James Faulk: The unauthorized translation

For those of you who struggled to understand what longtime Bonnie Neely apologist James Faulk was getting at in his opinion piece news article in today’s Times-Standard, we went to the trouble and expense of having it professionally translated into plain English. No reason why, really, except maybe so even stupid people like us can grasp how gifted a suck-up Faulk really is.

Here is the official translation:

Yeah Pierson gave Neely that $10 thou, but it’s not all about Arkley. Bill and Bonnie go way back, and I mean WAY back, to when Bonnie was helping him obstruct other potential competitors. Then some guy I don’t know from Oregon did $2 thou, then there’s the Hofweber thing, which isn’t weird at all, then, oh yeah, that building firm with Coastal Commission issues, gloss over that for the time being, and then like 50 cents each from some other people. Okay.

So that whole building firm thing–not an issue. Really. Because they destroyed the Dana Point coastline in 2004, whereas Bonnie wasn’t appointed to the Coastal Commission until 2004. See? Definitely not an issue. While I can’t attribute any of this, because it would be kind of dumb even by my standards to quote Bonnie defending Bonnie, trust me when I say she wasn’t involved in the major approval decision. Just in all those little issues subsequent to that. But hey, she said she voted for some and against others, and I’m sure she did. That’s how she rolls.

Now look away, people, or I’ll have to trot out another 1,500 words on her fucking dachshunds the week before the election.


38 Responses

  1. I guess attributing information and not editorializing is too difficult…like figuring out a HDTV, right James?

    Other recent examples of Faulk’s horrible writing you’d expect Wear, Driscoll, or Greenson to object to…

  2. Faulk is a tool. It’s been key to his success. That and everyone smarter than him didn’t want his job.

  3. Traces of the old Mirror hilarity. Thanks for that. (And yes, James Faulk is a gifted suck-up. That’s the best description of him I’ve ever heard.)

  4. The rapidity with which he launched his defense suggests someone hit a nerve.

  5. Forget about Faulk. Don’t you want to see the most recent newsroom footage of my dog and me knocking down my female co-workers to get out of the building during this afternoon’s earthquake? It’s awesome. Anderson Cooper and I are negotiating the details of when it will air tonight on AC360.

  6. Let’s see here…

    In the lede (first paragraph) James uses “we.” Typically, news stories–particularly important news such as those about elections, money and who will get voted in to represent people–avoid the use of “we.” It’s customary for the reporter to take himself out of the story. That’s basic journalism. Oh yeah, James didn’t take any journalism classes. He has an English degree and holds the second highest position at the paper. Go figure.

    All of the campaign contribution information isn’t attributed. I guess it’s assumed that it came from the 460 Forms filed at the Elections Office. How about letting us know James, so that we can find the information too. Or did you call all of the people you listed and ask them how much they gave?

    Another problem I have is with a lack of context and an incredibly major omission in your rambling editorial piece. You never actually named the California Coastal Commission anywhere. Who edited your piece? Did anyone else even read it? Maybe you spent too much time dictating what Bonnie was saying, you forgot to think things through in your rush to publish this defense piece.

    MPDSE is a development company which in 2004 had a project to develop a portion of Orange County’s last untouched stretch of beach front property. The project was approved against staff recommendations.

    But when that project was approved by the commission, Neely had yet to be named as a member. Former 3rd District Supervisor John Woolley was the commission representative at the time. Neely has voted on minor issues surrounding that development since taking her seat on the commission, but has voted both for and against the developer.

    You say that Neely has only voted on “minor issues” since she was appointed. Where did you get this information. Where is the attribution? Is that information published somewhere? I’d like to see it. I seriously doubt you actually looked at her voting record on all of those minor issues since it would take a lot of time to do that. So, did you talk to Neely? Did you talk to someone at the Coastal Commission? Could you mention where the information came from? I guess that you must have first-hand knowledge of all the minor dealings with SoCal developments. And with such a controversial issue as out-of-the area donations to local candidates from corporations that develop pristine coastal lands, did you try and talk to Neely? You always have had an uncanny ability to get access to Neely when nobody else could. What gives now? Readers would like to hear from Neely as to why she took the money. That’s just laziness not to ask her or attempt to ask her. Very weak reporting.

    And thanks to Thadeus for contributing the interview with the HSU professor that actually added some context to the story. I wish Greenson would have been tasked with writing the whole story, but it’s obvious that only you James could pull off writing such an obviously biased story.

  7. Who the fuck is Foolk?

  8. We took some liberties….

  9. Fucking hysterical. That’s exactly what he was saying. Thanks for calling him on it.

  10. I bet he’s the one who wrote the editorial about PG&E wave project

  11. That, my dear, is the best wrap up yet.

  12. Going to need a coastal permit to build a house on each of the Dana Points lots. Bon Bon will have many opportunites to pay back the developer.

  13. BINGO!

  14. I have an inkling you bugs will be bombarded with rambling, angry and misinformed e-mails from James over the next few hours/days. He has a habit of doing that when someone calls him out on his lack of ethics and ability to report. Publish those too?

  15. James is just pissed that the Mirror scooped him on this story and this is his payback.

  16. James wouldn’t have touched the story anyway. To do so would have required a better understanding of journalistic ethics than he is capible of. Perhaps had he attended more ethics classes in school he would have a better grip on the difference between activism and journalism.

  17. Ok, I just got it, I remember that piece in the TS some years ago, he and the ‘other fat guy’ went ‘undercover’ as homeless. He breathed in some smoke form a creoste coated log and suffered a terrible migraine, well, must have been a vasospasm from a previously unknown weakness in the cerebral circulation.

    A short anoxic episode was the result and that explains the copious, salivating, adoration at the alter of the Bonster.

    either that or some of that questionable money found it’s way into Faulks bank account, which of course explains the Hi-Def TV on the peanuts and crumbs the
    TS pays.

  18. Wah wah wah

    Arkley hates Bonnie, Arkley hates Pierson, Arkley hates the Coastal Commission, yada yada yada

    Boo fucking hoo. Cry me a fucking river, then wipe those tears with some crisp Franklins

  19. Really mature, guys.
    Back to work for me.
    Back to mom’s basement for you.

  20. I own my own basement, thank you very much.

  21. Really mature fat guy.
    Been at work all day.
    Back to your pathetic life and job for you.

  22. Funny thing is that whilst Bon-Bon was re-seated as our County’s rep on the Coastal Commission in 2004, no where does the article refer to her many past stints on the Commission (having been Queen of the STUPIDVISORS for how long now? 22+ years??? –). Hell, she needs to be GONED and now, folks!

  23. James, you mean back to writing slanted news to do Bonnie’s bidding. Nice.

  24. They don’t teach ethics in the English program at HSU.

  25. Wow, Maven. That is awesome. A clear and easy to follow argument. THANK YOU!

  26. Hey Bugs! Have you read “My word”(2-6-10) yet? Have fun!! Ta Ta !

  27. Now we know who from the Times-Standard leaks to the Humboldt Herald……………..

  28. Who?

  29. errrr……James Faulk. Read the post, not just the responses.

  30. You know bugs, I expect Faulk and friends to screw us on a weekly if not daily basis. Over the weekend I read this great “My Word” piece by a guy named Gary E. Bird, a retired probation officer. I went to pull it up on line to send it to a friend and low and behold, THE FREAKS OVER ON THE EDITORIAL BOARD, PULLED THE PIECE. It is not even listed as ever being there. There are My Word pieces before and after it, but the title is not anywhere to be found. If you google it, then you see it was there but is now in the archives, ALTHOUGH LOTS OF PIECES WRITTEN BEFORE ARE STILL ONLINE. You can google it and pull up the 47 comments on topix, but you can not access it at all. It wouldn’t stink so much if the TS board archived everything dated before 2/6 when the article ran, but this is way over the top.

    So let me say it to Faulk and Friends at the TS – Fuck all of you, you too bit, lying corrupt bastards. That man made some excellent points and you pricks are so afraid that you censored it from us. Just flat out fuck you!

  31. and for the record, that My Word was about the Balloon Tract, Bonnie Neely screwing us and Baykeeper and friends bilking us of millions of prop 65 money.

  32. I noticed the same thing – it is gone.


  33. I’m canceling my subscription and will stop all advertising with the Times-Standard and challenge all other local business owners to do the same.

  34. Glitches happen – and it is sad that everything has become so politicized that our first conclusion is that this was deliberate.

    The article is back up. Thank you, TS.

    I was linking to it – because for one thing, I would like to know why Bonnie Neely, who as County Supervisor, has nothing to do with the Balloon Track, brought COUNTY Counsel with her to meet with this guy. As California COASTAL COMMISSIONER, she DOES have dealings with the Balloon Track matter. If she was a Eureka City Councilperson, she would have dealings with the Balloon Track matter.

  35. Who’s Savage Henry?

    We’re coming for all you anonymous little bitches.

  36. Lke the article said – google proposition 65 Baykeepers and see how much $$ the attorneys get and where the rest of the $$ goes. Mucho interesting. That is why they are in the business of filing lawsuits – follow the money. And the Progs wanna talk about local developers fucking up the system. Shit, they could learn how to make more money by suing people. Epic sucks off the system.

  37. They should just get in the foreclosure business

    Oh, and here’s a heads-up to Heraldo and the Mirror: Durant plans to put a bounty on the identities of anonymous bloggers. The Savage Henry Web site will allow people to donate money and submit information on blogger identities. The person who successfylly and accurately outs an anon-o-blogger (the veracity of the info will be subject to as-yet-undetermined criteria) wins the reward.


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