Totally nutso chick uses dead child as campaign prop

The district attorney race ought to get interesting, if for no reason other than the whack effect Kathleen Bryson creates everywhere she goes. In the Times-Standard today, Bryson was reported to be invoking the name of 9-year-old Nicole Quigley, killed in a drug-related car chase on Highway 299, despite the express wishes of the child’s father. Additionally, Bryson said she asked former Deputy District Attorney Allison Jackson, another potential candidate, not to run. In other news, Bryson called the death of Christ “totally effed up” and asked the Humboldt Mirror not to blog.


19 Responses

  1. I hope to hell Allison Jackson does run. Gallegos is terrified of her, for good reason.

  2. Jackson would do. Hagen would do. Mike Eannarino would do. Hugh Gallagher would do.

    Look for someone with a proven record of public service, a proven work ethic, time and roots in this community, the respect of professionals in the field., experience in court, preferably not JUST as a prosecutor or JUST as a defense lawyer, who makes intelligent concrete proposals about what would be different and what would be the same.
    Doesn’t have to be pretty or glib or loved by KMUD.

  3. Allison all the way, baby… 300+ years for pedophiles and never lost a case….. Paul G hates her and Bryson does not know of whom she asked not to run…yet. Did she actually do that??? Oh, Honey, you are not in Kansas any more….

  4. Go Allison!!

  5. Allison Jackson,

    She is a whistle blower and will fight for the citizens not special interests.

    I remember when she called out the planning department and county council for deliberately manipulating the TPZ land use language that caused a huge uproar among rural landowners.

    She was the best at protecting our children this county has ever seen.

    Go Allison

  6. Jackson would make an excellent DA. She’s the real deal and could turn that office around after Gallegos made such a mockery out of our legal system. She may not surf, but she could hang ten all over some criminals.

  7. I would support Allison in a heartbeat. But she is successful partner in a successful law firm. With regret, I would try to talk her out of running if she were considering it.

  8. The last time I voted “anyone but….” I ended up with even worse, so though I would like to say “Anyone but Paul Gallegos” I hesitate.
    I’ll be watching the race carefully.

  9. Soyawn Eric seems concerned about the “old guard” and raises the spectre of the “Farmer Regime”. What bloody shirt is he trying to wave (tried asking him but oddly my posts never make his site). There is no Old Guard left, unless he’s scared of Maggie Fleming (well, he should be but not at the ballot box) Max Cardoza (ditto) or Wes Keat (without whom the office would close). As for the Farmer regime, you couldn’t drag them back with a team of wild stoned ponies. All off making more money for less work in supportive environments. Old Guard? More like
    old stoners.

  10. Allison has my vote. Class will out.

  11. I have met this chick and she is a female Gags, except that all the dope has made her paranoid. I hope the Quigley’s can perservere for a bit until she finds something else to do.

    I am hoping, against hope that Allison Jackson will run, for her I would lick envelopes, make calls and generally slave myself out to get her elected. She is in possession of that precious commodity: common sense.

    over on the TS blog, there is a Gags apologist who points out the followin accomplishments::

    Taking on Big Business (PALCO): The one where the appellate court said: Fuck off and don’t come back!

    Conviction rate: yes, yes, yes, lets cut a deal so that the scum (such as Whitmill) are back on the streets in record time

    Brought a ‘new energy’ to the office: why yes, lots of energy to spare without CAST, an adequate staff, Victim Witness, experienced lawyers…….organization,nothing like free-floating chaos to spread the energy around!

    I am hoping, really, really hoping that a viable candidate steps up. Ms. Bryson would be nothing more than a female version of the lame, incompetent, space occupying lesion we have now!

  12. Bryson has a point: Law enforcement IS fed up with Paul. With good reason. That may make pot growers happy, but it is not a good trait for a DA. And his bullshit explanation that he doesn’t want to curry favor is ludicrous, and as always demonstrates that he fundamentally doesn’t understand his own job. He couldn’t curry law enforcement favor any way except by earning thier respect and he doesn’t even try to do that.

    And characterizing it as the “Old Guard” is lame. It plays well in the rhetoric, but it IGNORES the fact that it is us, you and me and the people of the County who LOST valuable, experienced, seasoned prosecutors, who were an asset to our community, and to our DA’s office. It isn’t Gallegos’ office and he has no right to squander our resources for his own petty and political reasons.

    I can appreciate that Gallegos’ core supporters don’t like or want a functioning law enforcement entity in any form. That’s entirely clear.

    But there’s no reason to saddle the rest of us with Gallegos.

  13. here is a worst case scenario for you Rose. Gag-me is re-elected and Hislop becomes Sheriff……

    If, this comes to pass, say good-bye to effective law enforcement in the un-incorporated areas, and hello to even more of this:

    “now, you promise not to do that again? (beat your wife, grow too much pot, destroy private property, steal things, cook and then sell meth, beat your kids, drive drunk repeatedly, beat your neighbor, brandish firearms, ), okay, you run along and have a real good day.”

    take your pick on who will do the worst amount of damage, though Gags does have a bit a head start on Hislop.

  14. I dont know where you got the notion that Kathleen Bryson is “nutso”…maybe you should speak to the numerous clients she has helped in family law, dependency, prosecution, defense not to mention all the pro bono work she does, volunteer work and charitable giving…Allison is great, but she cannot win the whole county. Bryson has what it takes to unite the county and run it efficiently.

    Oh yeah, perhaps you should not take the Times Standard quite so literally too. She did not work for a London firm…just the 3rd largest retailer in the world..Tesco plc. Google that name.

    Take care, and check your facts next time…

  15. Maybe Ms. Bryson should quit posting anonymously.

  16. too true!

  17. Hi this is Kathleen Bryson…I didnt post that but I sure wish that I did. Could have been family or a very protective friend…no one has stepped forward yet but I will keep y’all posted.

    When my website is up, then you can blog away on that…we need to keep the dialogue going.

    The more people that weigh into this election the better. I want to hear from everyone. EVEN those people that think that Daffy Duck is my superior. Man, that was an awesome blog. I will have the humorous mental image of Daffy Duck doing a jury trial for the rest of this election. It will see me through the tough times alright.

    So, blog away. This is fun. Goodbye, Humboldt County (for now).

  18. Josephine Blowe. I do not remember meeting you, but I am sorry that I made such a bad impression. Call me on 268 8600 so that we can discuss the issues. If you think that I am a mini-Gags then I have really given you the wrong impression somehow.

    That is a landline so be patient with a response. It will usually have an actual person to answer it.

    Look forward to meeting you or at least talking with you.

    Kathleen (Bryson)

  19. OK, so whats the gag here? Is this the Dogster, ‘yanking my chain?’

    because if, and a big IF, this is Ms. Bryson, than the situation is dire, indeed. So, Ms. Bryson, just sit down here, good, and I have some special ‘bracelets’ and ‘anklets’ for you to wear. See, they are nice and soft.
    Now, don’t worry about what I’m doing. Ok, then, I have a pill for you….ok, ok, relax, you don’t have to take the pill. Just watch that guy over there, see him, very nice guy…just watch him…keep watching.

    Now, don’t jump like that, it’s all over. See, no blood.
    Now, you will get another injection in about 4 hours and if all goes well, you can take your bracelets and anklets off then. Now, you just relax, take a nap. Everything will be fine……..just fine.

    I might remind you, Ms. Bryson, that attempting to contact and converse with a person (who does not really exist) does not speak well for your chances of being an effective DA. Now, just relax and allow the haldol to clear things up for you.

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