Quote of the day

Quoth Bonnie Neely in today’s Times-Standard:

“The Pacific Legal Foundation is a Sacramento special interest group funded by big oil and tobacco companies, and I don’t think anybody in Humboldt County trusts them to clean up a toxic site.”

Uh, yeah.

And Bonnie Neely is a washed-up Eureka politician funded by gambling and development interests, and after 24 years of her doing fuck nothing, we don’t think anybody in Humboldt County trusts her to clean up this toxic site.

Or to do anything else productive, for that matter.


32 Responses

  1. You’d think after this many decades sucking dry the public tit she would at least learn how to frame a media statement so that it doesn’t blow up in her haggard face.

  2. What a dope.

  3. She shouldn’t really be talking about funding, should she?

  4. Isn’t Virginia Bass funded by development interests as well?

  5. PLF is people like the Coors brewing family of Colorado. We don’t want them telling us what to build on our coast. Go Bonnie. Screw you, bugs.

  6. No you’re right, Anonymous. We’d rather have the fucking Coastal Commission telling us what we can’t build on our coast. And just in case you really are mentally impaired, the PLF isn’t telling anyone what to build. It’s defending a locally proposed and supported project. Idiot.

  7. The Pacific Legal Foundation certainly couldn’t clean it up any less than Bonnie has.

  8. Alright my regressives… who funds Paykeepers?

    There wouldn’t be any Bill Pierson money in the funding logs, would it Pete?

    And if you ask Larry Glass who funded CREG (Citizens for Regressive Economic Growth) — you’ll get the same answer.

    “I don’t have to tell you.”

  9. Why again is CREG a bad group?

  10. OK, I’ve got a simple question: what has CREG done?

    Can you name one single job the Citizens for Regressive Economic Growth have provided the citizens of Eureka?

  11. Can’t think of one job created in Eureka from PLF or Citizens for a Better Eureka either

  12. Moderation?


  13. I guess that Citizens For a Better Eureka will create lots of jobs once the Marina Center is built.

    Larry Glass and his Citizens for Regressive Economic Growth will still be at zero jobs after four year of “real economic growth”.

  14. “Bonnie Neely is a washed-up Eureka politician funded by gambling and development interests, and after 24 years of her doing fuck nothing, we don’t think anybody in Humboldt County trusts her to clean up this toxic site.”

    Stil doesn’t mean she isn’t right. Even a blind dog finds a bone once in a while.

  15. When it is the truth, why moderate it?

  16. Ironic isn’t it? We now have another candidate funded by a special interest group.

    There are three candidates in that race. I am voting for Jeff Leonard. No special interest money EVER in any campaign and still he has managed to accomplish a lot for our community.

  17. Nobody is being effing moderated except the douchebag who makes 10 comments a day about how everyone is a cunt–as we have repeatedly stated. Also stated over and over again is the unfortunate fact that said douchbag comments from a mobile device which employs a range of IP addresses. To block the douchebag, we have had to block the entire range of IP addresses he uses. Other people whose mobile devices use the same range of IP addresses may find their comments sitting for days or longer in a moderation queue. SUCH IS EFFING LIFE. Your brilliant contributions to American letters will eventually find their way into the hearts and minds of millions of eager readers. Promise.

  18. Yes, Art, there is an irony there. There is a “new” group in town, heavily funded and tired of someone else controlling things (and pitching total domination to those they ask to contribute to the collection plate) and not the least bit troubled that they are becoming what they claim to loathe in both Bonnie and the local proggie group that picks candidates based on their perception of “electability” and will do the bidding of the group.

    I’m with you on the Leonard thing. Here is a guy who actually works for a living AND serves his community and has accomplished something in his years in office. From what I read he has a broad spectrum of support and doesn’t accept big money because he won’t be bought. Somebody on the TS comment page a few weeks back made the statement that he could only imagine all Jeff Leonard could accomplish for the community if his full time paid position was working for the community as a supe. Sounds like there is a growing support for the right kind of politician. I can only hope!

  19. Thanks for the morning smile bugs. Sorrry you picked up another troll. Keep up the good work.

  20. here is what my concious told me to say

    “The Ecological Rights Foundation also know as Baykeeper is a Garberville based special interest group funded by Prop. 65 lawsuits and Bill Pierson and I don’t think anybody in Humboldt County trusts them to clean up a toxic site.”

  21. Maybe the person Cant Understand Normal Thinking?

  22. Hey Randy. Havin’ fun playing wack-a-mole with the bugheads?

  23. I like Jeff much better the than Virginia

  24. Cheese Dick, why do you (and others) lapse back to acting like you are 6 yrs old?

  25. I’d consider that money from Pierson as special interest money Art

    I like Jeff, but the developer money is exactly what you are denouncing

  26. You are speaking of Greg Pierson? That isn’t special interest money because it is given without strings.

    Greg knows Jeff well. They don’t agree on everything. I can’t speak for Greg, but I think he make some public statements about his support for Jeff in the near future.

    Believe me, it has nothing to do with Greg thinking he can sway Jeff into doing something that goes against his core beliefs. That thought actually makes me laugh. I can’t sway him and I’m his mom.

    Sorry to butt in, but I know the thought behind the Pierson donation. Yes, he’s a developer, but he expects nothing in return.

  27. I was at a volunteer meeting for Jeff and Greg gave a very sincere speech about why he supported Jeff. It had nothing to do with development. It had to do with admiration for Jeff’s accomplishments as a city councilmember even though he had a young family and a full time job. I think he said something about can you imagine how much this guy could accomplish if it was his full time job?

    I was already sold, but Greg’s speech put the cherry on it.

  28. Hey, Barb. You should be very proud of your son. He does everything the right way.

  29. Jeff is a great guy but I don’t think he can win. Among other issues he has only been able to raise $5,000 in the eight months since he announced. The bigger question is wether he will end up being a spoiler and subjecting us all to another four years of Bonnie?

  30. Art, How many supporters showed up for the event and how much did Jeff raise? Did he pick up any endorsements? Hope it went well Jeff’s a great guy.

  31. Jeff had a nice event with fifteen or twenty supporters and raised around $500. Good guy, but ?

  32. Funny how misinformation gets on here by anonymous bloggers.One of my self-imposed jobs is to dispel the myths that get created.

    The event spoken of by Art and an ‘anonymous’ blogger, trying to sound like he knew something, was not a fundraiser. It was a get together for the many volunteers who have contacted us. 32 new volunteers showed up, 10 of our regular committee for a total of 42. (not 22) It was an opportunity for people to sign up to do various campaign tasks. No money was raised or solicited.

    We have not yet had a fundraiser, nor did we try to raise a lot of money in 2009. Don’t expect it to be any different in 2010. We think we can put on a decent campaign for around 20-25K.

    I know that makes those who believe money is the key to success gasp, but that’s Jeffs deal. He runs his own campaign and he doesn’t like the idea of huge donations from people who might expect something in return.

    Be prepared for a campaign with a little different twist. Ours will never be a glossy big money assualt on the senses. It may not work, but don’t ever buy the thought that having Jeff in the race is a spoiler for anyone.

    The real spoilers are those who want to keep someone from running against the candidate they choose, thus cheating voters out of a choice.

    All the money spent on local elections is another “real spoiler”. Do we really want PAC’s deciding who the candidates are? Seems to me everyone who wants to should be welcomed to run. Elections are about people not who has the biggest bank account, especially in this economy.

    Remember that at the polls and just vote for the one YOU trust to get the job done. Jeff will live with your decision and still feel good about doing it his way if he should lose.

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