Bomb squad detonates bike light, reputation

This thing had Unabomber written all over it.


Except for the bomb. Which was notably not in evidence.

When not causing cities to be evacuated, this Arcata resident acts in Geico commercials.


23 Responses

  1. I didn’t know officer Barbrady left South Park and is now working for APD. Go figure!

  2. Major dufus’.

  3. Hey, that guy looks like the Geico caveman !!

  4. Start a list of those who think APD and the HCSO bomb squad overreacted. Next time there is a possible explosive device call they can give you a call and have YOU go see if it blows up or not. I’ll be standing back behind that building over there watching you blown to smithereens! HAHAHAHA

  5. read the caption dummy

  6. Blowing up a bicycle light. Oh my. Yup. Over-reacting does come to mind.

  7. If you are saying all suspicious packages are not to be laughed at, I agree.

    In today’s world, suspicious packages are just not a laughing matter. I would hope law enforcement would always err on the side of caution.

    What’s up, Bugs, earthquake got you down? We haven’t exactly seen a plethora of red meat from you lately and this one was a bit overcooked IMO.


  8. On the other hand, if they had not taken it seriously and it was indeed an explosive devise, then what would we think of them?

    I am not an alarmest, but considering where we are in today’s world, I would rather law enforcement take everything seriously even if they find nothing.

    How about you?

  9. That’s the last time I try to smuggle a bike light to Redding in my crotch…

  10. So easy a caveman could do it.

  11. Anybody have a link to a blog that has some interesting content?

  12. Barb, I’d love to help out in you son’s campaign. Are you still looking for a campaign manager?

  13. Suck.

  14. Spoofed, and using my avatar – someone has set up and account apparently, using the same user name and using my avatar.

  15. It was time.

  16. So fickle, old friend. Sometimes that whole J-O-B thing gets in the way of our recreational blogging. Try not to go all sour grapes on our shit, okay? Jeez.

  17. So you don’t want to help on my son’s campaign?


  18. Arg, spoofed again!

    Dang typos

  19. does this mean we’ll never know who’s who in this world of anonymous trash talk?

  20. Come on, don’t be giving us that “I only do this for fun” line again. We’re assuming you’ve been distracted by some other black ops errands for your corporate bosses.

  21. (deleted)

  22. Why do you need teleprompters to listen to a classroom ful of kids?

  23. Just curious…if it was no biggie, why the fake address?

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