Babydaddy Edwards admits the obvious

John Edwards, left, and Chris Kerrigan share a passion for politics, personal integrity and cutting-edge hair design.

Okay, so probably no one will file this story under “shocking.” We at the Humboldt Mirror are not exactly in the know, if you will, and even we saw this coming months ago.

But somehow the former presidential candidate and Chris Kerrigan idol still retains his ability to impress. Take for example this line from the news article: “Edwards’ admission today …  indicates that his relationship with Hunter [Rielle] continued months after his wife announced that her cancer had returned and that it was incurable.”

Nice. Well, stay classy, John. Stay classy.

25 Responses

  1. Wow. A politician that has been caught doing something the Puritans think is nasty???

    Gosh- thats never happened in all of history, huh?

    So we all keep choosing sides- as if they are really any different- and fight and argue (&hate?) our neighbors, while the pols make 6 figures, pay few taxes, and enjoy life while the rest of us lose our jobs………….

  2. “I’m too sexy for my pants, too sexy..”. Not!

  3. Yep, this blog is a prime example of how dumb our constituency has become.

  4. Kerrigan – yep a real trooper… related directly to Adolph Hitler. Yes, THAT Adolph. Got it? Similar sized members we’ve heard – from Charlene the Alley One.

    Laughing our asses off.

  5. I second that! Is this how low Humboldt politics has gone? Whoa look, that guy has nice hair

  6. My pants on the ground,pants on the ground. These two dudes are the real base of support for Pat Cleary.

  7. So Bugs…
    Have you retired? Nothing of interest since Christmas “vacation”. I’m going back to Heralda, if she’ll have me.

  8. Retired? Not us. We have been in Haiti helping rescue people who are even worse off than those in the Fifth District who may have to chose between Pat Higgins and Pat Cleary.

  9. a little bird whispered in my ear that there may be a better choice coming up. Cleary is a carpetbagger affiliated with the slimy prog’s and pat is a legend in his own mind. Either would make the 5th district a bad place to live and work.

  10. Cleary is a nice fellow that just doesn’t see how insulting his “I’ll fix Humboldt” attitude is to our community. Typical big shot bullshit. Where are the everyday working crowd and all the kids ?

  11. Yes! Finally someone in the race who is not paid for by Saltzman, Miller and the Bon Bon. I was begining to think that independant thought was lost in the 5th.

    It will be an interesting runoff between Sundberg and Higgins.

  12. He’s a decent, intelligent person.

    Clearly unqualified to win in this twisted race. But, more than well qualified to serve.

  13. Dog, u what ? Who the hell do you think is qualified to run in this race ? Maybe I’m not feeling you but this confuses me.

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA… nice!

  15. maybe you big boy.

    This race is so devoid of character maybe even a walking twit can win.

    Tall stakes….tall grass….tall palm trees if you get my meaning.

    It’ll be a claiming race in a polarized district where only fools walk in.

    except one.

    Sundberg is not a tool. He’s a decent guy who is woefully unprepared for this crapfest. But, he can win.

    Still, I’ve always liked a little mayo on my Patties. Just a personal preference. Honor will take a beating in this race.

    But honor will prevail.

    Confused?….don’t feel alone. Just be beautifully confused…… the rest of us.

    There are two damn fools and some possibilities.

    Be content.

    Your faithful


  16. The Fifth is no more polarized than the rest of the County – Country even – maybe less so. We’ve gotta get rid of the Ken Miller influence is all. Or rather don’t let it in. He’s working all his angles, and he has his angels of despair pimping for him.

  17. those are TERRIBLE hair cuts! jeez-US.

  18. What? This is some serious fashion-forward hotness, friend!! Where’ve you been?

  19. Where does the 8:05 club come into this? See them Wednesdays AM at Wildberries. Hear the dirt, feel the pain, and probably start a fight. What fun.

  20. has anybody else noticed all of that white gunk on the corners of kerrigans mouth?? is that from all of the prozac??

  21. The Mirror has attended an 805 meeting, let him tell us a little bit about it.

  22. So what do Edwards acolytes like Chris Kerrigan and Shane Brinton think of John Edwards’ moral authority now?

  23. they wish there WERE Edwards…always thought it was strange that Kerrigan didn’t beat the Edwards drum once he returned home. Now he is just the lowly Judge Bancucci’s loser grndson working at the Arcata pot clinic and sucking up to the Bon Bon.

  24. Seems as good a place as any to post a remembrance of Elizabeth Edwards. An intelligent, loyal and strong individual. She faced cancer, marital infidelity and national exposure of both (at the same time!) with a diginity and graciousness that the rest of us can only aspire to. She was a lesson in courage.

    John Edwards got more than he will ever deserve.

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