Mielke’n It

North Coast Journal features Mirror for 38th issue in a row.

35 Responses

  1. ER would never say such hateful things. They were the best citizins is Humboldt. Shame on the rest of you. I wish Arkley would buy you all and sell you into slavery, he should have all the power.

  2. Now I know why Rob Arkley hates all you people, you’re all idiots! He’s the only one that’s smart enough to do ANYTHING! Can’t you dumb libs see that you’re evil! It’s time to give Eureka over to the real Americans: The Arkleys. The rest of you can go pig out with that flaming fat lib Chris Durant.

  3. Here you go:
    Need any more proof who’s right?
    There is hope for this county yet.
    Bring back the ER.

  4. oh shit rose… you just put durant and co in their place. in 2010, conservatives take back congress. in 2012, Palin becomes president
    in 2014, Arkley becomes God. things will be better then. bye bye durant!

  5. You got it almost right: Arkley 4 Prez!

  6. Agreed.

  7. Here is Sarah’s 4th grade history report

  8. LOL! Cool. Someone impersonated myself posting something I didn’t write. Sweet. What an honor. Being imitated randomly with the correct information on a random crappy blog. Do I dare deserve the honor! lol. The impressive thing is that you got most of what I would say exactly correct! Great job. One thing you did miss out on is the Sarah Palin thing. We don’t need another female George Bush bitch in the White House.

  9. lol. Oh this is too funny. What email are you using in this posting? You know, the one that determines the user icon to the right?

  10. For the record, I did not post that – above.

  11. We’re being spoofed?

  12. Apparently we are. Some dude screwing with our heads

  13. I’m guessing most names on this thread are fakes.

  14. Yeah, I agree with you Rose. All of these names are fake, I bet.

  15. Why didn’t they include me in the strip? The queen of the Humboldt blogosphere deserves more respect!

  16. You’ve got that right! Palin for Vice President!

  17. Aww… you’ll always be queen Rose.

  18. Give it time, Rose. They will soon. Apparently they pay attention to this blog and others. It should only be a matter of time. Your moment of publicity will come in the local paper soon 🙂

  19. THAT – at 3:02 – is not me.

  20. That can be solved.

  21. Yes. It can.

  22. Please delete or notate:

  23. Testing – 4;10, 4:13 and 4;29 are me – and I hope you can block this guy.

  24. I think Joel did miss an opportunity though.

    Another panel could have been


    (cheese stands alone)

  25. Bugs – I am asking you to post the IP address of the spoofer. This is not cool.

  26. I am very much looking forward to the end of watchpaul, mole. Hopefully that day will come in June.

  27. I think I’m having an identy crisis

  28. errr, identity crisis, dang typos

  29. 6:11 and 6:15 are not me. Check the IP. Pretty good imitation, Sara.

  30. lol. Someone is trying to harass the local blogworld and screw over everyone LOL

  31. nobody is spoofing my cheese dick yet…..

  32. yes they are

  33. Joel also missed this one on, Watchpaul:

    “Humboldt’s pact with devil Gallegos cause of quake”

    (apologies to Pat Robertson)

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