award-winning EMILY GURNON, who followed Easthouse as editor of the NCJ, not Sims. Sims became editor when Gurnon left.

  48. Shot to death by hippies? Nice, these aint your parents hippies!

  49. Yes. But it was Hank who turned it around, content-wise, IMO. Except for the excessive pot coverage and the dang 9-page long cartoon, LOL.

  50. Sims is best buddies with Kevin Hoover and his politics, namely pro-cop, pro-Dem establishment, pro-neolib yuppie money. That tells you where the Journal is going: more dismal sucking up to the Obamanoids and their local pet monkeys like Chesbro and Stillman.

  51. 9:05 that was very sexist of you and hurtful too. Give me a dollar and I will touch up my make up and use pretty words all the while.

  52. Rose, you’re going to have to get over your schoolgirl crush on Sims and get real — his takeover, partial for now, full-on later, means a future of coverage even more slanted (if that’s even possible) towards these ridiculous Loco Solutions politicians like Glass, Kaitlin, Lovelace, etc.

    You have yet to see a word of criticism directed towards Democracy Unlimited and their myriad scams in the Sims-ruled Journal. Is that the future we can hope for, Rose?

  53. Does the Mirror do retractions and corrections?
    Oh, right…

  54. I wouldn’t quite say Hank “turned it around”, if that implies it was not doing well before. I’d say he changed the paper’s temperament. That change got it accepted in the exclusive “alt weekly” club, if that defines a turnaround. Going after the young whippersnapper readership, ya know. I’m not sure I like all the temperament, but the the paper’s spirit and locally-owned status is quite admirable. The 9-page “cartoon” made an excellent fire, by the way.

  55. I hope not. I really hope not. I do know EXACTLY what you mean, but i still hold out hope.

  56. That ain’t this Just Sayin’ but a bogus one. FYI. Sick and wrong to take over another’s identity, when you don’t have one of your own. True dat.

  57. so sick and wrong…
    i guess you can’t trust everything on the internet…

  58. Hey! Don’t go knockin’ on Beevis and Butthead….Hank’s correct…That show was brilliant!
    One of the best social commentaries depicting 1990’s American suburban male youth. So, in that manner, Seven O’ Heaven depicts Humboldt County young male adults and their take on living and breathing on the north coast.

    Christ Almighty, can’t we have a little humor at the end of the year instead of the usual investigative reporting?
    For 51 weeks out of the year, that’s fine, but I for one like to laugh about our society every once in a while.

    Getting back to Beevis and Butthead….did I mention that show was pure genius? Genius, I tell you.
    Hank, perhaps you should pull your t-shirt up over your head, stand there with your hands raised and shout…..”I am Cornholio….Are you threateing me?”

    Andrew Goff….If they are comparing you to Mike Judge…then that, my friend, is a compliment of the highest order.

  59. hey, back off – I have the “jus sayin'” phrase copyrighted.

  60. prove it.

  61. Well, dog gonit’, them ‘tards are at it a’gain

  62. Oh well.

  63. Well, oh.

  64. So who is taking my name in vain? You shall have your puny attachment wither and fall off. Or you can just get your own non de plume. You might just have seen the last the of original Oldphart.

  65. leave me out of this

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