Neely tries out new campaign slogans

Sure, it's a bit late for the holidays but it definitely fits on yard signs better than "Vote Neely in the extremely off chance that 24 years of this shit hasn't been quite enough for you."


22 Responses

  1. Brilliant.

  2. Can we get the rest of Rob’s pics Mirror?

    What’s it going to take? Or are you saving them for rougher seas?

  3. I love simple-minded Arkley obsessives. I think they would make excellent pets.

  4. Hey, Bonnie has a little Girard pet that minds well.

  5. Google FPPC , under enforcement and looky where Kirk has received a nice little letter about conflict of interest.

  6. lol exactly! This site full of commentators and writers are full of Arkley pets and bitches.

  7. Wow. Knowing how zombie and lemming like the voters of Humboldt county, they’ll probably just vote for her because she’s the incumbent and she’s been there for 24 years. That seems to be the popular voting pattern of people now-adays.

  8. This is tied to the four members of CHERT (County of Humboldt Extraction Review Team) who did not properly fill out their SEIs…whoopty fucking doo.

    Thank god for CHERT, cause if gravel mining review was in the hands of Planning Staff,…well you get the picture.

  9. Bugs, your graphic department rocks!! It is time to throw out the bon bon and turn this county around.
    She controls the whole county and it is time for some common sense-Vote Virginia for 4th district supervisor!

  10. It’s true, the Graphics. Dept. is plagued with a bunch of high school dropouts who can’t spell, but you gotta love them.

  11. But can they drink enough PBR to take a round with the Bon ?

  12. I’ll show you.
    Take that!
    And that!
    And that!
    And that!
    Peace and wewaxation, huh?
    Wubbish! Take that! And that! And that!

    Faust in a bunny suit has me channeling Elmer Fudd,

    Well, anyway, I’m wid of that gwizzwy bear and scwewy wabbit. West and wewaxation at wast!

  13. Be vewwy, vewwy quiet…I’m hunting wabbits!
    “I may be a scwewy wabbit, but I’m not going to Awcatwaz!”
    “Wisten to the whythmic whythm of the woodwinds as it wowws awound and awound…and it comes out here!”
    “Sywvester……the handwing of money is a gweat wesponsibiwity.”

  14. This picture of Bon Bon is enough to make alot of people vomit.

  15. I LIKE IT

  16. But the picture of Ralphie is soooo cute!

  17. I’m just shocked that you haven’t brought up the Arkleys yet knowing your fascination with them

  18. Don’t think Virginia would be an improvement. At least Jeff Leonard has a list of things he has done for the community.

  19. SVFFM= baykeeper troll

  20. How am I a Baykeeper troll? Are you crazy enough to think I support these anti-progress so called environmentalists? Petey and Bonnie are Larry’s bitches and they deserve to get their asses handed to them. They’re an anti Arkley group under the guise of a group that allegedly gives a shit about the environment

  21. My bad SVFFM, I read your post incorrectly. I hate paykeeper too. GRRRRRRR!

  22. Exactly. You are forgiven lol. Thanks for being on the good side 😀 Of all of the nasty skin irritating contaminants that fall into the bay courtesy of the dicks at sun valley, I’m surprised that Petey hasn’t complained about that yet. I guess he wants to focus on cases involving the Arkleys like his prog bitches. My back broke out in rashes there!!!

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