Good thing this doesn’t smell bad. At all. Really.

This looks like an excellent use of coastal resources.

Remember Dana Point?

We do, although last time we were there it didn’t look exactly like this. They hadn’t yet, you know, ruined it or whatnot.

But let’s not get bogged down in the details. Instead–quickly!!–a few words from the sales literature.

Ahem: “Situated on 121 acres of pristine beachfront terrain, The Strand at Headlands is [make that “was”] the last undeveloped oceanfront property in Orange County, Calif. Nestled between Laguna Beach and San Clemente, Dana Point maintains its small-town atmosphere and is characterized by nearly seven miles of prominent coastal bluffs and rolling hills along the Pacific Ocean. Virtually all of the homesites at this gated community have unobstructed ocean views, with the front row sitting a mere 25 feet above Strand Beach, with private staircases planned that will lead to the surfing haven below. Phase I lots are sold out; a second phase of 10 homesites was expected at presstime to be released in early February, with prices ranging from $4 million to $8 million. The Strand homeowners will have private use of a 9,000-square-foot Beach Club. Sanford Edward’s two firms, Master Plan Developments and White Sand Realty, are currently the managing partner and broker of record that oversee the development activities at the Strand.”

We’d ask what’s not to love–but come on, people. Nothing. Duh.

No, the only question we have is this: Why would the developer of this California Coastal Commission-approved waterfront-destroying housing behemoth give $10,000 to the campaign of a backwater supervisor of a county 600 miles away, even if the supervisor does–coincidentally, we’re sure–happen to serve as the Coastal Commission chair?

86 Responses

  1. This is the kind of leadership I’ve come to expect from Bonnie. She’ll pitch a fit about nothing up here and cozy down with a man who basically commodified what used to be an amazing natural resource. Love it.

  2. Once minor correction — the new ocean-front lots will be selling for $17.25 million each.

  3. How about some more information on that development in Fort Bragg that was reviewed by the Coastal Commission prior to the Marina Center? They gushed on and on about that one.

    Any details?

  4. Bonnie had 10,000 reasons to support this project and only her hatred for Arkley to try to kill the Marina Center.

  5. Doesn’t look like a contaminated wetland to me

  6. Moderation? Huh?

  7. If we support this kind of stuff, then we should reelect Bonnie.

  8. You guys are certifiably nuts 99.99% of the time, but in this case, this is a campaign issue that will appeal to just about everyone. There’s no excuse for accepting that money.

  9. What, your surprised. Welcome to Bonnie land, this is how it is always. She screwed Humboldt over and over for 20 years, vote her the hell out.

  10. Gee if a guy 600 miles away can buy a vote from Bonnie for $10,000 jsut think how many favors she owes Bill Pierson for years of support.

    Throw this fraud out.

  11. Hey, you were picked up by NCJ

  12. >What, your surprised

    As I said, you’re certifiably nuts 99.99%, making your arguments appear bat**** insane to non-rightwing radicals. I’m merely pointing out you have found a credible issue upon which to unseat Bonnie. A progressive has to compromise his morals to vote for her now. Her only appropriate course of action now is to return the money and apologize and hope for the best.

  13. I remember Dana Point with an old wooden pier with planks missing and a large underwater canyon just offshore of this here spot that was great for snorkleing. Around 1960. Last time down there about 8 years ago, there is a marina with a breakwater that ruined that sport but probably made it better for surfers. And we can’t do shit up here because . . . . ?

  14. Totally, Anonymous. We sort of hate to screw up our rep by doing something this accessible.

  15. And Dan Johnson too.

  16. Progressive=morals=oxymoron. If you think this is the only issue your batshit crazy. Right wing radical, how about folks that know when they are being poked.This is not right vs left, this right vs wrong period.

  17. Wow.

    Googling a little – For The Record
    Los Angeles Times Saturday, September 20, 2008 Home Edition – Correction
    Dana Point Headlands:
    An article in Thursday’s California section about the Dana Point Headlands project said developers completely leveled the original outcropping, home to the endangered Pacific pocket mouse and threatened California gnatcatcher. In fact, 30 acres were set aside as a conservation park for wildlife.

  18. Yes. Someone with a cell phone IP within range of yours calls everyone and his or her mother a cunt. We wearied of it eventually and moderated a range of IP addresses to filter such comments out. Which, you know, we can do if we want.

  19. So a campaign contribution given to Neely more than a year after a project is approved 11-1 by the CCC is grounds for exactly … what? Are you all so naive to think that big money from developers plays a role in state politics?

    You’re implying that there is something wrong with accepting a contribution, an implication that so far is nothing more than a guess. You are implying a quid pro quo and yet you have no evidence for that argument. If Neely, who was simply a commissioner at the time of the vote has been bought off, what of the other 10 who voted aye along with her?

  20. does not play a role

  21. Measure T would allow Humboldt citizens to exercise local control over our own elections, that’s good for democracy.”
    – Bonnie Neely, Humboldt County Supervisor

  22. Making this….bad for democracy?

  23. State politics? Is Bonnie running for State office?

  24. It wouldn’t be a big deal if she were running for OC Supervisor. Hell, if she wants to run for that I’d pay her $10,000 myself.

  25. Rose, just in case you missed it, Neely has been a member of and the chair of the California Coastal Commission, a state regulatory agency. I would aver that falls under the scope of state politics.

  26. Bonnie Neely is an embarrassment and disgrace , but we are the fools who keep electing her.

  27. I keep thinking about those poor kids who just wanted to play football less than 10 or so nights a week. The manner in which she shit all over the science that supported no impact to wildlife still angers me. Arbitrary and capricious, but in their minds, they and staff are doing a public service? I can’t think of a more dishonorable position in California Government than a Coastal Commission staffer. Don’t get me wrong they are intelligent and talented, but they have to be the ”Iron Chefs” of the planning world because of the manner in which they have to cook-up findings from Peter’s recipe act.

  28. Your timeline is specious, intentionally so from your tone. There was not one approval by the CCC. There was a series of approvals monitoring activities, many of which occurred after Neely’s appointment to the commission in May of 2004. But no matter. There is no good reason whatsoever for this company to give this supervisor ten grand. No. Good. Reason. Deal with it.

  29. Nice! Donations is working overtime to defend the Bon Bon. Do you think that’s his full-time job? If so, he probably never wants for work.

  30. Not easy being sleazy? Ms. Neely makes it look effortless.

  31. It’s something. I guess disgraceful is what comes to mind.

    Seems to me they’re picking favorites and drunk on power, and have become something they were never intended to be.

    Is she gonna give the money back now?

  32. I wonder if Master Plan Developments’ Sanford Edward even knows that fair weather Bonnie ditched the Republican party for the Democrats? Edward’s most recent national contributions went to some very not Democratically leaning folks, including:

    $2,300 to Mitt Romney in 2007
    $2,300 to John McCain in 2007
    $500 to the Republican National Committee

    But then again, Sanford really knows how to pick them. He did send along some cash to one really upstanding Dem:

    $2,000 to John Edwards in 2004

  33. So, none of those match what they gave to Bonnie. With donations like that they expect something in return. I can’t say it enough but Bonnie needs to go!

  34. Oh yeah, that would be helpful, huh? Sanford’s contributions can be found here link

  35. Well, it looks like Sanford is slinging so much developer money out to people, he can’t keep track of when to report it…. oops!

    But then again, what’s a little fine when one has all that money to blow.

  36. Wow, so an anonymous commenter claims it’s disgraceful, I guess that settles it. Sanford has a long trail of donations and his last round included a slew of So. Cal Democrats. Or is Mark Ridley-Thomas now a Republican?

  37. Well, it’s obvious that Sanford takes the shotgun approach of campaign contributions that hits both sides of the aisle, but what’s not obvious is why in the fuck he dished out $10,000 to a supervisorial race so far away from his normal area of operation.

  38. Perhaps Bonnie can have Sanford, Pierson, and Sneaky Pete standing behind her when [if] she kicks off her campaign. She’s going to do that soon, right?

    I’ll stand behind her if she has a press conference to say she is “retiring”. Maybe to spend more time with the fam’.

  39. If anything this is a sign that Bonnie isn’t sweating this upcoming election at all. Let’s face it, Nancy Flemming was popular and actually had a few accomplishments to point to. Virgina has been “fighting for jobs” and ends up with fewer of them four years later, and Jeffie is such a joke he won’t even make the run-off. Bon-bon is in a state position on that Coastal Commission and developers paying off the swing votes on there is business as usual.

    She could win without the money, and she could win with it & all the flack she’ll take for it. Doesn’t really matter since the right can’t come up with any good candidates and the left is too spineless to put up a fight. The mushy, corrupt middle wins again.

  40. why in the fuck he dished out $10,000 to a supervisorial race so far away from his normal area of operation.

    What’s preventing you from calling him and asking why?

  41. The point was that she approved a coastal development in OC (where she got $10k) and she won’t approve a coastal development here. It appears as though she is a sell out – which is not surprising – politicians get contributions and then feel obligated to vote the way those contributors would want them to.

  42. Well, Bill Pierson matched with a $10,000 donation and gee, Tom Hofwebber (Co.Planner) gave $3000 probably in hopes of saving his job.
    So Bonnie votes with someone and gets 10 grand and votes against the Marina Center and gets 10 grand. Any questions?

  43. She can only be appointed to the CC. It is not an elected position so, no, Bonnie is not running for a state office…..just in case YOU missed it, Bubby.

    Re: the donation. I know Jeff wouldn’t accept it but that’s him. The majority “think” is that it takes huge dollars to run a campaign even for local offices. We don’t agree but it isn’t surprising to find candidates willing to accept large donations.

    Perception is the name of the political game. What’s your best guess as to how actual voters in district 4 are going to perceive a $10k donation to Bonnie from someone who lives outside the county and who, under her watch on the CC, is developing a pristine piece of property on the coast with impunity?

  44. Yes, I have a question, why are you acting as if political contributions and those who make them are suddenly news?

    Tom Daschle, anyone? Now why would a local billionaire dump tens of thousands of dollars to unseat a midwest Senator?

    You all seem shocked, shocked I tell you that there is gambling going on this establishment!

  45. Hey we all know Bill Pierson is a sleaze… but he is also a major COWARD. He needs to stop buying XXXXL Aloha sirts, and invest in to testosterone pills….

  46. What to do when your favorite Stupidvisor is caught in the act? Quick! Talk about Rob Arkley instead.

  47. What to do when your favorite Stupidvisor is caught in the act? Quick! Talk about Rob Arkley instead.

    Yup, definitely a dork. But .. but … a local politician accepted money!!!! Auuuuggghhhh the world is going to end, a politician accepted money!!!!

  48. If it’s no big deal, then why are you working so hard to defend her? I can see the sweat on your brow from here. Kinda gross, really.

  49. This is awesome, ComeUpAndCall, and Money Honey and Donations and however many additional screen names you’re using to make it appear as though your views are widely held: You really are working hard here. Dork, while admittedly dorky, is correct. Relax, okay? It’s only corruption. The way you describe it, it’s just not a big deal.

  50. It is no big deal if there were a lot of contributions, but when Pierson and the So. Cal. developer are the lion’s share of her support, yes this is a problem. It looks like her traditional supporters are donating to Virginia. So do her anti-corporate supporters look the other way? This is going to be an interesting race because it looks like Virginia is way ahead in the funding part of the race. Go Virginia!!

  51. Awww you poor bugs, I used names to ridicule your silly post, corruption you say? Prove it. Don’t just claim it, that’s libel, prove it’s corruption. But poor buggies, you can;t do that, can you? It’s OK< you have dork and Rose you lucky bugs you!


    That's who you're describing it, correct?

  52. Yes, Come, your sense of the ridiculous is the dominant feature of your comments. Hence the fake names and YELLING and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

    Normally we offer big hugs to our ruffled friends. But in your case, we also suggest you take those meds the nice doctor without the white coat prescribes for you. Be strong!

  53. Arkley has asked me as well as many others to contribute to Virginia’s campaign. 100-500 dollar checks, with a high number of contributers equals lotsa cash and no obvious political connections. Looks like it’s working. Keep it up Virginia!

  54. Well, I wonder what Comeupchuck would say if it were Bass or Leonard taking some ten large from some mega-rich out of area hotshot? or a local, deep pocketed, greedy developer.

    Only guessing the moral indignation would be a bit less.

    So where is the Measure T crowd’s crusade to save us from those evil plundering corporations in their all out attempt to buy local elections?

    Nope Comeup, no surprise that candidates are, shall we say it delicately, nudged in their judgment by donor largess.

    For me, it’s the arrogance of just plopping down that kind of cash seemingly, untroubled about what anybody thinks. For me the same thing applies to Pierson or Arkley or anyone else that can filp the bird and sign a check at the same time

    For me, my dear Comeup, that’s the corrupt part

    So lose the edge, that blade of yours cuts both ways

  55. Well – there’s a couple of things here –

    1.) This has to be the nail in the Measure T idiots’ coffin. If it isn’t CRYSTAL clear what hypocrites their advocates are by now… you’d have to be crazy not to see it. Go back and read all those hallowed words. What a crock. people should be hiding their heads in shame.

    2.) It looks like Arkley’s mistake was in NOT giving the big bucks to Bonnie. Woulda been a whole lot cheaper than the battle that he’s having to fight now. Ten Grand.

  56. As to #1 Rose, it was pretty clear a long time ago. So now, in the fullness of time, we’ll see the rats abandoning the good shop Bonnie. R Trent will engage the spin cycle and it’ll all come out in the wash. After all, if as Comeupchuck so passionately argues, all politicians are cheaters, then it’s perfectly ok for Bonnie to do the same. Ok got that.

    #2, If Arkley was the consummate plunderer that Heralda and the rest would like us all to believe, I suppose he would have already thought of that. Just let me know when Paykeeper builds a boardwalk or a zoo, or puts $10 bucks into united way. and I’ll apologize.

    How I envy the Rose, that you hold in your teeth love
    with the thorns underneath love,

    Sticking into forked tongues.

    Once again you nailed it Rose

  57. Bonnie should either call it quits or give back the money.

    [But it will be fun to watch her try to avoid doing neither].

  58. you idiot—what has folk’s panties in a knot is the fact that the bitch will not think of allowing us to develop squat whilst being in the sack with southern california -propbably all of it literally. the ol’ mitigation land bank for the sins of the south – we will remain backwards while she gets rich from taking dollars from the developers in the south. (nothing like a little of the good ‘ol boys practice of discrimination). WAKE UP moron and vote her OUT..

  59. and the pope is not catholic. — Which also has a connection to the Bon – dressing up as a nun on roller-skates on Halloween only to end up being fuc_ed on a bar upside down the same evening. I know – TMI — but sadly – T R U E.

  60. naw, the thought of seeing that carpet without a shirt on is disgusting; just shaving and exposing the chinless spineless dickheaded weasel that he is would be good though.

  61. Why would one assume that T supporters would be backing Neely,other than for reasons that she may still be a better candidate than her opponents?Does this donation stink?Hell yeah it does,shame on you Bonnie.And why would one be surprised by Bonnie’s could-be-pandering to big business?it’s the same thing that happened during the D.A.recall which Bonnie backed,where oodles and oodles of out of area cash brought the attempted hijacking upon us.

  62. Two questions:

    Where is the newspaper of record on this story?

    The TImes Standard constantly whines about being “scooped” by local blogs, but they had the same access to this public information.

    Not one sinlge word printed, and this is after giving front page coverage to David Cobb and constant rants against “out of the area” corporate cash.

    So where is David Cobb and his Measure T crowd protesting Supervisor Neely?

  63. Did Bonnie receive this money before or after her vote on the Coastal Commission?

  64. I guess the questions should be 1) what votes has she already taken, 2) what votes will she be asked to make in the future on this or other projects or phases by this developer (remember, this project took 20+ years to get final approval), and 3) what enforcement actions should the coastal commission have taken based on any potential or alleged violations that mysteriously didn’t or won’t happen now. She has $10,000 reasons for looking the other way.

    Only Bonnie can answer these questions.

  65. But she won’t. Just wait until the March report, it will be very interesting I am sure.

  66. So do you think the $3,000 was all from Tom or do you think that some or all of it is really coming from Buttermilk Lane?

  67. A step E Senior planner like Hofweber max’s out at 5,161.64 per month. Where in the hell does Hofweber get this type of HUGE donation? Especially, when the guy has never given even a 100 dollar donation before.

    Stinky man, just stinky.

  68. Aww you poor bugs, here, let me give you a hug you poor, deluded children. It’s OK, really, my little buggy buddies, you can have all the hugs you need as you wrap yourself in trite indignation. I love how you play the part of Rick Blaine, however, it’s truly endearing.

    What’s that I hear? Campaign contributions?!!!!!!

    We can haz fake outragez?


  69. my bad, I missed that Hofweber once made a contribution of 160$. Sorry.

  70. Hey Genius… Come Up and Call Me…. Rob Arkley didn’t GET anything from Tom Daschle… he was exercising his right as a US citizen to give to the campaign against the Senater Minority Leader….. sheesh……

  71. The buttermilk ln shot was right on target, very good.

  72. We know who lives on top of buttermilk and I believe R. Trent is either on it or at the other end. Funny shit.

  73. Right on Mark. Right on!

  74. She should openly tell people about this or at least come up with a good response when confronted about this. I doubt any of that will happen either

  75. Is he not a supervising planner at a different pay scale? I’d assume his contribution is not to save his job. That dude is a rank and file Bon Bon clone who is actually responsible for a lot of the stupid “smart growth” ideas which are ideal for more urbanized areas, but not extreme northern California.

  76. Hmmm. Southern CA developers paying into local political contributions….hmmm, Doesn’t this area have a scarcity of homes for most of the people in Humboldt County to buy? And aren’t most of the people who are able to purchase Humboldt County properties from out of the area….or, OK, on mj. I can see why SO CA would want to keep their tax base, with Bon Bon keeping her political wallet well filled. I may be nuts…but I can see why the money could be spent toward a political idealism. You know, I just don’t know why she is not willing to put that impetus into Humboldt County. We are the people who pay her wages. We just want a sustainable community. We are tired of unemployment and not being able to afford homes. Maybe we cannot meet the $1million mark,and most of us could not afford under $100. But I guess she has hers and we just need to find a way to stay out of the doghouse…..or homeless. I like Bonnie as a person, but I would never EVER vote for her again. She has forgotten who she serves. Just takes the cash and the direction of the entitiy giving the cash.

  77. You nail it BK

    Call it dog naiveté. Local elections should not have to be this bull goose, boss hog complicated.

    Yeah yeah…I know they are but with this and the rest we are running dangerously close to losing the opportunity to have regular people offer themselves up for the service. Campaign finance reform won’t cure this infection and it goes beyond all of the ideologies and into the cheap-assed tactics.

    Ok consider me a saddened anachronodogistic ward heeler.

    But, I really think that the conventional wisdom, isn’t conventional neither is it wisdom.

    So while Bonnie and the new brain trust imperative could be a good name for a rock band, it just doesn’t play the same stage…….anymore.

    Holey moley I hope people are getting as tired of this shit as me.

  78. Big Al, on Heraldo asked me to post this here – and it seemed reasonable –
    Heraldo Says:
    February 3, 2010 at 12:04 pm
    It appears from a past Coastal Commission agenda that the Dana Point Headlands project was approved in January 2004.

    Neely was appointed to the Coastal Commission in May 2004.

    Therefore, Neely did not vote to approve the project. She was not yet on the Commission.

  79. That still doesn’t justify her getting the money from out of county interests much less big box developers

  80. Why are you people so convinced that she is getting the money for something she already did six years ago, instead of something she will do or will not do in the future?

  81. What did she do 6 years ago?
    But,as Chris said,it doesn’t justify the taking of the money.

  82. If the project was approved in 2004, that still begs the question, why did the developer give her $10,000.00??? there is a missing piece to this puzzle… he clearly still wants her favor for some reason….

  83. Maybe the Hof wants the Kirk’s job and thinks this is the way to it. If the Bon decides she is tired of Kirk she would have enough votes to do it. Jill, Jimmy and Bon and might even have another vote from Clif as he usually votes with her. Mark might not want to “upset” (nicer word) his neighbor so he would probably not go along.

  84. And doesn’t each house to be built in that Dana Point development have to have a coastal permit? And then she gets to vote on it. Wonder how that will go.

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