Higgins throws monstrously oversized hat in the ring for supervisor

Being smug never felt so good.

In other batshit crazy news this week we almost forgot to mention, narcissistipsycho Patrick Higgins has announced he’s running for 5th District Supervisor. Higgins currently serves as northern Humboldt County’s representative on the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District. Higgins chairs the Harbor District’s Pompous Asshole Committee, Obnoxious Asshole Committee and the Can We Please Steer the Conversation to Include Talking About Me Committee.

Among the qualifications Higgins is touting as the reason voters in the McKinleyville, Trinidad, Blue Lake, Hoopa, Orick,  and Willow Creek areas should check his box come polling time include talking about fish incessantly, being loud, and being smug at a breathtaking level.

45 Responses

  1. I got trapped listening to him once and honestly felt like I could have taken my own life to end the nightmare. Luckily, the gravitational forces of the sun and moon on Pat’s enormously inflated head pulled him away from me just in time.

  2. Oh my God, you have nailed this dip shit to the wall. Is this a secret missive by a close insider like his wife or perhaps Bob Dorn’s wife ?

  3. Does he actually have a degree in fisheries? He sounds like he has a degree in Verbosity with a minor in Semantics.

  4. You know what I hate about Pete Higgins is the fact that he is such a jerk! What a dip shit! Who does he think he is, God? And have you ever listened to him talk? What a pompous dick!

  5. What’s wrong with a little head?

  6. That’s what his mom thought ,then Pat popped out.

  7. I heard he’s addicted to drugs and loves cheetos.

  8. He and Clif would make a great banjo duet.
    …and the cheetos are appreciated. Really, Really.

  9. Cheetos, and his dong is permanently orange

  10. This dude paired with Marky Mark’s ego? Holy shit ,that’s enough gravity to cause black-hole quantum physics.

  11. I have had many conversations with Patrick Higgins.
    If he pisses off you guys as much as you say, I will vote for him. Heck, I was going to vote for him anyway but you guys just make it all the more fun.

  12. Patrick has some good ideas and clearly knows a lot about fisheries issues. But he’s a one-trick pony who has yet to prove himself as successful at the Harbor District. Why move on to the county post yet?

    As far as his being arrogant, pompous and obnoxious? True, true and unfortunately all too true. When Higgins came on board the Bay District, he made leftie Mike Wilsen seem like a moderate. That’s scary.

  13. Politics is the art of compromise. That is a term that is foreign to Pat. That is why he cannot accomplish much.

  14. I have never heard so much crap from as many as hundreds of people all saying this guy is insane. People I know have said this about him too

  15. He’s eccentric and opinionated,and he’s confident enough in his fact finding to let your hear about it if you disagree,so what.He’s been a good enough commissioner,and I hope he reconsiders running for the supes seat as he provides a needed voice.

  16. Well, the 5th district just got interesting, between this guy and Pat Cleary….all we need is an Elsebusch and we have got ourselves a PARTY!

    We still own some real estate in the 5th district, so some nominal interest, and of course, there is the entertainment factor. Pat Higgins and the magic midget in the same room, I don’t know that there is enough oxygen and carbohydrates in the entire county to support these two magnificent organisms.

    Add in the Bonster, facing a definitive challenge from Mr. Leonard and her Honor, Virginia. My goodness, Bugs, are you go to be able to cover this much bloviating, stumping, and general mayhem with the serious commentary it deserves?

  17. Josephine, you just did.

  18. It’ll be lively jo-blowe

    Hell of an almost anagram josephine.

    It’s curious that when mresquan providers the junior spin the big spin is not far behind. Higgins should leave it to Cleary? Please hold your tickets.

    This horse race is only at the gate.

    And as to earnest heartful bloviating and general mayhem, bugs is among the best bs handicappers in town. The Graphics dept is the big ass long shot closer cruising just off the neck of the favorite.

    Have no fear jo, the deserved serious commentary will be long odds clarity in the fullness of time… in a curious reflection. Get your bet down and just relax under the shade of a cool tree.

    Pick your favorite tree or your best horse for yourself.

    Yup…it’ll be lively

  19. He’s not a bad guy, mresquan – and he does WANT the job. The problem I have, besides the connections to the Humboldt Watershed cabal, is this – what has he DONE FOR THE HARBOR DISTRICT? Besides act as a placeholder for that special interest, besides say “No.” “We can’t” What has he done to recognize that the Harbor District ISN’T all recreation, what has he done besides use that position as a resume booster to once again shoot for the Sup seat? One would think he should ACCOMPLISH something, right? Besides getting elected.

    But I’ll say this – the word is that he is to stand down, the seat has been reserved for Cleary, who is clearing his schedule for a run (no pun intended). The “Loco Solutions” gang has long craved three seats on the Board, with this they’ll have a solid 4. They don’t want Higgins to move from the seat they have secured on the Harbor Commission, something he doesn’t seem to realize.

    He long ago bought the Salzman line hook, line and sinker – opining how Jill “betrayed her base” by daring vote opposite what Salzman decreed – he is about to be smeared with the same shit he has been dishing out.

    For that/those reasons, I have no sympathy. But he has a right to run, the puppetmasters be damned. He’s certainly done more for them than Cleary. They’ve just decided that he is ‘unelectable.’ You get it? It’s his own guys, the ones he thought would support him, who already have the signs printed and ready to go.

  20. Not all the horses are in the gate yet!

  21. “No.” “We can’t” What has he done to recognize that the Harbor District ISN’T all recreation, ”

    He’s opposed the MPA plan and is has voted in favor of Steve Pepper’s short sea shipping barge.

    “I hope he reconsiders running for the supes seat as he provides a needed voice.”
    Meant to write that he provides a needed voice on the Harbor Commission.

  22. Yes, taking a stand against the MPA is a major plus. Maybe there’s hope.

  23. Does anyone know anyone who is FOR the MPLA? Didn’t think so. And he is for short sea shipping. Well good for him. That is what is is suppose to be in support of. Now what else is there to this guy? What? What? I can’t hear you.

  24. Bow-Wow-Wow to you good buddy!

    I do believe I will have a beverage, a mint julep, if you would be so kind.
    Also, my good sir, if you could just fetch my fan, a lady should never be seen to sweat!

  25. horses sweat….Ladies feel the heat.

    Oops… this post isn’t about the DA’s race er, yet. I expect there will be some world class, feeling of the heat in that match race.

    But, as you wish….I’ve been up all night shaving the ice for your julep. Fresh, crushed mint leaves the way you like them. The little parasol too.

    Shall we leave the parasites to the pundits with pent up pomposities and the deep sleaze remorse that populates those tedious presumptions and I would be honored to have the pleasure of your company and the honor of escorting you to the billiards parlor We will then enjoy the spectacle of otherwise refined gentlemen smack balls with sticks when there is no particular destination.

    We have time. The primary is almost six months away

    “Hmmmmm elegant!”

  26. Come on cowboy we need a real populist in this race.

  27. we need a real person in this race.

    Were you wondering about the horse analogy?

  28. Even a worn out race horse would make a better supervisor than Higgins. Crap, a dead horse would make a better supervisor than Higgins. Poop,even an empty bunny suit would make a better supervisor than Higgins. Oh my God, even Bon Bon would make a better supervisor than Higgins.

  29. You make sure and only uses Kentucky burbon now, ya hear?

    Love the billards analogy….and in view of today’s headline in the TS, my only wish right now is to take a pool cue to the back of the head of Paul Gallegos, repeatedly, maybe knock him into the bathtub and wack him in the shoulder too.

    After that, I will take to the site of the Creekside Development and bury him. Sound about right?

  30. “…batshit crazy…narcissistipsycho …Pompous Asshole Committee, Obnoxious Asshole Committee…loud…smug…breathtaking…”

    Gee, this blog really caters to the intelligent reader.

  31. Excluding you Arm the mirror regs are super.

  32. A Call to ‘Arm’s”

    I think you made a good point Arm’s

    It really does cater to the intelligent reader. It’s amazing just how many regular bloggers see this twisted crap for what it is.

    Sometimes it’s poetic, sometimes not so much.

    But you may kindly curtail your righteous indignation. All of the descriptions you recoil from are valid and really, a bit kind.

    Pat is after all…….pat. A fisheries ‘professional.’ Must mean he works at Mr. Fish, not that he has a degree.

    Ok Arm’s you just might want to let it go. but you have to admit the ‘batshit crazy’ remark has a certain allure in a cute, scatological kind of way.

    Besides, you won’t find much in the way of intelligent readers on any of the blogs. Just some narcissistic psycho/ego babble; some more than others but, the really intelligent readers are holed up in Denmark with a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

    Wood fire and no wireless…..no worries. Maybe you should try Heralda for some beatific redemption.

    I just don’t think you’ll get it here. I don’t think you get it…at all.

    Just a thought


  33. keep it up and we will whip your ass that way too.

  34. I don’t think you get it…at all.

    What’s to “get”?

  35. it

  36. the joke. it’s funny. There aren’t really Pompous Asshole and Obnoxious Asshole Committees.

    Not as funny when you have to explain it.

  37. Hope you invested in PBR cans, not bottles Mirror


  38. I love Anne Rand

  39. Who is Anne Rand, and why would we care?

    Ayn Rand. Well, that is entirely different! She is the defacto mascot on the Mirror.

  40. My dog is bigger than your dog and my dog is a very intelligent reader. He love the notes on fish wrappers. He always tries to bite Pat. Smart dog.

  41. sounds like a pat answer.

  42. it’s always so comical how wrong Rose is, and how little she actually knows! Thanks for the entertainment though…

  43. Rose wasn’t too far off though. Salzman emerged beside a Pat.
    Pat Cleary – brought to you by Salzman, Nichols, Stewart, Wooley and Neely.

  44. Sounds like a law firm. Shouldn’t it be Neelly, Woolley, Stewart, Salzman and Nichols?

  45. I said He long ago bought the Salzman line hook, line and sinker – opining how Jill “betrayed her base” by daring vote opposite what Salzman decreed – he is about to be smeared with the same shit he has been dishing out.

    I never said Salzman would be SUPPORTING Higgins.

    The big question now is – will Higgins stay in? Or will he be a good boy and take the shit pay as Harbor Commissioner, while the “Progressive” Machine installs this new and improved model in the more desirable position. There’s no reward at the end of the rainbow for Higgins, from what i can see.

    These aren’t people who reward you, Pat. These are people who use you. You didn’t see it before, but you see it now.

    You have a right to run, Pat. And you don’t necessarily need the big bucks lined up behind you.

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