Can we get some fries with that shake?

Even in this economy, Sneaky Pete and the Bon Bon have been fortunate enough to find supplemental employment that makes full use of their skill-sets.

23 Responses

  1. What happened to your photoshop skill-set graphic department?

    Are you busy waiting tables as well?

  2. Borrrrrrrrrring

    2010 has been a real dud for you thus far Mirror. Let’s get this rig back in gear!

  3. Pretty slow day for you guys eh?

  4. I think they are retired…or tired…or retarded. Whatever!
    But I still hold out hope. We need an alternative to Heralda. Buck up buttercup…You can do this!

  5. Wow, I used to be a conservative but have decided to switch sides since right-wingers aren’t funny.

  6. Tough crowd.

  7. Everyone on the internet is a tough crowd genius

  8. How about all of the above?

  9. WTF did that photo come from?
    MS Paint?

  10. I worry the Graphics Dept will attempt to portray your name with their limited talent. Swiss cheese dick, Limberger cheese dick, the mind reels…

  11. Rob Arkley probably thinks this post is funny, but at least your priorities are clear.

  12. Dynamohum,

    Really? You’ve turned on us that quick? WTF?

  13. No Way… I actually wanted to see you try (tee hee).
    Don’t tell cheese dick…shhh!
    It’s only 8:00am and I,m going to pop a PBR just to renew our friendship.

  14. Wow! How did I get to be anonymous. It’s like being a virgin again (kinda like Heralda – that scum sucking biatch). I digress. Maybe I can sign up as “Not another Rose 2”.
    Still Dyna, no matter what they say.

  15. Hey Rob, let’s dust off that camera and get to work!

  16. Good to see my photo getting used again.
    Your check’s in the mail.

  17. Is Rob going to enter that photo in the Humboldt Arts Councils next member show?

  18. No, Bill Pierson is.

  19. from left to right. sack of shit- shit eater-full of shit-shit on the public

  20. I step away for a few days and this?
    Please cheese dick me. PLEASE!
    hint: dept.

  21. That’s a nice fireplace in the background, where is that?

  22. Wait, Pete is much fatter than that!

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