Panic at the BK

For those of you worried that the Times-Standard’s Chris Durant was seriously butt-hurt about being featured in the Mirror’s expanded earthquake coverage, fret not. The YouTube sensation and slender half of the former Fat Guys has taken his spy-cam panic routine to fine dining establishments across the North Coast. His schedule of appearances is posted on the Times-Standard’s website, right under the notice stating that off-loading several hundred million dollars of debt in bankruptcy will have absolutely zero impact on the Media News Group’s operations.

What, me worry?

24 Responses

  1. Wow look at you guys. You just keep getting more and more mature with these postings, don’t you now?

  2. Slender half?

  3. I don’t get it. Anyhow, how about some substance. Lots going on with the GPU… The FRC is going to present their recommendations to the PC on the draft Forest Resources policies for the General Plan this Thursday.

  4. That’s some funny shit right there.
    It must have taken, what, 15 minutes to carve that out?
    Nice tonal match too!

    I would hate to see what happens if Bonnie has a speech in front of the blue screen.

  5. 15 minutes? Try 3 hours to complete this little gem. Have you tried masking out a 400 pound man from a background image after drinking 15 PBRs?

  6. Well, no. Normally, I would be carving out a woman but tits are tits. right?

  7. We at Planet Tapperass were butt-hurt to discover the man in the picture was not Billy Mays. I guess Billy Mays is still dead then?

  8. Like so much of what we post here, we have absolutely no idea if it’s true.

  9. I don’t like Chris Durant!
    Boo to whiny, dumb liberals…
    Why do we let them breath…
    Me want freedom!

  10. Bugs! It is pruning time! Get your shears out so you can clip the errant Rose.

  11. That was not Rose for sure.

  12. Obviously 7:12 has a Rose fixation. I think that if 7:12 insists on using someone elses name instead of anonymous or something made up, then he/she/it ought to go on perma block.

    Don’t mind the comment, just the sara the dog salzman antics.

  13. Thanks for the fix…
    It was probably some lib…
    Wish we could deport them all!
    Viva El Arkley!

  14. Where is Mirror HQ? I need a burger… Feed me Seymour…

  15. Me likey!

  16. James, you’re fat man. Quit frontin’. Mirror Rocks!

  17. Oh yeah right. You are so not Chris Kerrigan. Prove it. Tell me exactly in which part of Eureka you reside in. What is your Facebook network? How old are you exactly

  18. Looks like Humbug is up to his old tricks. Sad.

  19. Still not Rose.

    But Graphics Dept, Durant’s pose reminds me a lot of
    old picture of bigfoot

    hmmmmmmm just a thought

  20. I did not say this – again spoofed!

  21. She’s right. She was spoofed again. Notice how Rose’s icon is a picture of a rose and the spoofer’s isn’t?

  22. The spoofer has an odd fixation with the Eureka Reporter, and with insulting reporters at the Times Standard.

  23. Seeing you anon blog people get pissed off and worked up over something so simple is fucking hilarious

  24. If you’re going to impersonate someone properly, get their email address and post it in your reply so at least you get the user post icon correct

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