Guest Graphic….the presidential “Applausometer”

Thanks to loyal Mirror reader Dynamohum for this gem. Dynamohum and The Mirror Statistics Dept. teamed up and crunched the numbers after Pres. Obama’s State of the Union borefest on Wednesday. The following is the breakdown on how members of Congress and the other government officials in attendance reacted.


28 Responses

  1. Funny, I noticed and was thinking the same thing. Nancy Pelosi must have had to go to physical therapy on Thursday from the stress on her old grisled legs from jumping up and down so many times.

  2. Is RA gonna cut a separate check for DH?


    “That’s the leadership we are providing”. That’s the last statement I could handle. I hate listening and watching these debacles I don’t think I can watch Nancy Pelosi jump to her feet in adoration one more time.

    Is there technology to show the “Applausometer”? Maybe that will be on FOX.
    How about a program that shows the entire assembly when they “Don’t clap”, “Clap”, “Stand and clap”, “Stand and clap and grin like morons” (I love the Supreme Court). Maybe they could have a pie chart.

    This event is the epitomy of political theatre and self flagellation of the ruling political elite. It abhors me to watch and listen to the rhetorical bullshit. They truly believe that the “people”, who they so condescendingly refer to, swallow this crap.. The money spent in Washington and on Wall Street is insane compared to what we as humans need to survive and find happiness in our lives.

    Shame on them all…Bush for his mantra of fear and war. Now Obama with his fake promises (both from the campaign and tonight in his “next great speech”). Where’s the beef? He sounds great and delivers nothing.

    God help us all.


  4. What? No purple?

  5. Blue is the new purple.

  6. I Wish!

  7. No, purple is the new blue. Dontcha know? It means “we are more bi-partisan than you, – fingers and toes crossed.”

  8. Dyna….brillant baby, brillant!

    I watched about 2/3 of the speech, in between cries of “Mom, we don’t watch to watch the president, we want to watch “Wizards of Waverly Place.” There you have it, Disney outranks the Big O.

    Nancy…..Nancy, Nancy, Nancy…it is called botulinum toxin for a reason. After a while your face starts to resemble a mask, with weird eyeholes, and for goodness sake, get some restylyne for your lips! When you are spouting platitudes and bullshit, at least look good!

    I must say, the smackdown to the Supreme Court, either a display of testicles at last or sheer idiocy at it’s finest. Time will tell. I understand he was smack the GOP around today, good luck with that. But, I do believe that the times they are a changin’, and with hope we will see some local change too!

    I do not for a second mean of the Pat variety in the 5th and most certaintly the end of the Bonnydoon.

  9. and for all those spellcheck OCD’s, yes, I know, I can’t spell for shit…..but, it has been a long week and it’s isn’t over yet!

  10. Scott Brown changed everything.

    The “smackdown” to the Supreme Court was the act of an activist, spouting the David-Cobb wing of the party talking points. It wasn’t Presidential. And neither was today’s begging and beating session.

  11. He looks like he’s at Wimbleton…head goes back and forth and back and forth. Says nothing. What a loser.

  12. This is going to be a great year for us on the right

    Stay tuned

  13. I wish there was more grunting and yelling like in the House of Commons – the clapping is a silly tradition, and some what irrelevant, like the state of the union.

  14. “Rose” is such a stupid name for a clown.

  15. Tax cuts, clean coal, off shore drilling, nuclear expansion. And you were expecting what?
    Republicans are stupid for not taking this guy up on some of this stuff. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.

    Most people I know wonder why Obama even panders to the right. They only want Obama to fail. That’s what Rush said he wants and who would disagree with Limbaugh?

  16. Wait. Who’s got the clap?

  17. Obama does not pander to the right.

  18. My money’s on Joe, you cannot be that self-righteous without your hand up the housemaid’s skirt.

    Obama panders to NO ONE, except maybe the ‘man in the mirror’, his vision is for himself and himself only. A true idealogue. Stay the course, except of course you will completely alienate your electorate, but, by God, you stayed on message!!!

  19. Sebourn!

  20. Not me.

  21. And why should he………it’s the neo-con’s that fucked this great country up!

  22. Really? Who did it to California?

  23. “Really? Who did it to California?”…….You do know that California is a part of……………oh, never mind.

  24. Besides, it’s to nice of a day to be bloging. Let’s all go outside and take in a walk.

  25. Who did in California? I would say Ronald Regan and the initiative process on our ballots.

  26. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be the Legislature, could it. Nawww. They’re not the ones who spent us into oblivion. It has to be the ghost of Reagan. Oh – and Prop. 13. That’s it. Sure, Tom. Sure.

  27. It WAS and continues to BE the Legislature – most of which are spend-a-holics.

    Oh, and by the way who the hell thinks its funny to EVER put bon-beeatch’s face on a beauty queen? If anything, certainly the wicked witch of the west, or hey, even the wicked stepmother with the wiener mirror …come on graphics dept – Please accurately represent her – on a broom.

  28. Yeah, we thought putting her face on a hot chick would be jarring enough to wake everybody back up after a long weekend. Sorry, we’ll recalibrate soon enough and deliver the goods.

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