When life hands you lemons….

As District Four Supervisor Bonnie Neely parlays her position as chair of the California Coastal Commission into some tidy stacks of campaign cash, her campaign finance filings indicate the true depth of her popular support. Call us cynical, but this looks like something less than an outpouring of grassroots enthusiasm.

Not exactly a groundswell of popular support, is it?


14 Responses

  1. Don’t you mean “whose enemies she doesn’t support” or “whose enemies she despises”.

  2. That’s my read also. Back to the drawing board, eh Bugs?

  3. Wow Buggers, you have the reach of Greg Oden, I mean, what a scandal this has become! Neely taking campaign contributions, the sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    Now my dear little Buggles (I love your multi-colored shirts and you dedication to making children smile, HUGS!) what is your point? Yesterday you claimed “corruption!!!!!” so what is it today? It seems that folks who live in her district have no problem filling out a ballot for her, it’s happened an awful lot, then again, that’s probably why you have such a sour-puss look these days.

    But good luck Bug-muckrakers, I don’t doubt that with investigative journalists like Rose on your side you’ll get to the heart of these dastardly deeds!


  4. We farmed this lovely graphic out to some 7th graders for a class project. Sorry for the mix up. Damn those kids. From now on we’ll only do graphics ourselves. Unless we drink too much again.

  5. Sure thing LemonLime. Nothing to see here. Business as usual. Pay no attention. Blah blah blah.

  6. wow, the lack of support for the bonster makes me all warm and fuzzy.

    Can you spell bye bye bonnie?

  7. Taking money from an out-of-county corporation, huh? I guess all of that Measure T shit was only meant for her political enemies to keep them in check. Unbelievable.

  8. We’re all paying attention cello, we are awaiting with bated breath the next installment of the Huggle Buggles’ investigation results! This is a very serious matter and I don’t appreciate your flippancy, the very threat to our way of life this donation poses is of the greatest concern.

    Onward and upward … to infinityyyyyyyy!

  9. The dilemma for reporters is – how do you tell this story – because to underscore what makes it so egregious is you have to explain Measure T, and what was wrong with that.

    It’s not easy – Try to write it up… People who have been here who were paying attention will get it, maybe, but try to explain it to someone from out of the area… it is not easy.

    But surely someone is working on it.

  10. This actually segues very nicely into the recent Supreme Court decision and the decided ‘spin’ that the progs are putting on it.

    Ok, so we just hate corporations…hate em, hate em, hate em. They are bad and should be outlawed!

    Ok, lets start with Greenpeace, followed by the Sierra Club and lets not leave out the Audobon Society…should I go on? Hell, the (2) major political parties are incorporated! Lets bane them while we are at it!

    The contributions (it’s not nice to refer to it as payola) certaintly illustrates what Measure T was supposed to stop, however, it was inherently flawed and no, Rose, no one from out of this area could comprehend the silliness of Measure T.

    Certaintly adds to the preception that we are bunch of loons up here! In case of Ms. Neely, loons that can be purchased.

  11. How about putting up a graph displaying where Virginia’s donations are coming from so that people coming here can compare?

  12. Hey Mark, how about they do the same thing for your favorite candidate, Bonnie eh?

  13. that would take a whole page since it is more than 5 people

  14. Wait till you see the PGE money come in

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