Mirror HQ Suffers Major Quake Damage

Holy shit was that crazy. (Actual damage to Mirror HQ slightly exaggerated.)

Saturday’s large earthquake that rattled the North Coast and subsequently lead to the Eureka City Council’s emergency decision to allow the demolition of an historic  Old Town structure also seriously damaged Humboldt Mirror Headquarters. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

By the way, the Graphics Dept. was unaware that any temblor even occurred. Way to go guys. Now get back to work. And no, there won’t be any FEMA money for your losses of beer during the natural disaster. Losers.


16 Responses

  1. Looks like the liquify filter suffered a little…

  2. …bit

  3. What earthquake?

  4. When you see the cracks going through old town and the destruction at the bayshore mall, it makes you think about what type of future buildings should be allowed in the land fill areas adjacent to the bay.

  5. That’d be a PBR brewery.

  6. Oh, please! Target, Costco, the Adorni, the Warfinger et al are in fine shape. Kohls was open for business on Sunday. There is no evidence that new construction adjacent to the Bay needs to be micro managed.

    You can try waving that red flag, but I don’t think you will find may who will salute it. There is no evidence to support your argument.

  7. Welcome back Bugs. I was getting worried about you.

  8. I figure “Paykeeper” will sue to stop the demolition of Old Town Bar and Grill building… once they found out Arkley owned it. “”Precious, precious, precious!” Gollum cried. “My Precious! O my Precious!”.”

  9. Paykeeper will surely sue if he can find any possible loop hole he can to jump in.

  10. Pete is already on it.

    He’s discovered and has already filed complaints with the Coastal Commission and PETA over the mistreatment and potential environmental degradation as a consequence of two large beasts that Arkley had secreted in the basement of the OTG&G.

    Yes it’s true bugs. It’s a new level of strategic hubris. Baykeeper is not only suing for willful, egregious animal cruelty but also di-oxen contamination.

    So it’s a double dang whoopie because the Beekeepers get a settlement either way.

    I mean, if Arkley demolishes the building, it is a compromise of protected oxen habitat requiring serious mitigation and if they keep the poor animals in the coastal zone, the Bay will be further contaminated by an infusion of non native biologic influences.

    For my part, I think it’s bullshit.

    But, they don’t let me out much.


  11. I like the sound wave. That must be someone saying “Are we having an earthquake?” … followed by drunken panic.

  12. Too bad it didn’t take down everything in all of your headquarters

  13. Harsh.

  14. Mr. Mole, stop being so snippy. This blog is an oasis of humor in an increasing dark world.

  15. I’m being snippy about these blogs because it is blogs that bring out the rampant stupidity and animousity of normal people because they can hide behind a computer.

  16. How true; anyone can make up a name and post anything from the comfort of their anonymous pseudonym. I just don’t see why respectable moles and other rodents are drawn to respond.

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