T-S spy cam captures cause of mystery quake

We should have known one of the Fat Guys was somehow involved.

Leaving for another day any question as to why there’s a surveillance camera inside the Times-Standard’s newsroom, this footage, ostensibly of a dog predicting the earthquake, actually shows Chris Durant causing the earthquake when he trundles his rotund self out of his chair to make sure the dog wasn’t beating him to the taco truck. Watch.

74 Responses

  1. Anderson Cooper doesn’t know what the dog was doing in the newsroom…THAT makes perfect sense to me as the presence of a well behaved dog improves almost any working environment but what I don’t understand is why the hell the newsroom is such a pigsty BEFORE the earthquake. I was a regular visitor to the Eureka Reporter when we were all lucky enough to have it and no such mess existed there. So the video proves that dogs behavior is a predictor of an earthquake but perhaps something else is proven in the video? Crappy mess of a newsroom corrulates to crappy excuse for a newspaper?

  2. millisecond prediction? i don’t think so.

    fat reporter running out faster than women and probably children in the building……yes. shit he didn’t even look back.

  3. funny, funny, funny!

  4. The camera was installed in June of 2008 to monitor Donna Tam’s keyboard.

    It’s an Israeli made “TSTypoView 2000” and is state of the art.

    Its the same camera they used to find OsamaBinLaden.

  5. Ugh, Anderson Cooper. Blechhhh.

  6. Check this out:
    CCTV footage has emerged of a news station office in North Carolina seconds before an eathquake struck on January 9.
    It shows a dog idly passing the time on the floor before, apparently without any duress, springing up and making a swift exit.
    Seconds later seats swing out of position, draws slip open and fixtures and fittings begin to wobble. Then, the shuddering really starts.
    While our K9 friend has escaped prior to the quake, people dash for the exits when the room begins to shake forcibly.
    The only question is, why didn’t man’s best friend warm his unaware human collegues?…

  7. Most newsrooms are pigsties. Those that are clean are probably questionable.

  8. Ok now. The whole dog thing is hereby DEBUNKED!
    Watch the latest vid posted above by Rose. It shows a second angle where the room begins to shake at 17:21:38.

    In the first video, the dog “boldts” at 17:21:38.

    Mystery solved.

  9. some one smarter than me wrote:
    The dog felt the initial compressional seismic P-waves that hit well in advance of seismic surface S-waves that you can visually see in the video. The P-waves occur like a bang or bump that can be easily be unnoticed by people. The period between the two types of seismic waves is how you determine the distance from the epicenter. The time gap may be as much as 30-45 seconds which gives human observers the impression that the animals can sense the earthquake before it happens, when in fact, they are just sensing the initial seismic waves release by the earthquake, before humans do.

  10. Well, the camera’s timers could be out of sync, kinda like those “how fast are you going?” things in the “safety corridor.”

  11. They (The ER) were more worried about having a clean newsroom and wearing ties than putting out real news. Every real newsroom in the country looks like that. I grew up in a newsroom and they have always been cluttered.

  12. wow rose…wow

  13. Anderson doesn’t know what the dog was doing in the newsroom?
    Well, Hell, Anderson, at the Times Standard, the dogs actually write the news. It’s a well known fact around here.

  14. Ya, Chris Durant sucks!

  15. Not the video – the TYPO! North CAROLINA, not Northern CALIFORNIA, sheesh.

  16. Just thought it was funny.

  17. You have a good story there, except the ER was much better with local news than the TS.

  18. Durant’s cool, but the dog did scoop him on the earthquake news.

  19. yeah….

    but I don’t like to talk about it

  20. I’d be very willing to bet that you are way too yellow-bellied to say that to Durant’s face.

  21. Dog? Do you know Sara? Humboldt County’s other famous literary dog…

  22. Let’s just say Rose that I know of Sara.

    We haven’t been formally introduced but, I hope to have the honor during the next heat wave.

    I know her ghost writer better.

    R trent’s epistles are legend in the dog world. That is, when it comes to epistling on every tree, he takes the cake.

    Hell, sensing earthquakes is a simple matter of p over s waves. Easy for a dog. The hard part (heh) is knowing where to run when the jackal hides his scent. And any good dog knows what you have to roll around in to get that
    strange business done.

    Ahh, Rose dogs hunt in different ways.

    Unlike spiders, we do not engage in ‘webs of lies’

  23. I know of Sara, too, dog. And you’re no Sara

  24. Rose always speaks truth to power.

  25. All of you anonymous cowards can eat one (I know that opens me up for more fat guy jokes), especially you Mirror. If any of you ever had one ounce of integrity you wouldn’t cower behind your anonymous postings and you would actually submit intelligent or humorous comments that may have some benefit to society instead of these corrosive comment pages resembling junior high school yards. I’m glad I got thick skin (insert other fat joke here) because if I didn’t I’d become obsessive about tracking you all down to give you the opportunity to tell me your thoughts to my face like a man or woman.

    I should have listened to my coworkers when they said don’t bother with this piece of crap blog, but I was compelled to be on the record defending myself.

    And Mirror, I knew Capt. Buhne, Capt. Buhne was a friend of mine. You sir, are no Capt. Buhne.

  26. And Mirror, I knew Capt. Buhne, Capt. Buhne was a friend of mine. You sir, are no Capt. Buhne.

    Actually, I think he’s better, although Buhne still rocks.

  27. So does Arkley fund this Mirror or are your noses really that far up his ass?

  28. F.J.? Come on, who do you think you are fooling? You are not Frank Jager. If you are, prove it.

  29. Wow, I know you have an obsessive endless collection of opinions when you rant about an innocent dog

  30. Of course he does! Maintaining the shittyness that the Times-Slandard has been know for for 100s of years! He loves mis-reporting information intentionally and using his own opinions for news articles

  31. Oh snap! You told him you misinformed untrained Times Slandard reporter. Yo9u’ve just been served Hum Bug! lol. By the way, stop putting your opinions in your news pieces

  32. I guess someone had to bring up the Arkley’s in a blog post that didn’t even call for it. Leave it to your Arkley fetish

  33. Slow news day for you bug? Way to be an immature 10 year old by insulting a semi-normal reporter’s physique

  34. And yet journo after journo has no problem going over to that other anonymous blog, bowing before the Heraldo throne, tossing what they hope are witty rejoinders at her feet.

  35. Mole, it’s kind of an in-the-beltway joke, isn’t it? I mean Faulk and Durant refer to THEMSELVES as Fat Guys On Film… no?

  36. Not any more. When was the last time you read one of those? It’s been like three years.

    We called ourselves that, with our names right under it.
    We’re not hiding behind some server like most of the wussies here.
    And to further make my point, where are all the haters now that I went on the record 24 hours ago? Speechless, just as I thought. F’n worthless.

    And Ryan’s new video is why all the rest of these wastes of kilobytes should just stop. Take a cooking class or something, perhaps try some non marijuana related gardening.

  37. where is your outrage over on Heraldo’s blog?

    Oh yeah, they mirror (hehe) your views…

  38. No, I don’t have much time to search around on blogs throughout the day and this one was only brought to my attention through colleagues and since they (the mirror) went on a personal attack I felt compelled to defend myself. I don’t even know about or read Geraldo Rivera’s blog (I’m assuming that’s who you’re talking about).

    Did Geraldo comment on my weight too?

    Man Anderson Cooper didn’t even sink that low.

    But my “outrage” can be translated to any anonymous blog host or comment poster. Worthless, spineless barnacles who use real journalists’ hard work to make themselves feel clever. Stop playing Lou Grant and go back to work.

  39. Chris Durant can eat us out of this recession!

  40. HEY CHRIS!

  41. That’s all you guys got, fat jokes. Man, like I’ve never heard those before. Keep it up, you’re making my point for me.

    And signing your comments “Cheese Dick” and “Maude in the Middle” doesn’t count as not being anonymous.

    Man, this is kind fun. I can’t wait to read the next round of genius to spurt from your fingertips.

    I think I found a new hobby.

  42. Well, anyway, your video should be qualifying for ads being placed on it – it’s been linked on Drudge and a million other places – that can earn you a fair amount of money – I’d be happy, Chris!

    Seriously – Congratulations. It’s very cool.

  43. ok cheese dick. you can have the name back

  44. lighten up…

  45. anonymous speech is a corner stone of democracy, as much as confidential news sources. being fat is part of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. you shouldn’t be ashamed of your zeal for democracy.

  46. Chris, your comments show a nasty lapse in judgment. Debating with these anonymous rats who are 12 year olds are completely pointless. Why are you degrading yourself like this? Looking for more opinions to put into news articles in your shitty paper?

  47. Yeah because that Durant is such a frightful fellow, isn’t he? Like the Mossad, only just the one of him and without any sort of, you know, skills.

  48. Sorry, Steve, did Arkley cause the earthquake and we missed it? What dumbugs we can be.

  49. Oh my god you’re fucking crying! That is priceless. Chris, Chris, Chris. You were part of the joke until you made yourself the butt of it.

  50. Oh good, because I found a new hobby too. Laughing at your cry-baby fat ass. Your psychological breakdown might be one of the funniest things ever to occur on this blog, and there’s been some funny shit. Thank you for the biggest laugh I’ve had since Glenn Franco Simmons left town.

  51. Ha! Hysterical, unanonymous.

  52. Three years? The ‘Fat Guys on Film’ moniker you and Falk adopted apparently has staying power. Rose is right, the video clip is cool. Dog resting, dog bolting, room shaking, a man runs out – centered in the camera view, he looks left, right, then exits stage left! It is great! Reminiscent of Keaton, Chaplin!

  53. Has anyone wondered how or why “security” cam footage at the Times-Stanturd was released on the Internet for some intern at Anderson Cooper to stumble across? Doesn’t seem right. I am guessing Durant uploaded the clip…or the other fat one….Falk.

    Otherwise, I am very happy to watch Durant’s cryfest because he’s “Mr. Serious” journalist guy now….who once appeared with Falk in a Photoshop photo in the T-S that showed the two “Fat Guys on Film” on the Eureka REporter’s Billboard on the 101. Very serious journalism.

    Oh wait…I forgot about that time the Fatsos huffed burning treated wood and hung out with Eureka bums on the Balloon Track under the ruse of investigative journalism that even the Media Maven couldn’t pass up dissing.

  54. I wonder WHY there is a spycam in the newsroom at all. That oughtta be ripped out of the wall. What are we coming to as a country?

  55. this blog sucks

  56. Of course it does Einstein

  57. Wow, really Rose? You must be the only one in the entire North Coast that must not know that. Ever hear of Cherie Arkley?

  58. The T-S cam(s) was installed because a few things went missing inside locked offices that only a few people had keys to. Rather than go on a witch hunt, they put in a few cameras and a few dummy cameras to help catch (and deter) the thieves.
    The newsroom of every paper on the planet looks like the T-S’ newsroom. Having worked at the Reporter, I can say that their obsessive cleanliness was more important than newsgathering. They would rather fire someone for violating the dress code or newsroom cleanliness rules than pat them on the back for doing a good job. The ER wasn’t a paper, it was a tool for Arkley to get his childish frustration out against the T-S. The only reason the whole crew didn’t mutiny is that they were mostly HSU grads and dropouts who had been brainwashed by Marcy Burstiner to hate the T-S without thought or question. They thought that their amateurish attempts at reporting were somehow valuable.
    As for Durant, well, yeah he’s fat, and he admits it. Yeah, the quake was scary and everyone in the paper bolted for the door without thinking. What we don’t see in the camera footage is what everyone else is doing. Apparently everyone was running to the door and Durant was simply the closest to said door. If you watch the footage you can see him nearly lose it in the stairwell before holding the door open for the ladies. Also, the Quake Dog can be seen right on the heels of her owner in the stairwell footage.

    One last thing: Mirror, you are the biggest chickenshit coward since Heraldo. You are the worst kind of person and I really hope that when you are outed with the rest of the anonny bloggers that someone finds you and beats the living shit out of you.

  59. Kudos.
    That was pretty good.
    You should start your own blog.

  60. Someone had to make them hate the times standard? WOW! What a genius you must be. have you noticed how easy it is to hate them nowadays? Have you noticed why people are calling it derogatory names?

  61. Bring back the E-R!

    The liberal idiots at the T-S deserve what’s coming to em’

  62. Wow!
    I totally loved your post until the last sentence.
    What was your name again crazoid?

  63. I used to work at the ER too, but not the T-S. While it’s true that cleanliness and the dress code were a top priority, I don’t recall anyone ever getting fired for not adhering to the dress code. Oh wait, there was one chick who got fired for wearing camouflage cutoff pants and a t-shirt after being warned repeatedly about her unprofessional attire. Please tell me what job would put up with that?

    I have seen a number of professional newsrooms and NONE of them looked like the T-S’s. Piles of shit everywhere does not necessarily equal talent or great journalism.

  64. Please tell me what job would put up with that?

    One with a soul.

  65. I did not say this – again spoofed

  66. Thanks crazoid; you really proved your point by hiding behind a name. Do you think people would be as honest (and brutal) if they used their real names? Why don’t you use yours? In a small town being anonymous lets folks say what they think without getting ostracized by the left or the right. It’s a blog, not a newspaper upholding some sense of journalistic integrity, which lately seems to be an oxymoron in itself. Start your own blog if you think you can do better.

  67. HOLY CRAP, I”M SO FAT!!!!!

  68. This blog is an embarrassment to anyone affiliated with it.

    Humbug, do the community a favor and take it down.

    There is no good reason for you to attack people when you’re not even getting paid to do it.

    Get a job.

  69. OK, next time I get screened at the gate of an international flight, I hope the person who may or may not be professional or providing the service we expect and rely on them to is wearing what’s “cool” and “comfy” rather than a uniform, or a range of clothes within a “dress code.”

  70. Because that really doesn’t instill confidence in a product…in this case…a newspaper.

  71. Just for the record, anytime a student of mine told me he or she was interviewing with the Eureka Reporter and had a choice of going to the Times-Standard, I said that getting a job at the Times-Standard was a much better career move. In my mind, I didn’t see any difference between working for a paper owned by Rob Arkley or working for one owned by Dean Singleton except that Singleton owned a lot more papers that one could end up working for. I also warned them that at the Eureka Reporter the blind edited the blind. While I might disagree with some of the decisions made at the Times-Standard, the folks there have and had a whole lot more experience than those at the Reporter. The problem was that the Times-Standard stopped hiring from the local pool of people and were largely looking outside of the region when jobs opened up. I don’t hate the Times-Standard I just wish it could live up to the high potential I think it has and that wish makes me a frustrated reader.

    Marcy Burstiner

  72. When Channel 3 and Channel 6 had competing News segments, they (the owners) both paid more money and attention to doing a good job. Even then, the on-air reporters were paid less per hour than the Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick girl at the Mall.

    When the Eureka Reporter was here, it certainly seemed that Singleton devoted a little more money and care to the TS. As soon as the competition went away, the situation deteriorated.

    Now the reporters at the Times Standard are working in near impossible conditions (not quite as bare bones as the Eureka Reporter in its early days, but…) Too few reporters trying to cover the news, no longer paid to attend meetings they need to report on – they get bashed all the time.

    Knock it off. If you want better reporting, you have to support it. You have to buy the ads that support the paper.

    If you like the independents – The Eye, The Journal, The McK Press, The Independent, The Ferndale Enterprise – you better step up to the plate and support them. They don’t exist just for your pleasure, they are people working, a job, for pay, to support their own families, and hopefully move up in the world. And without your support they will be gone.

    Support the papers. And, dammit, support the BUSINESSES that buy the ads that support the papers that keep the news business thriving. The way it is right now, this community is supporting the job-killers, and the papers are only one of those suffering the effects.

    And while reporters should not be influenced by who is buying ads, specifically – you don’t NOT run a story about St. Joes, or the casino, for example just because they are an advertiser – in GENERALl, the reporters who have chosen to champion the job-killers are in effect not only cutting their own throats by contributing to the demise of this entire community.

    That’s a tangent – and a rant – but the point is – quit bashing on the reporters. Give them some credit, some encouragement and some respect.

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